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  1. Slyxsith

    Full Speed Ahead!

    Thanks Rutin. I appreciate the feedback. It's been a lot of work behind the scenes with not a lot to show for it but the world really is starting to feel like something. Just got to start smashing content in there.
  2. Slyxsith

    Aakrana: The Forgotten Lands

    This project will deliver a commercially viable online game platform that will be a testing ground for fantasy and RPG game ideas. Initial Concepts: Base game will revolve around zone based land masses Secondary feature will be player creatable "modules"/quests (think D&D modules) that are basically player created instances with story lines and quests. These modules will be part of a library of quests that players can run (think dungeons in World of Warcraft), rate and donate to the creator. Monarchy system (Think Asheron's Call / Game of Thrones) which will be faction based and significantly impact how players interact with NPC families and each other. Team Structure: Mark MacPherson - Founder and Owner of FBN Studios and Lead Designer Mark brings over a decade of multi-million dollar project management, team leadereship and system integration to the team. He has been pursing game development for over fifteen years and had the pleasure to work as a key consultant on some early triple A MMOs in the industry. One of the most memorable experiences with online RPG development came when in 2010, John De Margheriti (CEO and co-founder of Micro Forte and Big World Technologies) contacted Mark out of the blue and spoke for an hour on the phone encouraging him to not stop his MMO developmentand continue to pursue his indie development and game design dreams. Mark's current skillsets include: Torque, Unity 3D, C++ development C# scripting DB management and interface scripting Server management Project management Marketting Business administration and roadmapping Currently Seeking: Level Designer - Currently looking for a skilled level designer for some initial zone building. Must have strong abilities with balancing realism and performance and demostateable experience in level optimization, LoD, occlusion and Unity 3D scene design. Current design styles are still evolving and open to discussion and creative inputs. Existing tools we are developing with are CTS, Gaia, Enviro and various effects and nature packages. 3D Modeller - Accepting interested parties capable of producing commercially viable and optimized 3D models. Applicants should be able to demonstrate solid use of LoD and skin their own models. Current design styles are still evolving and open to discussion and creative inputs. 3D Animator - Accepting interested parties capable of managing animations in the game. Applicants must be able to demonstrate strong skills with Unity animation integration. Experience with uMMORPG animation system an asset. Senior C#/Unity Programmer - Currently looking for a skilled Unity programmer. The right candidate for this project will be someone with a passion for detail and the ability to deliver quick proof of concept code blocks as well as refine those codeblocks once testing and POC has been accepted. Note: All team members will be required to execute a Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete agreement. Business Model: Microtransaction based revenue streams Free to Play core game with additional elements behind MTX walls. (Not Pay to Win) No monthly fees Funding Model: Self funded. Volunteer collaboration with core work being assigned hourly contributions. Contribution hours to be paid out post release in phases as the corporation becomes self sufficient financialy. Team Fit and Culture: Being respectful of all team members at all times Willing to take part in the unpaid development cycle for the experience of developing in a team environment and showcasing your works. Be respectful of schedules and engage team members in meaningful conversations. Avoid continuously disrupting other team members for idle chatter. Be capable of using the project tools required for collaboration and communication. Current tools include but are not limited to: Unity 3D Github Skype Discord Hacknplan (project management software) Please Note: As much as we can all get excited about discussing our next great idea for an MMO, it is important to understand that people have other work (hopefully paid) and families and things going on in their life. As much as we all like to talk about the things we are passionate about, talking about dreams doesn't bring them any closer to reality. Team members are expected to deliver tasks and show tangible progress in their areas of contributions. Current Project Status - Updated October 10, 2018 Stagegate 1 - Core Server Operations Running - In Progress DB servers running and core connectors and tables function - 100% Patching service running and initial client ready to stream - 100% Environment/respositories for DEV / TEST / LIVE online and ready to use - 100% Master Server - monitoring and instance controls operational - 100% Login Server - Account management, authentication and character selection operational - 100% Stategate 2 - Phase 1 featureset released - In Progress (low priority) Questing - 100% Vendors - 100% Chat - 100% Combat - 100% Factions - 60% 4 zones - 100% Skills - 90% Crafting - 75% Mounts - Deferred to Alpha Harvesting - 100% - New GUI Element Upgrades - 100% - New Stagegate 3 - Phase 2 featureset released - Not started Still under development
  3. Slyxsith

    Full Speed Ahead!

