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  1. Nypyren

    How to avoid bugs

    You can start learning programming and unit testing at the same time. Instead of starting with "hello, world!" command-line programs, start with "hello, world!" unit tests. For a while they might seem dumb, but once they save your ass a few times you'll start to understand why they're a good idea.
  2. Nypyren

    Evolving neural networks

    Sometimes developers also try to make their own lives easier - perhaps they can't get access to motion capture equipment. If NNs are easier and more well-understood for your team than mocap, by all means use them.
  3. Visual Studio has bookmarks built in. The default hotkey is CTRL+K+K. (View -> Bookmark Window). These are saved on your computer only, so other people on your team won't see them. For things you want the whole team to see, // TODO comments show up in the "Task List" window (View -> Task List). I believe you can customize the comments that it looks for as well.
  4. It's possible you just need to install the appropriate .Net SDK version. Try that when you get back in the office.
  5. Which version of VS2017 enterprise? Help->About. The version that's something like "15.7.5" "long log about omnisharp" It's hard to help you without the exact text of the error message. Unity: Which version of Unity are you using? Unity makes .csproj files which are slightly different from what Visual Studio expects. At work, this prevents me from opening the project's properties page, but I haven't run into a problem where I can't open the project yet. Are you getting this error? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47211567/error-in-omnisharp-extension-for-vs-code "Projects could not be loaded" is typically related to the type of project. For example, csproj files can be .Net Framework projects, .Net Core projects, .Net Standard projects, etc. If the IDE doesn't have support for the particular project type then it'll display that error. It usually means you need to install support for it (or a plugin). I don't use VS Code so I'm unfamiliar with what to try there.
  6. What exact version(s) of Visual Studio Code (and/or "normal" Visual Studio) are you using? Are you on Windows or OSX or Linux? Have you checked the log files? What kind of projects/solutions do you have? What programming language(s) are you using? Do you have any plugins for Visual Studio Code/normal installed? Does Visual Studio display an error message?
  7. The vtable is an array of function addresses. At compile time, the index into that array is computed based on the type information at the call site (the static type of the variable) and which method is being called. That index is hardcoded in the instructions that perform the call operation.
  8. Nypyren

    As a game dev, what are you most afraid of?

    Making mobile games that have more stats-tracking and multivariate analysis code than actual game code.
  9. All member variables (even static ones) start out as 0/false/null. GameManager should have something like this to initialize the variable: void Awake() { monoBehaviour = this; }
  10. Nypyren

    Optimizing multiple field encoding

    Protobuf lets you completely omit fields if you don't want to deserialize them. Do you mean something else? Are you trying to eliminate the field+wiretype bytes completely? Did I misunderstand and you're NOT using protobuf anymore? If you have regular patterns that you're sending, the ultimate technique is memoization of the entire packet.
  11. Wait... is the coroutineHost null this time? Check to see when/how GameManager.monoBehaviour might be getting destroyed. Or make sure it's actually getting assigned properly. You'll need that to be an active, non-destroyed monobehavior to use it as a coroutine host.
  12. The documentation actually covers this: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/FormatDescription.html https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/YAMLSceneExample.html https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/ClassIDReference.html Projects used to default to binary files, but I think text is the default now. If your files are binary, you can switch them to text: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/class-EditorManager.html See: "Asset Serialization Mode".
  13. Nypyren

    Windows stack trace

    "myApp!apiFunctionX+0x4b6ce0" I've never seen a function that large. This likely means that there aren't symbols for that range of your EXE/DLL, so it's getting the nearest function it has symbols for instead. My best guess is that you're statically linking something that doesn't have any symbols, or possibly using runtime code generation of some kind.
  14. Nypyren

    Windows stack trace

    I suggest examining the raw stack memory for that thread, as well as the disassembly for the function that appears three times unexpectedly. Optimized code can do some weird stuff, or the stack might be corrupt somehow causing the stack trace to be slightly wrong (stack traces rely on the stack memory - if it's corrupt, the trace may not be able to walk the function pointers properly). Even if you can't reliably debug optimized code like usual, you can always attach a debugger and inspect the raw memory/disassembly.
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