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  1. Best Anti-Piracy advertisement ive seen

    Quote:Original post by capn_midnight If you can cut one group of people a break, why not cut everyone a break?I don't know about the theatres around your university, but if you show a student ID, they'll cut a few bucks off your ticket price.
  2. Tswitch violating my copyright

    Quote:Original post by Drevay IIRC, TSwitch is an odd bird at best. I remember back when Nervo was testing his PHP IRC client that you had to connect from Telnet to test. Anyway, TSwitch came on and basically attempted to kill the IRC client for the longest time.I understood that Nervo was okay with that, that he even liked havin fun with it. I don't remember him, even once, complaining about them, and I never even made a dent in his chat server. All those bots did was, I think, act as a bunch of fanboys to me, saying stuff like "TSwitch is the amazingest." whenever I asked them if I was the amazingest. I guess he was okay with it because it did exactly what he wanted, which was put his server to the test. It held up just fine. I like to write bot programs. I've written bots of some kind for DC++ (it monitored search requests and kept track of the number of searches for what I deemed pornographic material (searches containing keywords like sex) and every 1,000 searches, it would make a little announcement about how he [the bot] was corrupting everyone's soul [he was named after a demon of lust]), I've written and modified bots for full commercial quality games, Nervo's chat client and also Eternal-Lands. Eternal-Lands was easy because the client is open-source, but hard because I had no idea what any of the game mechanics were. Because of that, I had to drop the project. If I hadn't dropped the project, you wouldn't have heard a peep out of me because I'd prefer you didn't know I could autoharvest, autostorage, automanufacture, autofight, and so forth. I love AI programming, specifically (and almost entirely limited to) embodying agents in a physically constrained world and making them behave realistically. You want me to stop distributing your maps? Already done. It was an oversight of mine, I completely forgot that because I was distributing your maps in whole, they weren't like the pre-parsed map files that usually come with bots that hold only the relevant data in a unique format. You want me to stop distributing the bot? No can do. Like you said, it's not illegal. The bot doesn't actually do anything remotely useful of its own volition because I bailed on the project so soon after I started working on it. It can't fight, manufacture, trade, talk to NPCs, enter doorways, pick up items, pm people or even walk a single step. Totally useless as an autoharvester, but I think it's a very good framework for expanding on. Since you have rules in place for how bots are allowed to behave, it wouldn't take much for someone with the knowhow to make their own guild merchant like Quistus or Hera that is completely within the rules. I basically don't like your inflammatory anti-American posts, your obtuse generalizations really aggravate me because it seems they're mostly false or misinformed or whatever the reason. That topic someone linked to where I flamed you (which was from a while ago [almost a year?], when I was very easily provoked into a flamewar) was because, last I knew at that time, most of our tax money was spent on welfare systems, not the military. Sorry I went off on you like that. When's the last time I did that? I'm not some insane hacker who ejaculates at the thought of ruining any and all multiplayer games, I just hold a grudge long enough to write about 50KB of perl code then bail on it. Nothing I've done is enough to make the FBI even return your phone call. You could PROBABLY get GeoCities to shut down the website, they'd shut down an website if you told them the owner likes the wrong flavor of soda. No big deal, I don't think many people who play EL are technically minded enough to write a bot, and those that are didn't seem interested (Only one guy asked me about it, and he said he didn't really like Perl.) > On an unrelated note, I also think he is creating new accounts here, for the sole purpose of rating me down. I only have this one account on this forum, no others whatsoever. I have had many many many IPs over the years I've been registered here. I've only been banned once, for a joke that was in bad taste (not racist, sexist, gross or disgusting, just a bad joke) and I apologized and was unbanned within two days. I used to flame indiscretionately, but I think I've stopped that, as far as I can remember. By quite a long shot, I'm not the best member ever to grace this forum, but I'm definitely not the worst. As for your steady drop in rating, don't fret it, it doesn't mean anything yet. I'm no shining star, but with your attitude, you're no angel, either. It doesn't take much, either. The one thing I've learned from dealing with customers in the dozen or so jobs I've had, is that they won't compliment you unless you really really make them happy or put LSD in their burger, but they will NOT hesitate to make a bad day worse by pulling your manager aside and yelling his ear off if you so much as are slow getting thier order. In short, people are all to eager to complain if you bother them in the slightest bit, and posting inaccurate (or wrong) generalizations about a group of people will do that. As far as I can tell, I haven't broken any of GDNet's rules, and this thread should have been a PM to me instead of an e-drama in the Lounge. It seems to me that by making this topic, you have an axe to grind, from how you mention you think I'm going out of my way to ruin your rating. You know what I'm talking about. edit: Yeah, I've dropped 330, a full 1/3, since you made this topic. Me, weird? Yes. Insane? Maybe. An asshole? Quite frequently, yes. I wish I would stop it already, but sometimes I go overboard and regret it later. At any rate, I'm done with this thread. Edit: Apologize? Yes, I apologize. I'm sorry I violated your copyright on your map files. The problem was fixed before I even posted that first aborted topic. (I deleted it because I thought that I had made a whole new thread instead of replying to this one, then I added some more stuff I wanted to say.)
  3. Java 5

    Quote:Original post by Benjamin Heath Man, do I looove green beans.Me too! Grean been casserole is the best! Plus, I really hate RealPlayer, and QuickTime. Any program that bugs me to death about being the default media player, or any program that tries to set itself to be the default media player when you install it, isn't worth shit. RealPlayer and QT are NOT as good as Winamp or VLC. I only have them to view videos in their lame proprietary formats.
  4. Quote:Original post by Avatar God -pictar- 228 Years of American History and all they could think of to include in that montage are the Declaration of Independence and the moon landing?
  5. Hmmm, do you really want this man holding a gun?

