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  1. [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Just in time for ludum dare, the newest update of my "Aether" game engine is now up and running (at least in a "alpha" state) and I've gone ahead and launched a kickstarter campaign to try and raise some funding to accelerate development. If you've never seen my posts on this project before (mostly over on the ludumdare site and tigsource), in short Aether is a high level API/Game Engine designed for rapid development and to make developing a native game for all major platforms simple and easy (currently Linux/Windows/Android, mac and ios in the future once I have a mac to build on) while having both "C" and "C++" style exported interfaces allowing the programmer full freedom to use whatever language/IDE/tools they want.[/font] Once it's out of alpha, it will be released free and completely open source. It creates a unified API 100% identical across all supported platforms and transparently handles all platform specific code, texture management, windowing, backgrounding, and whatever else each OS requires for proper functionality (like pausing the tread and releasing resources on android, then reloading them on resume) with the goal of allowing the game developer to focus entirely on their game and not have to worry about platform issues, opengl/directx code, and the like. You can view the kickstarter page here http://www.kickstart...x-android-windo and the project page where you can download and try an alpha version of the engine yourself here Currently it's in what could probably be considered an "alpha" state, though It's very much usable right now and most of my own android applications on google play have been re-written to run on it. I've also used older revisions of this engine for the past few ludum dare competitions. The current preview version download contains a test application with source, the android template project (later on once the project is a little more mature I'll provide a build script to automate creating the android port, right now you have to manually build with ant after linking your game source folder) and the development libraries and headers for linux and windows. (this is a new release however, and the windows version has at this point only been tested under WINE, after this ludum dare though I should have the feedback to squish any windows specific bugs that have shown up in the new build) A short features list (by no means complete, just some I consider important) "listener" model for key/joystick/mouse/touchscreen/etc.. keyboard binding system for key remapping console system to pass commands to components internal message pump for communication between game elements, somewhat similar to what many operating systems use fully featured logging system, with tagging and dumping to console, files, and android logcat. automated state management system for simplifying game loops and UI layers abstracted rendering interface allowing for later upgrades to new renderers without changing the existing API automatic scaling and virtual screenmodes, simplifying desktop and phone development especially for pixel art games automated texture handling, including proper backgrounding, context re-creation and texture re-loading on all platforms simple api for primitive drawing and batching quads accelerated ttf drawing system, with C style string formatting automated sound system for simple music and SFX handling and volume control abstracted file handling for saving and loading data, without having to worry about paths, seperators, and knowing where you can safely save to on different operating systems. serializers for safely and simply handling local configuration files and online high score lists
  2. Raptor85


    I have absolutely no idea where I was going with this. I got canvas working, wrote some code..heck, even made a working level editor. ( No ideas though...not one :/ Oh well, if i get bored I could always draw random plots of grass and dirt. For now though, project scrapped (like so many others). Time to grab a beer and listen to all the finest tunes from the final fantasy series played on piano and hope that inspiration strikes. (and this time maybe beyond "huh...I wonder if I could write a cheesy level editor in html5 + javascript")
  3. Raptor85

    2.5D gamedev?

    seeing that you mentioned metal slug, you're probably interested in parallax scrolling. (a "2.5d" effect). (the small game engine I was writing for the psp was actually originally for a metal-slug type game, but was scrapped due to issues with the engine, scrolling layers worked fine though ) My advice for building a game like that would be either SDL or SMFL. If you're looking for the "more3d" type of 2.5d, like was used in duke3d, check here and the main search term you'd want to use to find more about it is "billboarding"
  4. Raptor85

    it works :)

    getting a hang of canvas finally, not much here but it does work (I'll post it up live once it's done, for now just screenshots) Canvas based editor. Had to use a bit of php trickery and hidden fields to get the save and load working, but they work. Can't really tell from the image but it accepts keyboard input as well, I'm not using static rooms, it can free-scroll, so the arrow keys scroll the level around. Now I need something better than 3 colored squares for artwork :)
  5. Raptor85

    killed firefox again...

