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    .X Files Out Of Maya Problem

    Ah, thanks again! ok, being a non-techy, I'm using a pre-built engine, that requires no programming, kind of like a game creator for first person shooters, it's native format is .x files. However, I'm not sure how to create a simple .fx shader from scratch, is there an online resource anywhere, or a code example online for a straightforward material with a texture ? Thanks
  2. Stringer

    .X Files Out Of Maya Problem

    Oh, right Thanks for that information. You'd think if support wasn't there for standard everyday objects, there would'e been the older exporter bundled too until develop takes over. seems crazy to me that I have to use Maya 5 to export Direct X objects with a texture, DDS isn't even supported in Maya 5, what a pain. Regards
  3. Stringer

    .X Files Out Of Maya Problem

    Is there any other forums like this one, where I could possibly ask further questions, or does anyone have an email contant for someone on the MS Direct X Development Team ? As the MSDN site I found to be quite sparse on contact information, other than ringing them up on a premium rate line. ?
  4. Stringer

    .X Files Out Of Maya Problem

    Thanks, I'm considering using the older version 5 version of the plugin, it was a nice pipeline straight in and out. It's just I'm using Maya 6.5 now, and I'd prefer a pipeline directly out of that, I can't believe they'd make the new exporter so difficult to get anything even remotely 'simplistic' out of it, it almost seems like it is an object and material exporter, just no 'textures'... :/
  5. Ok, (artist speaking here) ;) I'm exporting .x files out from Maya, and previously (version 5 or maya) it worked via the export through maya with a nice dialog options box, the new version of the .X exporter (Feb SDK and April SDK Update) installs in a whole different way, and is accessed via the main menu's in Maya instead, anyway, so far I've only been able to export black objects (fixed by colouring vertices), but... How do I export an object with a texture, because for the life of me I haven't been able to do it yet, think I've exhausted every option I can find so far, just a standard .tga (also tried DDS) file attached via a lambert, please help, before I damage my machine in frustration... :) Thanks
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