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  1. MaulingMonkey

    C# Quiz

    Here's my results as checked against the VS2k8 C# compiler after the fact (each comma separated entry corresponding to a question-mark in the "Question"): A1: Correct, incorrect, correct A2: Incorrect A3: Correct, incorrect (Correct reasoning, tripped up on the details) A4: Correct A5: 99% certain I'm correct, Correct If we're only counting entirely correct answers, that's only a 40% grade. FFFFFFFF...
  2. MaulingMonkey

    Matrix Projection Poll

    I'm not terribly wild about the idea, but I could see how this could solve problems. Not mine, but other people's. Given that this is basically a bike shed, I'd be fine with it going through. I've already spent more time mulling over the issue than it would take for me to fix my code. A point to raise though: A couple tens of one-liners to forward to the new equivalent versions doesn't sound like a huge maintenance burden -- new and old can coexist, even if it isn't 'slim' per se. I also suspect there will be people who prefer the old aliases enough to do those one-liners themselves if SlimDX doesn't, even if it is for petty reasons like succinctness in a few lines of code. This would mean you're shifting the maintenance burden onto other people, not necessarily eliminating it per se -- not that this is necessarily a bad thing.
  3. MaulingMonkey

    Minimal Initialization

    [6/12/2009 2:47:00 PM] <MikeP> MaulingMonkey: convert these to ruby for us: http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/mod/journal/journal.asp?jn=458883 [6/12/2009 2:47:09 PM] <MikeP> IronRuby that is :D I'm still using VS2008, and VS lacks IronRuby integration at the moment. However, using the Ruby.Console project (ir.exe) we can run this from the command line: require 'System' require 'System.Drawing' require 'C:\tools\slimdx\build\x86\Release\SlimDX.dll' # I don't have SlimDX installed in my GAC include System; include System::Drawing; include SlimDX; include SlimDX::Direct3D9; include SlimDX::Windows; form = RenderForm.new("SlimDX Comparison") device = Device.new(Direct3D.new, 0, DeviceType.hardware, form.handle, CreateFlags.hardware_vertex_processing, PresentParameters.new.instance_eval { back_buffer_width = form.client_size.width back_buffer_height = form.client_size.height self }) MessagePump.run(form, lambda { device.clear(ClearFlags.target | ClearFlags.z_buffer, Color.black, 1.0, 0) device.begin_scene device.end_scene device.present }) ObjectTable.Objects.each { |item| item.dispose } It seems the current state of IronRuby is able to deal with the sample completely unmangled as well: require 'System' require 'System.Drawing' require 'C:\tools\slimdx\build\x86\Release\SlimDX.dll' # I don't have SlimDX installed in my GAC include System; include System::Drawing; include SlimDX; include SlimDX::Direct3D9; include SlimDX::Windows; form = RenderForm.new("SlimDX Comparison") device = Device.new(Direct3D.new(), 0, DeviceType.Hardware, form.Handle, CreateFlags.HardwareVertexProcessing, PresentParameters.new.instance_eval { BackBufferWidth = form.ClientSize.Width BackBufferHeight = form.ClientSize.Height self }) MessagePump.run(form, lambda { device.Clear(ClearFlags.Target | ClearFlags.ZBuffer, Color.Black, 1.0, 0) device.BeginScene() device.EndScene() device.Present() }) ObjectTable.Objects.each { |item| item.Dispose() }
  4. MaulingMonkey

    New Toys

    I refuse to leave feedback you communist.
  5. MaulingMonkey

    Wins and Fails

    Win. Epic win would require the addressing of the many serious complications of this scale, however, such as Interest and Disinterest: <Shadowdancer> epic meh <MaulingMonkey> I find your ideas intriguing and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. <KnightTemplar> orly? <Promit> MaulingMonkey, stfu
  6. MaulingMonkey

    Google is not a programming teacher

    Quote:The problem is, quite simply, that newbies don't search because they don't know how. More accurately, even if they do search, they probably don't find the answers they want. Somehow, the Internet has perpetuated this idea that the ability to search intelligently is orthogonal to deep understanding of a domain. This is a ridiculous belief. In actual fact, properly leveraging Internet search utilities (Google, forum searches, and so on) requires three things: 1. You have to know the right words 2. You have to know how to recognize the answer 3. You have to know how to work a search engine This sometimes holds true. I usually do try point them towards hints for how to google in this case, when I can recognize it. For more complex problems, I try to explain how I (or how I would) diagnosed, fixed, changed, searched for further information upon, etc., rather than giving empty answers. On the other hand, it's often just that they're lazy. You get situations where I just copy the thread title, plug it into google, and paste it back into the thread and point out the very first result is relevant and/or solves the problem -- yet will post the same easily answered by a simple google the very next day, often reposts because they refuse to even find their not-very-old thread. You'll get IRC requests for topics which require bloody long dissertations, have good results with the simplest of searches (which they may refuse to even try in the first place), the posers of which will freely admit to their slovenliness when the question of why they didn't even try googling in the first place.
  7. MaulingMonkey

    Another C++ quiz, the forth in fact.

    #1: Accessing the member of a const object during initialization (except either directly or indirectly via the this pointer - which this is not) results in undefined values. #2: Since i has undefined values, p->c now does too, although before the assignment it's result would have been defined. #3: As per #1, undefined. #4: Fails to compile, would require two implicit casts (which just dosn't work). #5: 314159. In this case, we have an explicit case, which reduces the number of implicit casts required to get to int to 1 (which does work) #6: The first line fails to compile, as it requires implicit construction. The second line compiles due to the explicit cast. #7.1: calls Base's destructor, well defined. #7.2: calls Derived's destructor, well defined #7.3: calls Derived's destructor, well defined #7.4: calls Base's destructor, well defined #7.5: Error, there is no destructor with that name in Base #7 Appendium: Both VS2005 and GC4.0.0 compile #5, as calling Base's destructor. Also note that #2 will affect #3 if you try to compile it all at once for verification - but, both compiled individually, will clearly call Derived's destructor.
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