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  1. RT @TheAlbinoDragon: We had a malicious user in February that blocked/unfollowed a lot of you. Please retweet so our followers will know th…
  2. Is there anyone at #Gencon I was supposed to meet up with in person that I haven't yet?
  3. A great wealth of knowledge that helped me immensely. I would strongly encourage supporting @GameWhisperer: http://t.co/a8PCyZzt
  4. Add a few extra dice to your pledge and the designing cards option has been reduced to $250 for the last 15 minutes: http://t.co/0iVMXqTU
  5. We are down to the last 6 hours. It's been fun but it's not too late if you haven't pledged yet: http://t.co/0iVMXqTU
  6. Only about 12 hours left to get one of the most popular games of 2012 at a discount: http://t.co/0iVMXqTU
  7. The book that I wrote in November during @NaNoWriMo using @ScrivenerApp is now going to be a card game: http://t.co/0iVMXqTU
  8. Less than 24 hours to go! Help raise awareness of the game before it's too late: http://t.co/7my0OMBk
  9. We have completed the 3rd stretch goal and are now onto the 4th: http://t.co/0iVMXqTU
  10. Typing up the new stretch goal now to enter as soon as we get the next $66: http://t.co/0iVMXqTU
  11. Less than $500 to the next goal: http://t.co/0iVMXqTU
  12. Less than $700 to the next stretch goal: http://t.co/0iVMXqTU
  13. Just under $1500 to go so that I can give away some custom dice and announce the next batch of goodies: http://t.co/0iVMXqTU
  14. Only $100 left to the goal, anybody got a spare Benjamin? http://t.co/0iVMXqTU
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