    NOTE: Guys at the time of writing this developer update I have made the decision not to rebrand the project. To anyone who has worked with me on development in the past, Aakrana has been around for over a decade. It's been a vehicle on a journey of learning, discovery and many great adventures. I had planned to relaunch production as Saryn: Kingdom of Thrones but really it was just a name. Just wanted to be completely transparent with what is going on. Aakrana and the gaming systems that were designed for it are back in play. Long live Aakrana. Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog. The good news (and there is lots of it) is that the progress we’ve made on the servers in the last month and a half has been staggering. We went from basic account setups and some basic network code across multiple instances to integrating some of the most foundational systems to kick off alpha. In the last 4 weeks we have: - Implemented our advanced questing engine - Implemented tiers 1 through 5 of the resource harvesting system - Itemized Resource harvesting for Lumbering, Herbalism, Farming and Mining - Implemented phase 1 of crafting (Currently Blacksmithing) - Implemented our first pass at day and night cycles - Upgraded the starting area assets (more on this later) - Improved the chat system - Added personal banking and storage - A bunch of gui improvements/functionality (In game compass bar, login screen updates, character selection updates) - UMA character models are in game - A lot more… All of the above has been fully integrated and is testing well on our headless servers. We are slightly ahead of our planning roadmap for pre-alpha completion by the end of November. I’ll attach a couple of screenshots to this blog for your enjoyment but I have a couple of messages I want to pass on at this point. 1) If you are skilled in UMA character management, 3D modelling and or building/integrating 3D animations and want to talk about how you can be a part of what we are building I would really be interested in talking. Please head to our website and hit the opportunities link in the navigation bar to see more details 2) If you are a 3D modelling professional and have fantasy RPG asset bundles for sale that are Unity and UMA compatible and are willing to offer us a an amazing “special offer” please get in touch. 3) Are you a 2D fantasy artist and interested in showcasing your talents through our website and in game screens? We are currently so focused on delivering an awesome player experience with our in game systems that we could really use a talented 2D fantasy artist to help us spruce up our web presence. Things like loading screen artwork and GUI upgrades are all on our roadmap but if this is something that interests you we’d love to have a conversation. I would like to be clear (and the website has all of the details on this) this project is un-funded. Every cent that gets spent is money I am taking away from supporting my family. I am doing this project because I have a passion for game development and over 15 years working in the indie game dev world. We are looking for individuals with a similar passion and commitment who can work in a professional manner for the love of what they do. If this sounds like you please get in touch. Thank you for reading this latest blog. Looking forward to the next one.
  4. What a great week it's been on the development front. Completed the coding and testing of the Master/Login servers, built the standalone client, added in the new chat services we have been working on... The list goes on. But, as with anything great, you take the good with the bad. I messed up the repository by trying to sneak some changes into a file, accidentally deleted the repo copy aaand.. lost a couple days of work but HEY! That's what makes this exciting right? The development community has been amazingly helpful. A resource system is ready to implement, mounts are ready to implement and updated GUI elements are now pending a push to Test. I spent a couple of hours today working with the community group testing an upgrade to the network layer. The results were outstanding. We capped out at 107 unique clients connected to the hosting server (which was a 4CPU 3.3Ghz 8gigRAM ) and there was no errors or hiccups. This was with 100+ people in a tiny area all updating each other with network packets. Was a beautiful sight to see. We then ran a similar test with the old network code and the server ended up melting down at 80 clients in the same general area. We started to see errors at 50 but the whole thing went south for the winter at just over 80. So what does this mean for indie MMO development? Let's put it in perspective, Path of Exile never really has more than 20 people in a town at a time, World of Warcraft rarely has 100 people in close proximity (as in field of view top LoD). Even Elder Scrolls