    evidently redrawing a few thousand things at an attempted 60 fps is a bad idea currently. Been kinda testing my limits while working on an editor. (figured If I'm going to make games in html5 + canvas...might as well make a level editor in html5 + canvas as well :) ) It's coming along nicely, I have to say the new html5 stuff is fairly powerful, you can get some pretty slick interfaces working very quickly. Gonna hold off on saying more for now though, got to finish testing and see if this will even work properly first.
  6. Raptor85


    Evidently if you don't update in a very long time you're a new journal again :) ...anyways...dunno what I'm planning to do with my old sidescroller code, maybe nothing, but for now I've been playing around with some html5 canvas stuff. Probably going to submit something at least for mozilla lab's "Game On" competition ( So far I've just started learning the interfaces, so all I've made is my standard "block breaker" game I always like to make when learning a new API :) I'll post them up here once I upload stuff to my server.
  7. Raptor85

    why not...

    You know...I pay for this thing, might as well use it. Started dusting off some old code I haven't touched in years and cleaning it up a bit, not sure what I'm going to do with it yet but I can only write business software for so many months straight without going further insane. Anyways pretty much tore out all my input and entity code from my old platformer engine I was writing, removed the psp code (kinda gave up on psp development, 2 working games on it but it's just too @#%#@ hard to debug psp games on a psp 2000...they can't remote debug like the 1000's can) links to old journal entries of the engine I'm talking about wasn't happy with player physics and the like so all that's gone and being re-written...not sure on even what I'm making yet so we'll see what happens, I'd like to actually complete this into a full game though, took months to get it to how it was there and it's a bit depressing to think that my last game release was a tiny puzzle game I made in may 2008 ( maybe I'll just crack open a bottle of rum and see what happens...
  8. Raptor85

    RPGs / Action RPGs - What do you like in em?

    Quote: What's your favorite thing to do in RPGs? (Example: level grind, plot progression, side quests, exploration, etc...) Plot progression...I love stories and some games really pull you in as part of the story. Quote: What are some things that you would like to see in an RPG? A good combat system is a must...but I love when how you use your characters, who's storylines you explore...etc actually matters. Examples would be FF VII where you end up on a "date" with one of 3 characters, or the atelier series where you can explore the backstory and help out friends (or ignore) as you choose. For a turn based RPG cool attack animations and lots of unique animation is a must!!! stale repetitive animations get boring really fast. Quote: What's some common mistakes (in your opinion) RPGs make, that I should avoid? repetitive areas, and forgetting about the story halfway through. I hate it when the story feels like an excuse for the action but is never explored and deepened later. Music as an afterthought bugs me as well, the audio of the game has to suit the game fairly well in a rpg else you completely ruin the mood of the game. Quote: What RPG, if any, would you recommend I play for inspiration? Atelier Iris 1-3 or Mana Khemia for the ps2 (they're all part of the same series), if you're making it turn based look to the atelier series on how to do turn based battles!! Mana Khemia I'd say has the best turn based battle system of any game. This video here shows the sort of battle I'm talking about. (this is a fairly early battle...first time you get new abilities, I picked this battle to show because it actually explains how the abilities work) Quote: Would you buy an independant 2D RPG if it seemed interesting enough? If it's inexpensive and interesting looking (make sure you provide a demo!) Quote: Have you bought an independant RPG before? If you don't mind me asking, which one did you buy and how much did it cost? Would you recommend I play it? depends on how you define RPG, I've bought a few games from wolfire and others that had RPG elements..generally in the $5 range, but never a full on RPG, I've yet to see one that suits my tastes. (most opt for pure action and dungeon grinding) [/quote]
  9. GCC should run on any android or maemo phone just fine (android you may have to hack around a bit to gain root), there's a GCC port for the older palm phones as well (though my centro is probably the last of the line that can run it..) If you have your choice of phones, and you want one for stuff like this, get the n900, maemo is a full linux install so you can port many linux apps to it fairly easily. (get rid of platform specific code for x86, libraries not ported to ARM, etc...)
  10. Raptor85

    Where to store system wide settings?

