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  1. I wouldn't go to random people from the internet for this kind of advice - even my co-oworkers :) Everyone has their own styles and are generally extremely defensive of them. Usually without logic reasons. Code Complete http://cc2e.com/ has good section on style (with good solid logical reasoning) and is an excellent book all around. I agree with nearly everything :) If your not adverse to slogging through such a hefty book, then I definitely recommend you buy it. (Also The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master, is also a good book, much thinner and briefly mentions style)
  2. Balaam

    Of Menus and Men

    Industry wise if you're developing for a certain console, sometimes there are TCRs (I've never asked what this actually stands for :D) That require you to have certain menus items + laid out a certain way :( Xbox networking stuff is totally unintuitive. Custom match - is actually Join Match - what? :D
  3. Balaam

    Half building blocks

    That looks really awesome - definitely has an XCom style vibe to it. (Like when your home base gets attacked)
  4. Balaam

    OpenGL What is the best API to C# ?

    If you want to work with OpenGL in C# then Tao's pretty awesome. Here's a quick start as well (I wrote it, partially for my own reference). I'm having a lot of fun with it.
  5. Balaam


    Anki is in a similar vein. It's the program I use (but I havent tried the others). That said Im very happy with.
  6. You'd have to write a table copying function in C++ / C. It'd have to iterate through the fields and repopulate them in the new state. You'd have to account for cases where a table is field of a table - and cycles.
  7. Balaam

    Ancient Quest of Saqqarah Beta

    The presentation look really slick. How long did it take you to get your game to this stage from concept? (I guess you were building on a existing codebase)
  8. Look up the interface keyword, that seems to be what you've recreated.
  9. Balaam

    Top 5 games

    I wrote my top ten down a while ago, they even have pictures http://godpatterns.com/?p=51! I haven't changed it in a few years now. Possibly the new Fallout or Final Fantasy may be able to sneak their way in there.
  10. Balaam


    ミラーを更新ください Might do the trick :D
  11. Balaam

    game programming interview...maths questions??

    I wrote about some of the questions I (and some of my friends) were asked on my website (somewhat lengthy) Interview Questions For Game Programmers This should give a general idea of the areas you'll be asked about.
  12. Balaam

    First demo release!

    This looks great - reminds me of Ultima :D
  13. C and C++ can't return two values. You can put them together as an std tuple, or pass them in by reference and then change the values in the function. Or make a structure / class that holds both the values.
  14. Balaam

    Pathetic little problems

    You may think it's not so important but this is one of the standard game industry programmer job test questions! :D So it must catch quite a few people out.
  15. Have you developed a game on the Xbox360, Playstation 3 or Wii (next generation), if not how about Xbox, Playstation 2, GameCube (current generation)? I guess is the intended meaning.
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