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  1. Daerax

    PAX Report Day 2

    Hey Gaiiden, Chrome takes me to a big red scary malware warning site with a giant yellow caution sign warning me away before I can enter your journal. apparently its to do with ps3trophies.co.uk
  2. Daerax

    Secondary Effects of iTunes Game Pricing

    Oh yes and you need not only have one license. Have one aimed at start ups, another aimed at medium sized indie and another for large companies, for example. If you have demonstrated a good use case of your technology and marketed it well this partitioning should help boost overall sales.
  3. Daerax

    Secondary Effects of iTunes Game Pricing

    I'm going to disagree on that. Free Market is not what is setting the price of those iphone games and at those prices the only people winning are Apple (not even the consumers) and eventually the bigger game industry. The indie game developer loses here. Let me layout my reasons carefully. There are the following aspects: Free Market does not set prices - anchors do , Price Wars are harmful to the small producer and price wars stifle innovation. Two things I think have led to the current state of the iphone app market. precedent of itunes 99cents music and the relatively low barrier of entry to a new market. This low barrier to entry and pricing model has now saturated the market and hyperincreased competition - hence minimized profit. Competition is good right? Well it depends who you ask. When it leads to price wars such that profit is marginal at best and only those companies which can leverage scale win it results in a non optimal result for most. All the small companies are forced to shut or are bought out leaving in place an oligopoly. End result bad for all but the big companies. In addition because the companies are struggling they rush to release many low quality or uninnovative drivel. At those speeds and quantities price becomes the salient signal - it cant be helped. Companies can only compete on price with poor offerings. This ends up enforcing the signal of low price = crap even if this was not the case for all. Consumers suffer by getting trivial ports by big companies and catch the fish and other glorified demos from the supposed to be innovative indie. Free Market does not set prices - anchors do. How can people complain that a $2 game is expensive! Those prices points are completely arbitrary and do not in any way indicate value, which is decided almost randomly or by psychological manipulation [1]. The buyers on the app market were used to the itune prices (which Apple used as a loss leader) and so used that as an anchor for the similar app market. Now the App developers had an opportunity to differentiate themselves and set a new anchor (e.g. see Starbucks brand for an excellent example) but did not. So just as in web 2.0 and the dot com boom, the current mobile explosion is getting lots of users - at the expense of a viable business model - they are unable to produce sufficient revenue. The smart ones are persuing alternative models. Micropayments or partenerships (shazam is free but hemoraging money but is now try bundling deals with operators and manufacturers) But you do not have to fall for the same trap. As stated, pricing is subconsciously a signal for quality. If you have something good and its too cheap people assume it is crap. Hence if there was a movement to differentiate certain apps/games as classy and innovative and worth the price - setting a new anchor then the small companies need not be out competed by the large on price. In particular to your case, you serve a niche area and are offering something new and posses an IP with high barrier costs. However people dont know what it is useful for or if it can actually perform. You must convince them of its value rather than reinforcing a lack by underpricing. Rather than risking your company by choosing the easy route and going for a marginal to lossy price and trying to compensate on volume you aught to, in my opinion, price higher - appropriately. Price at a point where you dont need too much volume but cheap enough to capture a decent userbase. As well, Display its use cases and overall cost saving benefits. Convince these people who are actively overspending due to an aggresive market how you can help reduce that or produce more value for them. Market your product. Produce a killer app for it demonstrating its usefulness. But above all dont undervalue it. Those are my .99 cents. I apologizing for going on so.
  4. Daerax

    Action = Reaction Labs LLC

    ive used slimetune. was head and shoulders above all free offerings I had tried and looking on at the more exorbitant paid offerings. And since you're moving over to objective c world seems working on it for yourself wont be likely either. ah well still pretty good.
  5. Daerax

    Action = Reaction Labs LLC

    Awesome it sounds like you're doing some pretty interesting stuff. Looking forwarding to reading more. Im glad you're not wasting away in some corporate cubicle. Im of the opinion you will succeed. On a side not however, running your own company is alot of work, especially one with technologies at the level you describe and the scope of your plans for them. Basically Im asking what happens to SlimDX? Realistically I dont think you will have enough time to do both well.
  6. Daerax