    Quote:Original post by doodle_sketch a perfect little poke at Republican gun liberalisationWhat's wrong with trapshooting? Pure sport, and nothing dies unless a rare African Clay Pidgeon flies around the field.
  6. www.gamedev.net el broko?

    No, your computer is broken. On an unrelated note, I have to go find a hard surface to slam my head against now.
  7. cancelling a credit card

    Quote:Original post by Raduprv if you have 10, and you use only 3, most likely you won't be very carefull about what's going on the 7 unused cards.If you have a zero balance on the 7 unused cards, then the credit card company will not send you a statement, ...at least that's how my credit cards work. If you suddenly get a bill for a credit card that you haven't used, it's a big red flag. Even if you have 10 credit cards, you shouldn't be lax about investigating the charges on even one of those cards. It's just common sense.
  8. Dynamic Pathfinding

    The only problem would be if the agent has already started on the bridge. Then it, too, is an obstacle, to the other PC. If that PC doesn't move, then there's going to be a few seconds where we get into a stand-off. I might even piss off the PC, which isn't a good thing. I'm trying to make the agents kowtow to the PCs, lest I get an angry mob with virtual pitchforks on the forum reporting them for blocking or whatever. I can't have that, because these agents are supposed to be regarded as humans (the same reason I can't have them repeating the same phrases over and over) and if I tell them "Hey, those aren't real people, give them a break." it'll be all over and the surprise is ruined and I've failed. I guess I could spill a little bit about these agents. My plan is to have them start out as level 1 characters and level themselves up, fighting, harvesting, mining, whatever, and eventually they'll be really high level and I'll send them out into the PK areas where they'll be really formidable foes. Hopefully. And they'll have earned all of the armor and weapons and potions they use.
  9. Dynamic Pathfinding

    So what you're saying is to have the agent backtrack a bit, wait, then see if the obstacle cleared before going ahead and replanning anything. Sounds good. Anything that saves me from having to do ANY additional pathfinding is my savior.
  10. Dynamic Pathfinding

    Unfortunately, I don't make the maps, nor am I responsible for who or what is blocking any bottlenecks, and even more unfortunate, sometimes there IS only that one tree across a river connecting the two shores.
  11. Dynamic Pathfinding

    Thanks, that idea, and some stuff I found on the internet, will give me something to think about.
  12. I'm sure this has been answered multiple times already, but search is disabled and a quick scan doesn't show anything in the two pages of posts in this forum, so: I'm writing an automated agent (call it a bot) that moves around in a MMORPG that has a grid-based world. I need pathfinding from point A to point B, but there's one kink: In this game, players can block your movement. If the agent is trying to walk from one end of the game map to another, there's no way for it to know that when it goes over this dead tree lying across a river that is one tile wide (a one lane road) has some idiot that went AFK on the bridge, for "laughs", and is blocking everyone. I need a good way of recalculating the path that won't involve a lot of searching over the same area I've already found a path for. The only thing I've come up with would be to break the original path (the one that assumes there are no blockages) into sections of a constant length. If the bot detects that its path has been blocked, it will look to re-solve the current section, taking the new obstacles into account. If that fails, it steps back one section (start walking backwards in the route at this point, also, to not piss off human players) and compound the two sections into one section and re-solve. Wash, rinse, repeat. If anything goes wrong (blocked in on both sides, for example), the game has a feature that allows you to respawn to a wraith NPC from almost anywhere in the game world. I'm sure my current idea will be enough, but I was hoping someone's already figured some similar problem out already and would care to enlighten me. Thanks in advance.
  13. God bless the Irish.

    It's perverse, but I *really* hope Kerry stinks as bad as Bush. Just to see what people bitch about THEN. At any rate, I can't see any way Bush could win this next election, so stop worrying. And raduprv, what makes you think war would even cross anyone's mind? It's not the country, or even a large part of the country, that killed Bush. Common sense, goddamnit.
  14. AlQueda + vending machines

    Quote:Original post by Tron3k Wasn't a pop machine used as a nuclear weapon in The Sum of All Fears?Cigarette vending machine. Phosgene is about as powerful as a fart. Water easily takes it off your skin. It's like pepper spray.
  15. S. Korean Worker Beheaded by Kidnappers in Iraq

    Quote:Original post by Etnu Of course, if we examine history of things like this, the "western friendly" people that have been setup in most governments that the U.S. has assembled have turned into corrupt, brutal regimes.Especially Japan.