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  1. Scet

    STM8S-Discovery review and tutorial

    Holy hell, I just had to comment because this is the longest journal entry I've ever seen! This should seriously be made into an article, hopefully the staff see it. Any plans to hook it up to a TV like the Atmel project? That's a lot cooler than blinking some LEDs.
  2. Scet

    Z80 Light-flasher

    First, this is awesome. Second, where do you order these Z80s from? I have a large school project that'll require building something like this and it would be nice to find someplace to buy from other than eBay. I own a 6502, but I'd rather eat dirt then program for that thing.
  3. Scet

    Text viewports and sprites

    I've always been meaning to ask this, how long does it take you to make these journal entries? I assume you have some sort of automatic way of making all these animated gifs, but it still looks like they took a while. I'm not complaining, I like them. It makes this journal unique as you usually don't see so much animation in the others.
  4. Scet

    Last Post

    Well I finish school in December, hopefully I can get a decent job instead of the boring, repetitive and physically straining summer job I have now.
  5. Scet

    Last Post

    Well apparently my GDNet+ stuff still works, I canceled it since I don't post much any more, maybe there's some grace period or something. I haven't done much over the summer since I'm so tired after work. My only real progress has been separating GameKnight into two projects, the Windows executable and an API independent library. I did this because back in May someone e-mailed me about porting it to XNA to run on the Zune, and was having trouble separating the emulation and Windows code. The new release(0.21) in on the CodePlex page, but it's pretty much the same as the 0.2 one except for the way the code is organized. Hopefully I'll get around to adding sound support soon. Also news of the project has somehow reached several emulation sites. I don't know how as I've only posted about it here, but GameKnight 0.2 got 158 downloads versus 0.1s measly 14. This will likely be my last post here, so I'd like to thank everyone that stopped by, even though some of you(Hopedagger, Rob Loach) seem to have disappeared from GD. Since I don't have any new screenshots and since every post has to have a picture, Jon Arbuckle will once again have to fill in:
  6. Scet

    Progress update.

    What does Reiser do if I don't have a wife?
  7. Scet

    Look! It's another crappy Beta!

    Thanks for the advice. I knew it would have problems on non-American keyboards, but like I said it was hastily put together. It should still work though, just with the names messed up.
  8. Wow, not a single post in April. My focus on school did pay off though, four A's and one D(I was expecting an F so this is good). Anyway my burn out is wearing off and I've started to work on GameKnight again. This release(0.2) adds save states and a crappy dialog window to change keys. Unfortunately save states currently only work original GameBoy games, when loading the color ones, a portion of the VRAM seems to get screwed up. Here's the hastily made dialog box, I'll add mouse and joystick/gamepad support later. Hopefully my old Gravis GamePad(it looks like an SNES controller) with its ancient DB15 connector will work.
  9. Scet

    ColecoVision and TMS9918 Multicolor

    Wow, I knew about that crappy mode on the TMS9918, but I didn't think anything actually used. Looks like someone vomited and threw some Smurf toys on top of it.
  10. Scet

    SaveStates and Key Names

    I meant to post this a couple entries ago, but I've been looking through the Cogwheel source code. While I can't really comment on anything specific, it did look a lot neater and more organized than your Doom code. I'll try out the binaries tomorrow.
  11. Scet

    Laugh at my source codes!

    Thanks for testing it Ben, I'll give that refresh rate thing a shot.
  12. Scet

    Eating NP-Completely in McDonalds Again

    What the hell is a "hambuger"? Also what currency does the program take? If that's all you can buy for £5.2 then you guys are getting ripped off.
  13. Scet

    Laugh at my source codes!

    Quote:Original post by Ravuya I blame myself for everything, really. I'm sure if you walked around wearing a top hat and carrying a bucket of KFC, all your problems would just melt away...or you'd get beat up.
  14. Scet

    Laugh at my source codes!

    I've setup a CodePlex page for GameKnight(yes we're back to GameKnight, no more GreatNES). The binaries and source are in separate zips since CodePlex doesn't have an option to label a file as both. I was also planning on going with the zlib/libpng license, but CodePlex limits the licenses you can select and I went with the MIT license instead, oh well. Go give it a whirl so I know if works or doesn't work on your system(system specs would be nice). You should get around 60 FPS, anything else and it means either your computer sucks or my timing code sucks, probably both. Actually I've been having problems with GameBoy Color games that run in double speed mode, seems my 2Ghz machine can't handle an 8Mhz Z80. If you'll looking for some ROMs, Mr. Zophar has a couple you can use. Still haven't gotten around to adding anything thanks to heaps of school work. School ends in three weeks and I plan to take a one week break(I'll need it) before starting my summer job, so hopefully I can add sound and save states then. I'm blaming Ravuya and so should you.
  15. Scet

    Total Lack of Progress

    It's been over two weeks since the last update, so I thought I should update this thing. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get much done in that time, it's the last couple weeks of school and I'm buried in tests, assignments and projects. There's some sound code, but not enough to actually make any sounds and I've been able to get the other GameBoy Color games to run, although most of them are unplayable. Here's Mega Man Xtreme 2: X looks like he just teleported into some demented Tetris game. The Zelda Oracle games now just generate a black screen [sad]. I'll probably get back into it soon. I wanted to finish this before the summer break, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen, hell I thought it would be finished back in October(what's the saying, "the last ten percent"?). After all this is sorted out I plan on going back to either Doom.Net or adding in the GBA to the emulator, I think I'll save the NES for later.
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