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  1. Thanks a lot for your replies :-) Going to install 2008 Express
  2. I am trying to decide which one to install... I am probably being picky but I don't know the difference at all. I am of course used to 2003, but I enjoy new stuff :-) The choice is between: Visual Studios .Net 2003 Visual Studios Express 2008 So what would you all recommend the full version of 03 or the new 08 express edition. I think debug features are removed from express versions? but how much of the debug features? I am using dual monitors(did the do any cool dual monitor features), and windows vista. (If that makes the choice any easier) Oh, and I will using C++, and C#. Thanks a lot for your help!
  3. Thors1982

    Simple file upload/download

    Basically, I am writing a patcher I want them to run an exe, the program will download the new version of the software. And upload the data I need(all stored in one file) to my server. So I want most of that hidden, it should auto run once they run the exe. The only thing they may have to do is select the directory the program is installed (if they changed it from default location). I have been trying to find C++ code to upload to HTTP but... have not had luck. If you know where an example is preferably small, because I have zero network experience its hard to search through 20 files to figure out what I need to do.
  4. This isn't for a game, but I always get great help from these forums so, I thought I would give it a try. All I want to do is write an application that will download and upload a few specific files to my web server. I don't know where to begin, i thought HTTP would be the best but the upload appears to be rough. So I looked into FTP but I can't seem to find a good example through google. I have never done network code so I need a good newb example. I am willing to try any language. My primary language is C++, I know a little Java and C# though. Any suggestions on what to use? And if you know where a good example is that would be GREAT. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thors1982

    Am I on the wrong path? DirectX and input

    Sure, sorry for the confusion I really wanted to use the DirectX SDK option that sounded awesome. However it uses all kinds of includes I have no idea where to begin getting that to work with my game. I think that problem stems from DXut and a unicode build?? Whatever that is. I also tried this...which seems more complicated than what I need. http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article994.asp All I really want is for input to be handled like it is when someone uses WSAD, if they push enter to switch to an input state where someone can type in anything they want. Push enter. Then I can use this string anyway I want, and of course switches the input back. If it would be easier to use a text box… then I need to know that or if it would be easier to do something else that is fine. Or if its easier to use DXut that sounds/looks great it just confuses the heck out of me. And is rather annoying i got this far and text is what is ruining me :-p I hope that clears everything up, and thanks for the help If you have anymore questions feel free.
  6. So I have been trying to learn game programming comming from my mainly C++ background. I started using: C++ DirectX 9 DirectX Input So far I have written a program with: 2d iso map (3 layers) characters than can walk around creatures with basically no AI I got stuck when trying to do inventory and names, because I can't find a simple way to switch from current input (no buffer). To a input that basically resembles a text box. Because of this simple text problem I seem to be questioning everything I have done. Should I have used C++, what about DirectX. Should I start over with XNA? If I continue with direct X should I used DirectX input, or change everything over to windows input? I was off to a great start learning game programming before this happened and I want to continue, but this one problem caused me to quit for about 6 months. Because everytime I come back I get completely stuck I have no idea what to try.
  7. Thors1982

    How should I get Text input with DirectX

    I thought about just using DirectX input and D3DXFont but i thought there was a easier way. Also, what UI framework will work with DirectX? That would certainly be helpful :-) Or would I have do design it myself :-/ Thanks for the help
  8. What is the best way to get Text input with C++ and directX? Basically I want the user to push enter type a message push enter again to send the message. But I am confused as to record and deal with text. Also show feedback so a user can see the text they type. Any suggestions?
  9. Thors1982

    Best way to get text input with DirectX

    Is Vampyre_Dark's suggetsion and #1 really the best solution. I certainly can do that... it would be very easy. Just seems like bad programming or something....along those lines
  10. I am trying to add communication to my game (RPG) user pushes enter.... program records text typed.... enter again talking over :-) And, I was just wondering what the best way to do text input is, with directX The few ideas I have thought about. Please if there are better please tell me! 1: Use directXinput: long case statement DIK_A.... DIK_Z :-/ use DirectX font to display also worried about speed here... wouldn't be difficult though 2: Use directX GUI DXut? I belive? I would love to do this but it seems really complicated and I may have to redu a huge portion of my game??? not really sure I think this is my best option but i have no idea how to start using it. Or if its even a good idea. 3: standard windows pop up with edit controls wow ugly(standard windows pop up over game is ugly)... but easy good idea to do now and change later? maybe..... I don't like it though
  11. Thors1982

    best way to parse LPSTR

    Alright :-) thanks a lot
  12. Thors1982

    best way to parse LPSTR

    I used to use stringstream's to parse strings, But now that im using DirectX and windows I need to use LPSTR Basically i have a LPSTR with "update nickname 107 80" and I want to parse it so i have 4 variables LPSTR action; LPSTR name; int locx; int locy Yes, I know I could do it character by character.... but there has to be a better way. :-) the old method was basically use stringstream and getline(split, action, ' '); getline(split, name, ' '); split >> locx; split >> locy; I feel like a newb asking something as simple as this :-) Thanks for the help
  13. I am trying to learn directplay Does anyone know of any good examples or tutorials on the web. I checked my SDK and I can't even seem to find an example in there. The DirectPlay tutorial on GameDev seems a bit outdated IDirectPlay3 :-p I can't even seem to find good links on MSDN.
  14. Thors1982

    Does your FPS cap?

    OHHHH im such an idiot :-) I should have thought of that I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out what was going on. Thanks a lot for the help :-) Oh and to add, I am using a LCD, so I can't change the refresh rate, i already tried that :-) As for writing the game so it runs indpendent of the FPS. I really would like to do this... but considering I have only been using DirectX for about a month. I should probably worry about other things and plan on adding that later though :-) Again Thanks a lot for the help
  15. Thors1982

    Does your FPS cap?

    I am curious, I just added a FPS count to my game and no matter what I do I can't seem to make it go higher or lower than 60 FPS My game is only using about 7% processor while running so I know my comp isn't maxed out. Just curious if DirectX or Visual Studio's is capping this limit. Or what is going on. Not that its a big deal just kinda curious. I wanted to see how much wiggle room I had to add crazy stuff to my game and I can't really tell since i can't change the FPS :-) Cause I hope I am not already using that much resources :-) considering I have a Athlon 3500+ Nvidia 6800GT and my game is only a 2d isometric Map basically. and only 160x60 tiles so far.
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