Online rarely sees 100+ player battles in close proximity. Albion online turns into a slideshow with 60+ people in a zone. I for one was very very pleased with the network results. This tells us we can have hundreds of players in an instance and a large portion of them in very close proximity. (Towns and cities anyone?) A massive amount of work has gone into the Unity HLAPI-CE network layer and it is really starting to show. Big props to vis2K and Paul and the rest of the development community for their work on that asset. This can change indie gaming development in such a positive way. Next steps? I am going to implement some of the new systems into the game like mounts, GUI updates and harvesting. These are foundational and allow for testing and need time for debugging. I’ve had the servers up for 4 days now and everything is running awesome. The Database is happy as a clam, the chat servers are good and... once I fix my boo boo with the client (related to the chat system but it desychn'd the entire client build arg!) we'll be in great shape! At this point I am comfortable saying that I anticipate putting "Milestone 1: Servers and core infrastructure" behind us this weekend and move on to feature implementation. The faction system is coming along well. I watched a test of AI fighting each other based on faction checks, very cool. Building an mmo is a massive, just a sec need that to sink in... I mean MASSIVE with a triple bold capital flashing letters M A S SI V E undertaking. Taking a project based approach, defining sprints and milestones and stabilizing your core game systems is, in my opinion, the only way to start. It's not about fireballs and story writing or anything else. Having the coolest fireball spell in the world means nothing if the server desynch's every time you cast it. I am hoping to put the website back up for the game "soon"(tm) but really focused on the nuts and bolts right now and not trying to make the project look all snazzy. I anticipate having some pretty cool screens and our first video footage in the next 2-3 weeks. That being said I am out of town for a week shortly so here is hoping I can get some stuff done. If any of you are experienced Unity3D world builders with a keen sense of poly optimization, LoD and occlusion feel free to drop me a line. World building is tremendously fun but.. I will be the first to admit it's really not my forte. If you want a project to showcase your world building talents and create some wicked in game video of your worlds we should talk. And remember... It's your world now!
  5. What a journey this network master server creation has been. I've learned more in the last week about things I would rather not understand than I care to admit. Right off the bat though I have to say mad props to Vis2K and the indie community around his uMMO offering. Vis and Paul specifically have made massive contributions to the network layer for Unity3D in the HLAPI-CE network package. Amazing work that I wish some triple A network transports would take note of. Based on the changes over the last couple of months they have made at optimizations and simplification the network transport is looking absolutely outstanding. For the FL/Kingdoms project we took the HLAPI-CE layer and added it to our basecode. My goal this week was to have a master server spinning up multiple instances and have players be able to move between them.. Well, mission accomplished! Some big help from Fhiz and LordOfWorms pushed us through a couple of glitches in my coding (not a huge shock there) and we now have two fully functional interconnected instances running off the master server. This may not sound like earthshattering news to anyone but at it's core it is foundational to supporting multiple physical servers across the network/cloud. The MasterServer will monitor for load balancing, server crash/recovery/restart and DB/login server availability. This will add not only a level of stability to the project but allow us to grow the world in sizes and dimensions simple not availabile in a single zone game. As an outcome of the updated MasterServer we have a fully integrated MySQL server backend. This gives us the power of nearly infinite DB capacity and querry performance over flatfiles or other txt based data storage. All in all it was a marathon day on the coding front. Pretty sure I have 18 hours in at this point (it's just after midnight heh) but what a great feeling to get here. The next sprint will be the cleanup of the login server but compared to todays challenges I expect that to go much quicker. Stand by for more, I expect this to be a very productive weekend! Mark
  6. I second hacknplan and thanks FPS for mentioning it. I have been using it for an hour and it's a rockstar. Definitely happy to pay for this tool when I am ready but the free version is hyper powerful.
  7. Slyxsith

