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  1. g7tommyB

    Disabling the Screen Saver

    Perfect competition? Whaa?
  2. g7tommyB

    Background/Deamon in Mobile?

    On multi-tasking OSs such as Symbian (Series 60) your app can go out of focus (via hideNotify()) and run in the background. It will continue to run & consume the devices resources (i.e. heap) even though it is not the primary Canvas. In MIDP 2.0, Java MIDlets have the ability to be spawned by other processes, as far as I know. This is not possible in MIDP 1.0.
  3. g7tommyB

    Disabling the Screen Saver

    I guess this is what $3000.00 USD /year will buy you from Nokia - access to information such as this. I've spend the past few days looking for info on this but can't find $hit. I won't even mention how much time I've spent getting MMAPI to work properly on the S60s. Again zero documentation on the subject. On the forums, everyone has different ways of allegedly getting MMAPI to work, but not a single way is correct and no one lists the main limitations of MMAPI on the S60 and all the problems associated with playing midis. I guess the device vendors have to make their money off engineering support and the big developers need all the competitive advantages money can buy to stay on top. That's capitalism for you boys. What do small developers get from vendors? Crappy implementation of the KVM with ton of problems, tons of unrelated docs, but complete lack of proper docs & known issues. We are often left wondering wtf and spending days experimenting and trying to find solutions... We should establish "small developers movement" to get this straightened out. Anyway, I am still curious if anybody know how to make this work...
  4. g7tommyB

    Disabling the Screen Saver

    So how do you think others do it shmoove? Any theories? Cheers, =g7=
  5. g7tommyB

    Disabling the Screen Saver

    Some Java apps that I've run on the 3650 somehow turn of the screen saver and the screen saver does not interfere with the game. Whether they do this by utilizing DeviceControl or not, I am not sure. I have read that DeviceControl is broken on all S60 (MIDP 1.0) not just the 3650. But perhaps, even though, periodic invocation of SetLights will not keep the back light on, it might just prevent the screen saver from kicking in. What do you guys think? Worth a shot anyways. I will try it and post my results here...
  6. Hello, I have a problem with the device screen saver. During long in-game pauses the device native screen saver kicks in. I was wondering if anyone knows how to disable the device's screen saver from within Java (J2ME). This is definitely possible, since I have seen it in several Java apps that I have on the phone. Many Thanks, =g7tommyB=
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