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  1. C Sockets -- Write/Read a 2D Array

    I'm not sure, I seg fault when I try to access it as a 2D array though. I correctly receive the size of the 2D array, sent as an integer value. I'm just not calculating the size of the array correctly in bytes I guess. I allocate memory for the array dynamically server-side, if that matters. Do I have to pass it one row at a time?
  2. I'm trying to send a 2D int array across a network with C sockets. I successfully send the SIZE of the array, but I'm not sure what's happening to the array. I pass a reference to the array as the second argument in read/write, and sizeof(int)*size*size for the byte value. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  3. Myspace

    Tons of musicians use it successfully as a business tool, plus Tom gets tons of advertising dollars from large companies. It's entertainment first, but there's definitely a vein of business running through it. As far as networking with professionals...I'd say stay away from Myspace. It's more about building hype for yourself.
  4. Noob Test

    I took the key, but I can't decipher it...the desk drawer is still locked. HELP! I already tried "Get up" and "Get on up" and "Dance." "Eat self" is surprisingly unfulfilling. Stay tuned for developments.
  5. I'm getting married.

    Yay! Congratulations! 'Tis the season for engagements it seems.
  6. New benchmark program (well, VS2k5 SP1)

    For faster installs, increase your monitor refresh rate.
  7. best TWO-player games for: C64, (S)NES, Sega 8 & 16bit consoles

    Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and Uniracers. Both 2-player simultaneous for the SNES. Both phenomenal.
  8. Favorite Movie Poll

    Notting Hill. No joke.
  9. I need present suggestions

    Ok, man. Thread-winner right here: Talk to her family and grab a bunch of pictures of her as a baby, a kid, a preteen, a teen, etc. Get some of yourself as the same. Set hers next to yours in a vertical picture frame (you can get them at Walmart, or make your own). At the bottom, have them converge with pictures of the two of you together. Photo-timeline! Make sure you write her like a 3 page christmas letter.
  10. Church and College

    PM'd the quote. Basically it happens when Christians are asked to demonstrate an effect of God.
  11. Tangential: There's a fair amount of redefinition that goes on. Christianity as it's commonly defined, stems from the impression we get from the character of Jesus, the "Christ." There's a Messianic State sect of Judaism which contends that the "Christ" doesn't refer a person, but a cognitive state that is achieved. The Judaic prophesies about what the Christ will accomplish stem from this state. That could also technically be called "Christianity." It's important to see what is meant by the term you're using, or to properly define it yourself. Not everyone means the same thing by "Christianity." With that being said, I don't see a problem with logically extrapolating "Christianity," as long as you don't detract from it. I know Christians who smoke and Christians that don't smoke. These kinds of examples of interpretation are fine, until someone rewrites their own definition of Christianity to accommodate it, for example by linking it to salvation as a condition. This mars the foundation of Christianity that we get from our understanding of Jesus. You really can't debate the foundation of someone's faith unless it's logically inconsistent. What you CAN debate is how their interpretations relate to their own, self-proclaimed foundation. "Redefining" Christianity assumes a definition in the first place. Keep that in mind during debates. Are you talking about their definition, your definition, the Messianic State definition, or what?
  12. Church and College

    The Iraq war assertion is disprovable, so to speak. The existence of a supernatural being, as I'm sure you know, is not. My point was to show the futility of Russell's argument. His logic just simply doesn't apply. He's overstepped his bounds.
  13. Video Game Censorship

    The ONLY problem with Wikipedia, as far as I can tell, is knowing who's writing what. If you knew for a fact that Stephen Hawking edited the board concerning physics, it'd be fine to include that page as a source. As far as I've been taught, that's why Encyclopedias are allowed--they can be traced to an "authoritative" source, beyond reasonable doubt.
  14. Church and College

    Quote:Original post by mattnewport The usual religious trick for wheedling out of this impasse is to start to back off from claims that the supernatural has a detectable influence on the natural. Eventually they end up backing off so far that they claim it is impossible to detect the influence of the supernatural. Once we reach that point we're back to Bertrand Russell's teapot - what meaning does the supernatural have as a concept if it has no detectable effect on existence. Then we're left with believing in a god solely in the hope of an eternal afterlife, since he will neither listen to our prayers nor answer them in this life. But then what is the basis for belief, since an undetectable god could not have had anything to do with the bible or whatever other religious text you happen to put your faith in.Hypothetically, what if a supernatural being is only detectable by those who believe? Then both positions are satisfied. Russell says to Augustine, "You only see what you want to see." And Augustine replies, "So do you."
  15. The Sky is Falling

    From the U of A observatory website: "Southern Arizona, due to its clear, dark skies and warm temperatures, is one of the best places in the United States to see this shooting star show." Yay, me!