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  1. Quote:Original post by Salsa 23yrold is naked without his Transformers icon.God, did you have to say that?
  2. Quote:Original post by xg0blin I hate it, but it appears at least superficially to be credible.What makes me think it's not superficially credible is that no one except an already dubous reporter is making a big deal out of it. Bush lost the debate and if Bush could at anytime say, "He cheated!", it would give him some more credibility. To me, this is as creditable as the Waco videos that 'prove' the tanks have flame throwers attached to them.
  3. Quote:Original post by Crispy what does the notion that incest is "evil" stem from and why is this notion so widely spread? As far as I know, this standpoint stems from the Bible and the state of mind represented by Christianity - Or did this notion exist even before the Old Testament? How so, then? Not really. I believe the whole incest taboo started during the birth of psychology, when society realized, "having sex with kids makes them screwed up." Until then, sex was taboo to begin with. Freud often talks about kids being 'damaged' by their sexual encounters. Quote:what are the biological/genetic implications of incest over several generations?As a computer scientist, you should have heard the term, "Garbage in, garbage out". Breeding a single generation should have little effect, if both parties do not have outward signs of genetic diseases. Breeding several generations will increase the chance of dormant genetic diseases to appear, but if the original couple was without defects, then several generations later the kids would be sans bangos. Dogs are often breed incestually. It's not recommended if either set of parents exibited genetic diseases nor is constant interbreeding recommended, but it's common among breeders.
  4. I do see Iraq becoming more violent in the coming months to mess with our elections, but I don't a full out attack. It took 9 years of planning for the WTC attacks, Iraqis haven't had enough time. Expect more beheadings & kidnappings.
  5. Quote:Original post by flangazor However, it's possible there are flaws in the design of the balls and some are weighted to be more likely to be selected.Before a lotto is run, it's run around a thousand times and the balls are read by computer. If there is any statistical anomaly, the balls that caused them are replaced and tests are run again until it's statistically random. I guess math is a tool, it works for you AND against you. :) Go count cards at a casino, at least that still works, somewhat.
  6. Quote:Original post by 23yrold3yrold ...just because what was "pornographic" 10 years ago is standard fare today.I wouldn't go THAT far. 50 years, yes. 10 years, porn is porn. Maybe you're looking for the word risque instad of "pornographic"?
  7. Kerry's bible verse Urban Legends about Bush Urban legends about Kerry
  8. Quote:Original post by superpig You do realise that rather than creating a new account, you could just have emailed the staff and asked to have your username changed?True, but I'd feel bad for my old persona. It would be like he's digitally erased from the web. [smile] Anyways, a clean break is sometimes a good thing.
  9. Quote:Original post by Sneftel That's nothing. In 1516 A.D., Muira Yoshimoto cut his own head off.It's better than that. He was losing, so he decided to cut off his own head and throw it at his opponents, while on horseback. It shocked his opponents enough(he was behind his own footsoldiers) that they won the battle.
  10. Quote:Original post by wild_pointer Delicious. I've been waiting for this for years.Why wait? If you can find a security bug in Mozilla and report it to the Mozilla team, they give you a cool $500.
  11. Quote:Original post by gamegod3001 has anyone heard of this site: www.bbb.org ?The problem with the bbb is that they're on the side of the corporations who are members. Customer: "Company X ripped me off!" Company X: "No we didn't!" BBB: "no complaint, it was resoved."
  12. One secret I've found is to install the NVidia detionator drivers even if you don't own an NVidia card. I've had a few laptops where installing those drivers ment the difference between playable and unplayable. The default OpenGL drivers are rather old, around 97, IIRC. Microsoft hasn't updated them in a while, although they'll be updated for Loghorn in '06.
  13. photobucket.com offers free storage for you. It's not great storage, but it's free.
  14. If you're worried about lawsuits, it's a good idea is to pick a hosting that doesn't mind them. www.poe-hosting.com hosts www.fatchicksinpartyhats.com, a website that steals pictures of fat people from other websites and calls the EAT MONSTERS and BAGS OF HAM. Any hosting that can keep a site like that up, even after the Secret Service had to discuss presidental d-threats with them, might be a good hosting plan option for you.
  15. Quote:Original post by ManaStone Is there any way of doing skeletal animation without using extentions?You'd use vertex arrays instead of vertex objects. The redbook gives you a good description of how to do it.