    Project Management Software

    Tom thank you for the link. Sorry I didnt use search before I posted. I scanned the first couple of pages for active threads. My bad. Just want to post this as a follow-up for anyone hitting this thread, HacknPlan appears to be a very viable platform. I havent used it or heard of it prior but seems very powerful. I am configuring it now and just very simple to use. Thanks
  8. Slyxsith

    Project Management Software

    Nice, thank you. I have heard of Jira before but never used it. Can't hurt to sign up for a trial. $100 a year isnt bad. Seems quite feature rich. Appreciate the input.
  9. Morning all. For the last many years my indie software developments have been using an online tool called FengOffice to do development management. It's a power collaboration tool that supports multiple concurrent developments, file sharing, discussion, milestones, tasks and most importantly (for me) hourly tracking. My webhosts have recently started throttling the PHP memory and apparantly Feng is a huge PHP hog. I can change webhosts obviously but when I looked at the CPU/memory usage of Feng it was pretty heavy. Does anyone have online collaboration tools/suites they use or would recommend? My requirements below: Must Have: - Task scheduling - Time tracking by task/user - Note sharing/discussion - User access controls for various areas of the project (IE server guys dont need to see modelling guys tasks and progress.) Nice to have: - File Sharing - Multiple project management - Milestones Thanks in advance! Mark
  10. Slyxsith

    Contract Work

    Welp I am not going to argue about it, if that is what you see that is great. I just did a quick lookup for Seattle C++ developer and the first page of listings contained roles for under $50K a year.(Full time not contract). I didnt see a single offering over $50K (this is in Seattle) but that being said there were several listings without rates. Again, not trying to devalue coders. Everyone's hourly rate is exactly what they feel they are worth to the hiring company. Just pointing out that based on my experience dealing with appliciation integration and the coders that my programs have hired the rates are much lower. (Just for clarity these are full time coders. I did recently have to bring in specialist coders for $250/hr for 2 days of contract work to address a critical core issue. This was in Fall 2017 in Calgary AB)
  11. Slyxsith

    Contract Work

    Good morning. Just wanted to post a little insight here. First off, the value of someone's time is exactly the price they put on it. Some people want $250/hr (literally, I've worked with them) and some people are happy to do some consulting work for a small PayPal tip. What it comes down to is doing the analysis on what you need for what you are trying to accomplish. The OP stated he is looking to do some contract work to supplement his development. Pricing himself at $75/hr is the price that he feels his time is worth for what he is looking to accomplish. A strong senior C++ coder with VR experience on a professional, full time gig does NOT make $150 an hour. Period, stop. If you are one of the top VR engineers in the industry and you get hired to consult on a piece of contract work you might get $200 but that is between you and the studio doing the hiring. Those jobs are few and far between. Most studios are hiring junior to intermediate people on full time for hourly wages in the $15 to $35 range. (coders overseas for the $15 and here in NA most of the major studios are not paying $40 for full timers) What you need to assess when contracting work out is: A) The clear scope of what you are looking to achieve B) How senior does the resource need to be to achieve the scope C) How much QC are you willing to do to clean up the work The reason I wanted to respond to this thread is that in indie development I have had the chance to work with some amazing talent and I don't measure their contribution by the amount of money I paid them. Some of the best people have volunteered their time and, as an example, some of the most sophisticated server code I have been invovled with was developed in a few hours for $100 tip via paypal. To the OP I wish you luck on your endeavour. We all need cash infusions into our developments from time to time. I did a sustainability plan years ago, just did yet another revamp 2 weeks ago. I hold out for cheap contract resources myself but that definitely impacts timelines. It has however introduced me to some amazing people and talent. All the best to everyone. Mark
  12. Slyxsith

    Meats back on the menu boys!

