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  1. Why did I read this as "noticle performance gems"? Boy was I surprised when I realized SATA HD's aren't mini-subs with gems of power.
  2. Quote: * is compared to “detonating a million atomic bombs the size of those dropped on Japan during World War II.” Bull-fucking-shit.
  3. Quote:Original post by Raymondo Quote:Original post by GotenRulezU I HOE SO I REALLY DO :'( what? Yes, please clarify.
  4. Quote:Original post by Boris Karloff You don't say? Maybe I'll make it to 2304. What, do these scientists speculate, will cause it to happen? And why in 300 years? Every 3000-4000 years the earths axis just reverses, they have extensive evidence to prove this (or at least highly suggestive evidence, obvious even). Basically, when it happens, the earths magnetic field will weaken (obviously) and with this comes terrible radiation from the sun, which scientists speculate is filtered out via the earths magnetic field. Anyway, it'll take a while (years) to reverse, which is kind of crappy.
  5. Quote:Original post by Boris Karloff Quote:Original post by Drevay Yep. Yep, you rated him down, or Yep, you agree? I agree.
  6. Drevay


    Quote:Original post by Boris Karloff *writes down hairspray* Has to be in the bottle though, and you have to get it hot enough. Actually, take the plastic cap off to begin with, because it'll eventually fly off on it's own. Have something barricading the sides of the fire, since that baby (metal bottle) is going to flatten out and fly off into something.
  7. Drevay

    Will Computing End In Our Lifetime

    I wonder if something, maybe not even in the near future, could happen like it did in The Day After Tomorrow which I recently saw during a horrific snowstorm. Made me antsy. :p
  8. Quote:Original post by Puzzler183 I'm thinking I was rated down for what I posted. However, my views still hold. You can't pause everything over an event you have no control over and in reality can do very little about. Tragedy is constantly going on throughout the world and you have to keep on living - if you don't, your life become something of a tragedy. Yep.
  9. Drevay


    I once blew up a bottle of hairspray, that made a huge bang and sparks that flew 30 feet into the air. Good times, that.
  10. Quote:Original post by Boris Karloff Blast, I was hoping for a reversal of the poles. That'll happen in about 300 years, scientists speculate.
  11. Drevay

    Upheaval in computer standards: A look at 2005

    Quote:Original post by wendigo23 The only platform that supports DDR Extreme is the PS2 (not including the arcade reference implementation). PS3*?
  12. Drevay

    Upheaval in computer standards: A look at 2005

    Quote:Original post by Xtremehobo I have a piece of brandy filled chocolate resereved for newyears. does that count? Yah, you go paint the town red little buddy.
  13. Drevay

    TSUNAMI....they knew it..!!!!

    Mushu, when you refer to this Halloween storm in Nova Scotia, are you referring to Juan? Anyway, that was last year, quite the storm too, I was in the middle of it all.
  14. Drevay

    Come to me o counselors, i need wisdom

    Quote:Original post by GotenRulezU "Hell, you might even be able to pull it off with a guy friend to really freak her out." Not a fucking chance in hell on that. I wouldn't worry about it. You'll find another girl dude. Don't worry. Don't be such a fucking homophobe, man. I knew a guy that was being stocked by a girl, so I proclaimed "I know how to fix this!" Sure enough, I did. Basically, we came into the room she was in, and we had an arm around each others shoulder, and were saying very suggestive things (about butt sex, for example). She ran out crying, and didn't bother him after that. Not only did it work, but it was freaking hilarious. [grin] EDIT - Oh yah, she's a major bitch, and very immature. Why you dated her in the first place (and didn't dump her ass for blowing another guys flute just to piss you off) is beyond me.
  15. Drevay

    post your desktop

    Quote:Original post by ace_lovegrove Quote:Original post by Promit Is that a new windows theme? I really hope you're joking.
  16. Drevay

    Fun with Cats

    You can get leashes for cats, but it's strange. Cats are usually responsible enough to look after themselves and come home to sleep / eat / get attention. At least my cats are.
  17. Drevay

    Help me chose a graphics card please.

