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  1. I want to get started in DirectX, so I figured I'd get Microsoft Visual C++ and use that instead of Dev C++. The problem is that I'm running Windows ME and I've been told I shoudln't upgrade to XP just yet (128 RAM you know, but upgradable to 512). Now, I could shell out the cash, which I don't really have at the moment, but I'd much rather just get an older version of Visual C++ that will work with DirectX 8 and run on my current OS. Amazon.com and Microsoft don't seem to have one (and I don't trust ebay), so does anybody know where I can get a (legal) older edition? Thanx to everyone who helps!
  2. I want to upgrade from Windows ME. It's been fine so far, but stuff that I'd like to get (Visual C++, Battle for Middle Earth, etc.) requires 2000 or XP. I'm sure this topic has been done to death, but for some reason the search wouldn't work on my computer, so let's keep it civil. Which one should I get? Also, I'm a budding movie maker so which one works better with movie files. I've heard bad things about NT (A.K.A 2000), but this is just a rumor.
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