    Normal practice for doing this is to have a master config file, generally under /etc, that's not updated by users, and local config files under the user's home directory that override it. For a commercial game that does this, look at UT2004. Really if it's a system wide setting only the admin should be touching it. For a game especially though, it should be possible to install entirely under the ~/ directory for that user and never touch the system itself. If you still want to though, I guess if you really wanted to share a system wide setting, editable by users, I'd create a folder under /usr/local/share and either create a group for it or give permissions to it to the users group. Highly frowned upon and not a good idea, but still very do-able. About xdg also, it's locked down on many distro's to not be writable by users due to security concerns
  11. I need a little clarification on this element, some of the comments in other threads seem to point to most of my ideas not qualifiying. I don't see why via the dictionary definitions, and according to the rules as used in previous 4E contests and stated on the website these should all be valid. I'll throw in as many other questions/examples I can think of as well, might was well try to get everything cleared up for everyone. Ignore the other elements in the examples please, they're just for the sake of finding what's possible with this element. 1. a rapid and often excessive spread or increase 2. the growth or production of cells by multiplication of part It's been said in another thread that an increase in enemies as time goes on in itself doesn't qualify, but doesn't that meet definition 1? What about the other uses of proliferation, such as weapons proliferation or nuclear proliferation? Does creatures/items/etc... multiplying absolutely have to occur on screen, or can it be a core story element driving the game? (for example, a top down rail shooter where you're fighting into a body to stop an infection, or trying to fight your way to the mad scientists lab who's using an evil cloning maching to send an army of evil clones at you) What about non-action games like adventure games, where the story progression is the main part of the game, so long as the elements are core to the story shouldn't that be fine? (Obviously this would apply to the storyline in other game types such as RPG's as well, so long as it's important to the game and changing it would be significant)
  12. signal explained it pretty well, normally what you do is on your page to configure your controls, when you select a control for you game to configure, the user presses the button/axis they want to use and you save that mapping. It doesn't really matter how many analog sticks, buttons or whatnot the gamepad has, or that different adapters order the buttons differently, most gamepads don't have anywhere near the same ordering anyways. The reason the adaptors are all different is because it doesn't particularly matter what order the buttons are presented in, and they just happened to choose the ordering differently when they were built. I guess maybe we're not understanding what your issue is
  13. Raptor85

    Windows 7 / FreeBSD Problems

    I have no experiance with windows vista or windows 7, but in previous windows versions using the *nix bootloader of your choice has always been easier to set up. To use the windows bootloader, in general the procedure involves exporting the boot sector for bsd/linux/etc (normally done using dd) and copying it to the windows drive for the windows bootloader to execute when that option is chosen. The nst_bsd.mbr file it's looking for is that, you may have skipped a step in setting it up, you need to use a tool such as dd to copy the first 512 bytes of your freebsd partition to a file, then copy it to your windows drive. (i think on the root, but you may want to look up the exact location) Personally, i would install grub, it'll take care of loading windows, freebsd, and hell, while you're at it, toss memtext86+ on your freebsd partition and add a boot option for it, perhaps even set a nice backdrop image for you boot menu, no dd'ing required (you configure through the menu.lst file in the partition grub is installed on)
  14. Raptor85

    Yet another sprite editor update!

    Another update to my editor, new features. Onion skinning for previous/next frames Ability to load, scale and position a background image as another onion skin layer, for tracing cleaned up the drawing routine, draws to a wxImage now and only draws to screen once, much faster. Download Now! (note: the image in the background being used to trace is iris, from Atelier Iris 3)
  15. Raptor85

    Four Elements - Unofficial Contest?

    Hmm...I'd have to disagree with that, winter and physics are actually fairly restrictive choices without taking great liberty to their meanings, especially with physics. It would either restrict all entries to being a physics game, or trying to re-define physics to include simple collision. (in which case, every game under the sun could be considered to have physics, making it a useless element to add). The reason the classic elements worked so well was that they were opposed sets, you always had it's opposite in there, and are generic to the point where they could be incorperated into any gametype and setting. (water,fire, earth, and air are actually the classic elements for describing nature, with fire and water being opposed, earth and air being opposed) The three element sets listed above also, Ice doesn't really work as ice and water are effectively the same. I think the "significant presence" of the elements effectively get's rid of anyone who would just say.."well, air is everywhere", all the origional 4E competitions actually specificly stated that "All of the elements must be visible at some point in your entry (including wind)." Metal might work, but it's definitely more restrictive than just earth
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