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  1. Just tried it, now the USB 2.0 Root Hub in device manager has a yellow question mark and in properties in the device status is: "This device cannot start. (Code 10) Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device." The driver seems to be the same as previously. I can't use any external hard disks, transfer photos from a digital camera or get songs onto my new ipod until this is fixed so please if anyone has any idea... I'd like to try the sfc /scannow but I don't have an XP CD and I have a feeling that won't fix anything.
  2. At some point in time, I'm not sure when or why, something happened so that now everytime I tried to plug something into a usb port that should be plug and play e.g. an external hard disk, digital camera, usb stick, new ipod etc... a little icon pops up in the bottom right saying "new hardware found, a problem occurred during hardware installation..". Everything that used the usb ports before I started getting this problem still works, like my old ipod. However anything else gives me that problem, even my brand new ipod which I plugged into the same dock connected to the same usb port gives that error. I have a feeling something along the way corrupted the way windows XP automatically registers new USB devices. I'm really desperate to get this fixed as hours of searching on the internet has proved fruitless.
  3. Say I want to copy many rows from a table in one oracle database to another, what factors would improve performance? It's extremely slow at the moment with a routine for copying one item by retrieving the dataset with that one item then inserting it into the other database, and looping through each row calling that routine every time. Would it be faster to just create one big SQL statement which would retrieve the dataset with all the items in one go, then insert them all in one go? I'm a bit new to all this so any links would be helpful too, thanks. P.S. I'm using Visual C# btw.
  4. Kyo

    Adlib: New Webcomic

    Thanks! It's just a side hobby at the moment but who knows where it'll lead ;) (probably nowhere)
  5. If you're bored check out a comic strip I've been doing that's going pretty well:
  6. Kyo

    Results posted.

    I can't believe everyone's going on about manuals (could we have a more boring topic of discussion? Licensing agreements maybe?) and not the actual games. Judges, can we expect to see some feedback along the lines of the retro remakes competition link I posted earlier? When I posted the link earlier a judge/staff replied that was two months after the competition, so are we to expect something similar in two months?
  7. Kyo

    Results posted.

    I assume TimeBlasters didn't make it very far for having the elements in only two out of five levels, or were there other factors? I thought the robot and ninjas were well implemented, as they weren't simply generic enemies with a robot/ninja skin tacked on, but it would have been boring very quick if I reused just those two enemies.
  8. Kyo

    Results posted.

    That would be great, as things stand if you didn't make it into the top 5 your game might as well not have existed. It was good fun though, thanks for another great competition gamedev!
  9. Kyo

    Results posted.

    I appreciate the hard work from the judges but I was expecting something more like the retro remakes competition in terms of judging process and feedback: 73 entries ranked in order with a table of results detailing points for each area of the game and an overall percentage. Also each judge's individual top ten. And best graphics, best sound and most faithful awards. Each game has a reviews page with a review and score from each judge.
  10. Kyo

    Next compo?

    The theme should be encapsulated in one word, and have it describe the gameplay not the content. For example, "physics", where the gameplay has to revolve around some physics gimmick. Or "AI" where the gameplay has to revolve around some real clever AI, like flocking and group behaviours or whatever. "fluids" where a game has to use fluid dynamics in a novel way. Not only would it make for a much more diverse, original and interesting range of a game concepts, this would also put the emphasis back on the programming aspect, as there are no game-making tools which do these for you. The use of physics libraries still involves hands-on programming, and coding good AI would be an interesting challenge. For example if the theme was AI, you could still make generic shooter X, but the focus would be on good AI opponents, not a shooting range tech demo. If you were more creative you could make some kind of cowboy/shepherd herding game.
  11. Kyo

    [4e4] #18 TimeBlasters

    I finally got a chance to test 4 players vs on one keyboard. It was a lot more fun than I thought (after all the playtesting it's hard to enjoy your own game) I would recommend everyone to try it out if they can. Controls are sometimes unresponsive as everyone is pressing keys simultaneously but we still had a great time on it!
  12. Kyo

    [4e4] #18 TimeBlasters

    That's great if your kids can play it! This game was written for me as a kid spending countless hours playing co-op on an amateur version of Bomberman written in QBasic thinking one day I wanted to make my own version... Paulcoyote, what are your specs? The keyboard error is when it can't initialize DirectInput, but it falls back on windows input so it should still work. If it gets stuck after the cow I can only imagine it's the memory leak in windows 98 (hence min. OS is XP/2000) or your specs are lower than the minimum I've tested on (700mhz with 512mb ram) where it was still playable but the transition screens were a bit jerky.
  13. Kyo

    [4e4] #18 TimeBlasters

    Yep all the snowballs have to be destroyed, I actually increased the number of them as some people didn't find it challenging enough when they died in one hit! It's all in the powerups ;)
  14. Would love to hear some feedback, it's my first proper game :) Contests are a great motivator for getting things done. Has anyone managed to finish it on either difficulty levels? Are the use of secondary function powerups confusing? Does four player on one keyboard work? Download [11mb]
  15. Quick question: How can I make a song play faster when it's loaded as a FSOUND_STREAM?
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