    Goodbye and Hello..

    awesome. i do alot of F# without the imperative, excepting i/o and .net interop ofcourse.
  7. Daerax

    Not dead, but dreaming

    the only part of the above I agree with is the very last line. Everything else I neither agree or disagree with. The post is a rationalization of the choice you made to lift the state of uncertainty (which all people are uncomfortable with to varying degrees). The fact is your choice is neither right nor wrong, if you really wanted it you would not let the above get in your way. C# XNA, C++ just letters obstacles to be dealt with as necessary. But you dont want it. That is why I only agree with your last line. and its qualifer prior, I suppose.
  8. Daerax

    Lessons from Freeplay 2009

    Excellent summary. thanks
  9. could that be senor cow the cowering cow?
  10. Daerax

    Minimal Initialization

    I was going to test the new build but a couple of minutes into the svn download I remembered that it takes what 6 minutes to build? Probably longer on my strained machine. And more importantly I did not install the C++ compiler part of visual studio on my machine. heh. Nemerle syntax is pretty close to C#'s. The braces are optional, I took em out. Anyways in Nemerle it would look like (Im assuming that MainLoop wont be required since Color4 was not when I tried device.clear on latest release, plus Nemerle lambda expressions and classes tend to interop cleanly with C#): #pragma indent using System using SlimDX.Windows using System.Drawing using SlimDX using SlimDX.Direct3D9 module Program [STAThread] Main() : void def form = RenderForm("SlimDX Comparison") def presentParams = PresentParameters() presentParams.BackBufferWidth = form.ClientSize.Width ;presentParams.BackBufferHeight = form.ClientSize.Height def device = Device(Direct3D(), 0, DeviceType.Hardware,form.Handle, CreateFlags.HardwareVertexProcessing, presentParams) MessagePump.Run(form, () => { device.Clear(ClearFlags.Target | ClearFlags.ZBuffer, Color.Black, 1.0f, 0); device.BeginScene(); device.EndScene(); device.Present(); }) foreach (item in ObjectTable.Objects) item.Dispose()
  11. Daerax

    Minimal Initialization

    Yep its F# too. F# gives warnings when functions which dont return unit are not assigned and are then sequenced. Piping ( |> ) into ignore gets rid of those warning but i didn't do that. I use a simple for loop instead of Sequence iter function. Errors in the code i gave it seems would be that Color.Black must be given to some Color4 class. and in MessagePump.Run argument 2 instead of fun () -> SlimDX stuff , MainLoop ( fun () -> slimDXStuff), where I assume MainLoop is some class. In lieu of a main function, appliaction.run will start the event loop.
  12. Daerax

    Minimal Initialization

    untested quick mechanical translation. 98.76% sure it works. open System open SlimDX.Windows open System.Windows.Forms open System.Drawing open SlimDX open SlimDX.Direct3D9 let form = new RenderForm("SlimDX Comparison") let device = new Device(new Direct3D() , 0, DeviceType.Hardware ,form.Handle, CreateFlags.HardwareVertexProcessing ,new PresentParameters(BackBufferWidth = form.ClientSize.Width, BackBufferHeight = form.ClientSize.Height)) MessagePump.Run ( form , fun () -> device.Clear(ClearFlags.Target ||| ClearFlags.ZBuffer, Color.Black, 1.0f, 0) device.BeginScene() device.EndScene() device.Present()) [<STAThread>] do Application.Run(form) for item in ObjectTable.Objects do item.Dispose ()
  13. Daerax

    GDNet+ Membership Perks Blurb

    was signed up for a couple years. payed monthly too. did not stay signed up for any features, barely used journal as well. Saw it as a charity really. or alumni payments, definitely this site altered the trajectory of my growth as a younger one.
  14. Daerax

    Impromptu Break - Confession

    Jeff vogel of spidweb got a weblog aimed at indies Its new and already shaping up to be quite informative, got performance results of one his newer games. Should prove inspirational.
  15. Daerax

    Observation 4

    both the rate of growth and volatility of a thread (the probability that a thread topic will diverge and the rate of divergance) are directly proportional to its religiousity coefficient.
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