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  1. No pixel is an island...

    Your pixel is an island of sadness in a sea of despair.
  2. isotropix clarisse - guess the song!

    It's [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUq6MFRsjV4"]Deep Sea Diver[/url] by [url="http://www.heifervescent.com/"]Heifervescent.[/url] Their music is licensed Creative Commons.
  3. Quit smoking: any tips?

    Zyban worked for me, in the summer of 2002. I was 26 at the time. I was a pack-a-day smoker, and the cravings pretty much just went away. I experienced heart palpitations the first time on the Zyban so I stopped it and went back to smoking, but my second time on the Zyban was successful. A few years later, I briefly took up smoking mini cigars, one pack every 3-4 weeks. A couple months before my daughter was born, I simply stopped buying those, and I haven't smoked anything since. I never considered the mini cigars to be "falling off the wagon" because I never smoked them frequently enough to buy a new pack while I was in withdrawal from the previous pack. I'm probably bullshitting myself here. Honestly, I miss smoking, I'm sure I always will. I enjoyed stepping outside for a five minute smoke break, even in the dead of winter. It gave me quiet time to chew on whatever problem I was trying to solve at work, and I'd usually return to my desk with a few new insights. Taking breaks like that now, without lighting up a cigarette, just isn't the same.
  4. The Epic Thread Of Awesomeness

    [list][*]Bears[*]Bear Cavalry[*]Motherfucking bears[*]Bears with private pilots license[/list]
  5. Need new name for game

    Quote:Original post by Demosthenes Trust No One Sand in my Crotch I read your first one as "Thrust No One", and thought that sounded awesome.
  6. World Cup 2010

    I ordered two Vuvuzelas today. Expecting to be evicted before July.
  7. Need some bad game ideas...

    Solar System Explorer, where you choose some planets, moons, asteroids etc. to send probes to, calculate appropriate launch windows and trajectories, and then follow your probes in real time as they make their way across the solar system. Will your probes reach their destination? Will their instruments fail along the way? Will a Metric/Imperial mixup cause your probe to crash land on Europa? Find out in twelve years!
  8. Bodily peculiarities relating to your mood

    You have chromatophores. You represent the next step in human evolution. See Darwin's Radio.
  9. OpenGL vs Glide

    You're all wrong. Use PostScript so you can target inkjet printers AND NeXT cubes!
  10. How well do YOU know your cult classics? (quiz)

    Instead of relying on people reading your post with the default theme, you should just rot13 the answers or something. The platform game you're talking about in #4 is Trine, not Braid.
  11. Craziest/most far out book you ever read?

    Quote:Original post by Sneftel "The Monster at the End of This Book". A post-modern deconstruction of the reader's role in creating narrative drive, and a critique of epicurean ethics. The ending blew my mind. I don't read that one anymore. Ever since Grover sued me for damages.
  12. Craziest/most far out book you ever read?

    Greg Egan has written some awesome books that deal with the nature of consciousness and reality. Many of his works deal with consciousnesses uploaded into computers. See Diaspora and Permutation City. He does get a bit technical at times, and sometimes his work reads like a math textbook. But we all have our faults :)
  13. Anyone here in Poznan

    > scream In Poznan, no one can hear you scream. > :( Invalid command.
  14. Can you see your reading history at the library? Via website, or asking a librarian?
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