    Hey JB thanks Good to see you still around. Wow I had to run spell checker this morning. I forget what a mess my typing is after a few glasses of Irish Whiskey. I put in 12 hours yesterday so here is hoping today is a little less hectic. Thanks for the welcome. Be seeing more of me soon. (In a good way I hope)
  13. Slyxsith

    Meats back on the menu boys!

    Been the better part of 7 years since I've been on GameDev. And yet somehow the site has managed to persevere without me... My professional carreer has been front and center for me for the better part of the last decade. I have tinkered around here and there with some indie developments. Working with others to forward their products and sometimes diving back into my own little creative pools to forward my coding and design work. I'll tell you one thing though, game design still inspires me. It calls to me and every time I start it back up I come up with great insights and proof of concept ideas that really get the creative juices flowing. So here we are once again. I've reopened the studio and Aakrana is back on the table. Not because it's some kind of sacred cow that is awesome and the concepts I've been fussing over for the better part of a decade are going to make the next great MMO... More specifically because I know there is something awesome that I can provide gamers. And let's be clear not all gamers. My professional carreer has taught me something over the years. Focus on something you are great at. Find your market for it and embrace that market like no tomorrow. I don't want the next great "WoW killer", I just want to provide gamers my version of enjoyable online gaming. Ive been focussed on it for years, I know many others have been looking for it, and I think Aakrana is ready to be that outlet for a niche of people. Indie game dev is exciting. Every 3-5 years when I come back to the table, the middleware is so much more advanced, the talent pool is so much broader and the resources to run servers and online games is so much more affordable. I have been working with Unity for the better part of 5 years now. It's a great platform. There is a strong community of developers and a tremendous ammount of succesfully released products. Coming back to this now I spent the last few weeks firing up my server farm, upgrading to the latest mySQL and getting servers rebuilt in the latest version of Unity. The servers have been up for a week without a hitch. My character is level 6!!! (which is amazing considering Aakrana will be a level-less world ) but most importantly I am ready now. I am ready to make the investment once again in time and money to take this little beast to where it needs to be for people to start enjoying it. Stay tuned fellow indies. More to come
  14. I am not a skilled programmer but to answer the OPs question, coders don't always do this because they are being lazy. Also I think we should be clear that syntax mistyping is very different from a bug in the coding world. These are just my definitions your mileage may vary :) :   Bug: A programming error that causes an outright failure of code or a failure of code to produce the expected results.   Syntax Errors: Mistyping code so that it does not function or compile.   Again just my 2 cents your mileage may vary :)   Anyways from my amateur programming perspective I have seen coders trying to hammer through an idea of concept they have and they are typing 100 miles an hour and end up with typos or syntax sloppiness that then takes from minutes to hours to resolve. My experience has been this, work in a powerful IDE. Something that highlights the obvious. The second thing to consider with these "bugs" is the alternative to hammering out great ideas in a hurry which is NOT getting things done. In software development piling bugs upon bugs upon bugs seems like madness but... infact there is a word for this kind of strategy in the development lifecycle and that is call "Agile". Agile is a project style that involves quick execution of small pieces of work and being willing to accept a certain amount of broken. The broken parts are flagged for fixing but potentially by someone more junior or a cheaper $/hr resource that allows the primary coders to stay focussed on the hard bits.   I think I am just rambling now but I wanted to respond to this because it used to drive me nuts until I took some courses in the Agile methodology for project management and realized that if you apply the right methods of handling the bugs and keep delivering slow but steady advances in your project you can cut down the time of delivery for a piece of software by massive amounts.   Anyways my .02$ good luck!
  15. Good luck Raand. It looks like you have chosen a path so give it a whirl and see how it turns out. I just wanted to add in my thoughts to echo what someone else said above. It sounds to me that you are looking for something simple and easy to deliver small games potentially to a mobility audience. If that is the case I urge you to look at Unity. Amazing engine, simple scripting and great and powerful UI. It's cross platform with it's own compiler and allows you to do C++ right in the engine.   Just a thought. Take a look at it but either way good luck to you.
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