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  1. Do you also then create a vertex buffer, lock it, and copy your vertex data into it?
  2. Glad you got it sorted. Interesting about the names - I never knew that either.
  3. Hi relaxok, that is weird if I understand that you are using the same model and it will not load the animation controller? I just happen to be updating those notes you were working from at the moment. Is your call something like this: HRESULT hr = D3DXLoadMeshHierarchyFromX(filenameOnly.c_str(), D3DXMESH_MANAGED, device, memoryAllocator, NULL, &m_frameRoot, &m_animController); If you want to send the code to me I could take a look?
  4. Trip99

    Combining oriented bounding boxes

    Interesting - thanks. It has some similarity to the axis separation technique for obb collisions.
  5. Trip99

    Combining oriented bounding boxes

    Addition: on doing some more googling it appears this problem is far from trivial (see ! In fact a solution would probably be far too costly to use in a real time situation.
  6. Hi, is there an easy way to combine two or more oriented bounding boxes into one encompassing one? Note that I do not mean an axis aligned box (that could easily be found by just working out the min and max x,y,z for each of the 8 corners of each oriented bounding box). What I want is a new oriented bounding box that contains all the smaller ones.
  7. Trip99

    Hiding my game assets

    Another more extreme way is to actually embed then in your exe via large hard coded arrays. I have done this in the past with a font I needed in a library for a small device where I did not want to have to pass around data files. I wrote a program to load the image and create a .h file from it which contained an array of pixels (I did also compress it). Of course for anything more than a few small files this can dramatically increase your exe. size.
  8. Thanks Antheus, that is the answer I was looking for. I do take into account the issues with QPC and do thread tweaking (TBF: most borrowed from the Ogre source!).
  9. Hi, does anyone know the generation of hardware that does not support QueryPerformanceCounter? I am updating my timer utility which has fall back support to use timeGetTime in the event QPF is not supported but I wonder if this is now redundant? i.e. can I depend on 99% of user machines supporting QPF? thanks
  10. Trip99

    class world

    Just some general advice really: try to keep the graphics and simulation sides of your code apart. The world game simulation handles collisions etc but anything to do with lights and mesh should be kept to the graphics part.
  11. Trip99

    New to DX9

    I did take a qucik look Tiagon but I am not so familiar with that language. It looked like you were supplying an array when you were menat to supply a stream to the CreateFromStream fn
  12. Trip99

    Plane from trangle.

    To test if this is right can you try this: tv1 = D3DXVECTOR3(-3.0f,0.0f,-2.0f); tv2 = D3DXVECTOR3(-3.0f,2.0f,-2.0f); tv3 = D3DXVECTOR3(4.0f,0.0f,-2.0f); triangle_plane = ReturnPlaneFromPoints(tv1,tv2,tv3); tv1 = D3DXVECTOR3(4.0f,0.0f,2.0f); tv2 = D3DXVECTOR3(4.0f,2.0f,2.0f); tv3 = D3DXVECTOR3(-3.0f,0.0f,2.0f); triangle_plane = ReturnPlaneFromPoints(tv1,tv3,tv2); i.e. order swapped on second one
  13. Trip99

    Plane from trangle.

    OK yes I think you may be right and I was off on the wrong track. I will think some more on it... ....the dot product is the cosine of the angle between vectors so you will get a negative result if the angle is > 90 degrees as cos(angle > 90) is negative. Edit: Yes yes it does make sense. If you have one triangle facing one way and the other the other way they will be 180 degrees out from each other. A distance calculation from origin using the dot will then be negative as one triangle has an angle result > 90
  14. Trip99

    Plane from trangle.

    OK but the direction is defined by the winding order as you dont supply a normal with the triangle and so surely you would expect a negative for one plane given that one triangle points down +z and the other down -z? Its been a long week so I may well be off track here. Apologies if I am. edited for clarity!
  15. Trip99

    Animation and DirectX

    I have used and taught how to use the .x file format a lot and I would not really recommend it. It is clumsy with its use of templates etc. and exporters often produce differing results plus the animation set handling and skinning is painful to program. Having said that I am not sure what the alternative is. Ultimately if I were doing it seriously I would write my own exporter in my own format.
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