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  1. antareus

    I hate the GameDev forums

    Y'know, this sounds really sane. I'm going to give it a try. See you in a month...or more. :)
  2. antareus

    I hate the GameDev forums

    Quote:Original post by evolutional Maybe it's just me, but the whole notion of 'The Lounge' being 'addictive' in some way has passed me by. What do you guys do, just like sit here pressing F5? [lol] Ditto. Methinks this sort of 'addiction' is more a cop-out for 'avoiding doing whatever it is that I have to do, but do not wish to.'
  3. That trailer begs to be MST3K'd. The movie looks to be comical. I can't see how anyone could take it seriously.
  4. No inheritance is taking place with static methods. The base class's implementation may be obscured by a subclass implementation, but that isn't the same thing as inheritance. If you're interested in knowing the type of the derived class, add a Type argument to the static method's argument list. Classes (be they base or derived) can simply pass in this.GetType() (or obj.GetType()) for that argument.
  5. antareus

    Yet Another Girl Problem

    Quote:Original post by PnP Bios That's what your mom said, and she was wrong too. Somebody is classy. If you cannot argue without making insulting remarks, I suggest you leave.
  6. antareus

    Yet Another Girl Problem

    Quote:Original post by PnP Bios Good luck stalking her. I'm sure she will love you and not call the police or anything. If you go through with this, you had better have a damn witty line to say. Someone's gonna look like a damn fool if he's wrong. I point this out because I tire of the bitterness and cynicism that is pretty much commonplace on the Internet. Nothing personal to the quoted poster, but I want the OP and others to know that not everyone feels the way that the quoted poster feels. It seems people take a special, almost subconscious delight in pulling an optimist down to their levels of apathy.
  7. antareus

    Do you guys have the same problem?

    Quote:Original post by ace_lovegrove I think one major step in the right direction is to begin designing properly, most likely in UML. UML is no silver bullet. It is useful as a way to organize your thoughts -- if it helps you. (It does very little for me.) I view programming and designing as intertwined. I usually find any sort of initial design I do is too simplistic, and sometimes resists change. Allowing the design to change over time reduces the stress on me to "get it 100% right" up front and allows the final result to be more fluid. Big design up front is more suited for organizations that revel in employing code monkeys, whose job is to program. Design documents are important for conveying your intentions to other programmers. They are not the same as UML documents. On any decent sized project, you end up writing a design document sometime during development if you ever plan on having someone else look at the code. The question is, do you write it now or later?
  8. antareus

    Yet Another Girl Problem

    Quote:Original post by spacemonkeystudios It all sounds great dude... However, if she ever found out you posted it all on here, might not go down too well... Oh please. It is akin to asking friends what to do, albeit in a more public way. He isn't asking how to stalk her. Frankly, I'd be flattered if someone felt the need to ask several people how best to handle this. There's a certain amount of necessary recklessness involved here.
  9. antareus

    Yet Another Girl Problem

    Quote:At that point I realized what I have missed during these years, that I had spend in front of various computers. So true. Take some of the more cynical replies with several pounds of salt. You already know what to do deep down inside, so you should do it. You have two choices: 1. show up at this girl's door 2. don't, and hope you run into her again Speaking from experience, #2 is difficult at best. As a freshman, I reaaaaaaaaaaaallllly clicked with this one chick in the laundry room when I was doing my laundry at 2am one Friday night but never got any sort of personal details out of her. (I'm sure she told me her name, but I forgot that too!) She was forever known as laundry girl among my friends, and achieved an almost mythical status because sightings were so rare on a campus of 25,000. Although it was a running joke, I kicked (note past tense) myself quite a bit for not ever manning up and just asking her out when I randomly saw her while at school. These sorts of random encounters always blindsided me and I never was quite ready to just summon up the raw courage to ask her out, especially in front of a few other women. (In retrospect, it was all lust. Not that it couldn't have developed into more, but it is hard to say without knowing her values.) I don't know a whole lot about love, but I know enough to say that it *always* pulls you straight out of your comfort zone. It can be crazy. This is particularly true if you are introspective - your social skills will mature really quickly when faced with a situation like this. Note that this is not a license to do stupid things, but rather another way of saying there is no formula to this thing. Example: the girl I like recently had her birthday. I wasn't sure what to get her. I eventually settled on a few things, including Super Mario Kart for SNES (which I EBay'd), and $25 to Bed Bath and Beyond. My mom suggested I order her flowers to be delivered to her work directly as well. I kept thinking "is this too much? I'm not trying to scare her off!" Another side of me said, "you'd marry this girl, and you know she likes you, so go for it!" I gave her the first two items along with a card (in which I told her she was beautiful -- which goes against most dating 'rules' I've seen that want you to act cool and detached). The next day she received the flowers at her work - when she thought all her birthday celebration had concluded - and gushed that they were the absolute best present of everything she got. Her [female] best friend texted me and congratulated me, saying, "I don't think she's going to be able to stop smiling today!" Doing all these things in a relationship that is currently platonic required a leap of faith. So anyway, I'd see if you can 'happen' by her flat sometime and just sort of 'run into' her if you're nervous about walking up to her door. In dorm settings it is a lot easier to pull this sort of thing off beacuse people usually leave their doors open. However, if your little line worked initially, I think it is more than worth the risk. You will regret not doing it more than any possible pain of rejection. The same things that people do to shield themselves from possible hurts also shield them from the healing that a positive relationship can bring about. Learn that, and you're well on your way to emotional maturity.
  10. antareus

    GDNet = Panties in a twist

    Quote:Long gone are the days where we can sit back and enjoy some good humor? First, it takes very little wit to create a Katrina joke. The fact that such jokes are usually forgotten about when the event has passed shows how much they rely on the name recognition of the event itself, and how little humor they actually have. Second, you never had the ability to say whatever you wished without suffering the consequences. Which is what this is all about, except it is framed in such a way that you insist that others are 'imposing themselves' on you, and somehow you have been wronged. In short: I believe you also have your panties in a twist. ;)
  11. antareus

    Luigi and Jesus

    Y'know, this would be marked as a crap thread if it didn't involve Jesus. But since it does, its automatically witty and original! Hee hee!
  12. antareus

    I'm In A Strange Mood

    Sounds like you want to be with people. Go do that. Porn does nothing to improve your social skills.
  13. antareus

    Regular Expressions for Thread Titles You Hate

  14. antareus

    VS is hypothermic...

    Check if AGP fast writes are on. If they are, trying running with them off. Installing Catalyst drivers usually forces them on, regardless of what they should be set to in the BIOS.
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