    Quote:Original post by Extrarius If your mobo is 4x only, neither card will work. If you have an 4x/8x slot, then I believe both will, and in that case I'd suggest the 6600GT as a much much better deal even if it costs $20-30 more. Incorrect, the 9800 is 4x compatible, fully, but running at 8x is more than recommended.
  18. Drevay

    List yer Loot!

    - New, sleek PS2 - 8MB PS2 memory card - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenol - Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec - Final Fantasy X - Phillishave Mini (avery nice) - Various clothes - CD-R's - Coleman watch - Sketch pad + pencil - Large set of precision screwdrivers - Computer repair kit - Various hygene stuff - Lots of chocolates / candy - Spongebob squarepants tree ornament (yay!) - Other stuff I'm forgetting ... Yah, so I got quite a haul. [grin] I haven't bee doing much but playing my new and shiney PS2, and namely GTA:SA.
  19. Personally, Gran Tourismo 2 and Final Fantasy Tactics take the cake here. FFT doesn't have the huge staying power it did back in the day, probably do the the fact that I've played the crap out of it, but man, I wasted a summer on that baby. Gran Tourismo 2 was a masterpiece for the PS1, and made me glad every damn day I played that game that I owned such a console. The graphics were outstounding for what hardware was at the developers hands, and the gameplay can't really be described. I haven't touched GT3: A-Spec, but I'm just itching to get my hands on that baby. Gran Toursimo 4 will probably make my head explode, since it's going old-school with over 650 cars, and now with over 50 courses! Amazing. Anyway, Gran Tourismo 2 got me SO involved, that I would skip school just to get a new car (I'd race all damn day to get the money to do so) or to upgrade said car I had. I learned a lot about cars I didn't know existed, since every car has info about it, which was very cool. In fact, I learned a lot about the workings of cars period, and thanks to GT2, I could (and still can) talk to my friends about cars, tuning them, and whatnot. I remember one summer, that Gran Tourismo 2 took over my very existance, almost posessed me, enslaved me so, that, when I saw a bee in my mothers car as we were heading for town (she had pried me away from the TV long enough to convince me to do so) I exclaimed "OH MY GOD AN RUF!!" (R.U.F., I said it), which as many know is a Porche kit car from Germany. Anyway, my mom was like "Brenlae, that's scary." I just laughed. Any stories similar to this? What games in the past (or now) have enslaved you to do their very bidding? Post away!
  20. Drevay

    The best day you've had this year

    Quote:Original post by liquidAir The day I finished my final exam paper... I got to see a chick that I've been interested in for quite a while now, and we spent some quality time together (about 3 to 4 hours or so). Then again, I get to see her on the 26th... so... You get to see her box on boxing day! Teh yayz.
  21. Drevay

    OMFG get a free Play Station!

    Quote:Original post by DigitalChaos Quote:Original post by Raduprv Quote:Original post by Benjamin Heath This is bugging me. Raduprv, how do you pronounce your name? It's a concatenation of my first name and part of the last name, so you'd just pronounce it as "Radu" :) Geez, I always pronounced it "Radu Perv", then gave you the nickname Radu the Perv. lol, j/k Same, minus Radu the Perv.
  22. Drevay

    when did you stop believing in Santa Claus?

    I was about 11, but I had lost faith a bit before then. I too found out that the Easter bunny wasn't real at the same time. I stopped believing in the tooth fairy much sooner. It's really neat to see how excited parents get about "being Santa". I hope someday to be able to do this myself. [smile]
  23. Drevay

    My xbox is broken... :'-(

    My friends' Xbox refuses to play DVD's. In fact, they got the DVD remote when they got their Xbox, and the only DVD it plays is Blade II.
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