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  1. Need some logo work? Salsa is your flavor.

    I'm still interested also. Do you know how manny more are in front of me?
  2. Need some logo work? Salsa is your flavor.

    I don't need one anymore. [Edited by - DrunkenBastard on September 21, 2006 8:44:46 PM]
  3. Guess The Film Scene 2!

    Quote:Original post by Dave Someone is yet to get my one, with the TV/monitors thingies on the desk, and in particular the static on the screens. Dave I can't remember the name, but it involves meddling with the dead. Something I do on a daily basis.
  4. Unusually good shareware / freeware games

    Mount & Blade. I found it from 101freegames.1up.com
  5. A error with the 'elimination number'

    It's painfully obvious that you're a pathetic Mariner fan who is still running numbers to see any way that Seattle can make the post season. Do society and yourself a favor by getting a job and moving out of your parent's house. They aren't going to support you forever, especially if you spend every waking hour holding on to the fantasy that the addition of Sexon and Beltre will make Seattle a World Series champ. Sooner or later, they'll cut the cord, and you'll find yourself wondering what the hell you did with the first 35 years of your life. OK, now lets look at it logically. The generic form of the elimination number doesn't take the upcoming schedule into account. How could it? What are you retarded? Schedules change every year. Reguardless of the elimation number, any trained monkey can tell you that if Seattle loses more 11 games, they're done. I can't believe that my insane roomate is making me waste my precious time on this!! What if Oakland and Anaheim (I refuse to call them the Los Angeles Angels) didn't have anymore games in which they played one another? Now it's time to get to the nitty gritty. Let's say that seattle runs the table from here on out, Oakland loses every game until they face the Angels at the end of the season, and the Angels win 11 games and lose the rest from now until they go to Oakland. Now, Seattle's elimination number is 1. Lets say that Oakland sweeps the Angels. If that were to happen, here are the final records. Angels-(86-76) Mariners-(86-76) Atlethics-(83-81) Rangers.....who cares??? In this scenerio, the Mariners would have an elimination number of one at the end of the season. In cases like these, there is a tie-breaker game, where the Angels would play the Mariners in a one game playoff, where the winner went on into the playoffs.
  6. hey hey 16K

    Hitlar is in my sig because It's stupid. I don't really care if it makes me look dumb. And do you really think I care what I look like to you? It's not like I'm sitting here going "OH TEH NOS!!!!111 I are looking dumb on teh intr0net!!~~". I care as much about looking dumb here as you do about your rating. You do seem to have a hugh dildo up your ass tonight though. I would recommend you go to a doctor about that. Or you could ask about your anal problems here. I've heard seeking medical advice on GDnet is actually better than a real doctors opinion.
  7. hey hey 16K

    Quote:Original post by Programmer One Listen up people. You do not have to post every stupid little piece of shit you find on the Internet. Sure you may find it funny, sure some people with a brain defect might rate you up for it (really, some of you guys rate people up for the most stupidest and lamest things)...but if somebody were to post a thread (much like this, quality, thread) for every stupid flash video that some moron created in their stupid miserable life, this forum would be overflowing with crap. Well look whos all high and mighty now. I seem to remember you posting quite a bit of crap in these forums before and now your trying to flame someone for posting a link he thought was funny. I know it's old, and I know for losers like you and me and nes8bit who spend most of their day on a computer it might get annoying after seeing it for the 1,000,000,000 time, but give the guy a break. At least he didn't post HITLAR/STALLIN/BUSH in big red letters. Oh and remember THE INTERNET IS SERIOUS BUISNESS added nes to list of losers because hes so wubable
  8. My HTPC setup

    You could make one. Seriously it wouldn't be that hard. It's just a box with holes and mounts for the mb. I would guesstimate if you had all the material in front of you it would take about 1-2 hours. That's less time than it would take to ship from the internet and you could impress girls when they come over. "Hey babe, you see that sexy case over there. I built that" *wink*.
  9. Slashdot down???

    Quote:Original post by flukus Is slashdot down for anyone else? I can see the main page fine but haven't been able to get to the articles all morning. Why do you care? Gamedev is still up and that is all that matters.
  10. Whitehouse says no WMD's (3 months after the election)

    All I'm saying is that it is impossible for Raduprv, or DrunkenBastard, or Tron3k to have known with 100% certainty that there were no WMD's. There were lots of lies flying around at the time and Mr. AverageJoe really had no way of differentiating fact from fiction a lot of the time.
  11. Whitehouse says no WMD's (3 months after the election)

    Quote:Original post by Raduprv I (and many others) knew that way before the war started. It was almost impossible for Sadam to have WMDs. Why? Did you guys hang out together on a regular basis?
  12. Lip Piercing ....

    blah blah blah pierce your neck or eyelid. Yes I meant eyelid. blah blah blah.
  13. China's controversial 'miracle' doctor

    Quote:Original post by PumpkinPieman Quote:Original post by Zahlman Quote:Original post by Binomine It might be possible to use steam cells to grow new bones and place it into your friend, but research, let alone practical application, is years away. I wouldn't recommend that. You could expect to lose about 20,000 of your own cells right of the bat due to the anti-rejection drugs, and you'd need an internet connection in order to actually do any regeneration. :DAs far as I remember in skin transplants they use skin cells from the burn victims, I don't know if the body would reject something like that but it could be possible for things like bones. He was making a joke because Binomine typed steam(Valv's internet verifacitaion thing) instead of stem.
  14. Game hallucinations

    I get the game hallucinations all the time from extended gaming sessions. I also get welding hallucinations. With the gaming hallucinations I usually see the whole sceen from the game minus the user interface. With the welding ones all I see is a greenish tint and the welding puddle. I don't see any filler rod/electrode or smoke or anything else. I got the welding ones a lot more when I first started welding years ago, but I get them once in a while now.
  15. Type size in Photoshop vs. DirectX

    Why not just save the image in photoshop in whatever format and load it with DX?