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  1. MindWipe


    When will you get rid of this flatmate? You complain about him constantly - kick him out!
  2. MindWipe

    Silverlight JetLag

    I got the same screen in FF as johnhattan got. And IE7 gave a js error 'undefined'. :( function supportedVersionIsInstalled(agHostHelper) { var versionStr = detectAgControlVersion(agHostHelper); if (versionStr == -1 ) { return false; } else if (versionStr != 0) { versionArray = versionStr.split("."); <-- There Looking forward to Silverlight getting better though. I really like being able to use my C# knowledge to do flash-like stuff. /MindWipe
  3. MindWipe

    Silverbow and space rain..

    Amazing rain effect! Yet in theory so simple to do! Thanks, it inspired me! /MindWipe
  4. MindWipe


    Stack wanking?
  5. MindWipe

    Merry TTTmass

    What is TA? /MindWipe
  6. MindWipe

    Macs, Macs, Macs.

    [offtopic] SPAM! [/offtopic]
  7. MindWipe


  8. MindWipe

    ## Yay back

  9. MindWipe

    Good news and Bad news

    Ok, now as this happened, release all your work to the public. /MindWipe
  10. MindWipe

    Oblivion WTF.

    ROFLMAOPENIS! That's great! /MindWipe
  11. MindWipe

    Hi Thor!

    Hi! /MindWipe
  12. MindWipe

    What the fuck?

    come to [..] /MindWipe
  13. MindWipe

    My mom's birthday

    Quote: Don't worry about removing it. And Toxic, I mispoke I've actually been trying to convince her for about 6 years (since I started programming.) Really :S Oh! And happy birthday Programmer16's mum!!!! /MindWipe
  14. MindWipe

    My mom's birthday

    Your son has dirty thoughts about you /MindWipe I'll remove it in a few minutes - so chill! And if she'll be be coming home really soon PM me ASAP!
  15. MindWipe

    Butterfly #232

    Intessting how the screeny from the showcase is EXACTLY the same as on the PSP's screen. The odds are like lower then the distance from my penis to the ground. /MindWipe
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