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  1. Mercury

    I'm a fuken hamster...

    When I got my wisdom teeth out, the swelling wasn't even noticeable but I did get stitches on the side of my cheek. It was to keep food and stuff out of the wound from the actual extraction, I think. Part of the tissue on the cheek was sewn into the wound and I was really confused about it but the stitches came out after about a week. I think I got really fortunate with it though because I didn't use any painkillers apart from the ones they made me take immediately after.
  2. Mercury

    OUTCAST (game) - why was it such a commercial flop ?

    I kind of want to know what happened to Anachronox too. That game absolutely PRAWNED, it was good stuff.
  3. Mercury

    LevelEd's Work - All Comments Welcome

    Quote:Original post by Jarrod1937 i could maybe lend you some of my models from my latest level, go to my iotd post for pics of them. if your engine has a terrain engine i'd be very interested doing the entire level within your engine since it would be great to preview what the level would look like once the terrain gets implemented in my engine. Your level looks really amazing, though I don't have a terrain engine in mine - it's all indoorish scenes. Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss it further.
  4. Mercury

    LevelEd's Work - All Comments Welcome

    Quote:Original post by LevelEd Sorry Mercury i'm keeping these models for my environment demo. What sort of environment are you looking for? I understand. I'm just looking for scenes to test my engine out with. I suppose I can look around the internet for some test scenes.
  5. Mercury

    New Year's Resolution

    1400x1050 20" Acer LCD. From this Christmas. [grin]
  6. Mercury

    LevelEd's Work - All Comments Welcome

    Would it be possible to get any of these level meshes for test scenes that can be used in my engine? I'm not amazing in the art department so it'd really help me. I completely understand if you don't want to. Feel free to PM me about it if you don't want to reply on the main forum.
  7. Mercury

    Level Creation In 3DS Max

    It is pretty difficult to make levels in 3ds max, but it definitely can be done and to a much higher level of complexity than the level editors that are used in most PC games (the *Radiant series, UnrealEd, etc.). What I've been looking into lately is putting down a single plane to start the level, then using quickslice to make polygons around the edges. I then extrude these polygons up to create the walls and such. It works alright so far, but it's still 100x more work than the aforementioned level editors. Another thing you can do is start with just a cube and flip the normals on it so they're facing inward instead of outward. You now have your base room and you can just use boolean operations (CSG) to make the rest of the level. Keep in mind I'm a huge n00b at 3DS Max but these are what have proven to be alright for me. I'm definitely interested if anyone else has any insightful feedback about this as I'm kind of trying to figure it out myself.
  8. Mercury

    I'm getting married.

    Quote:Original post by Mushu Quote:Original post by Bossk Quote:Original post by Mushu :3 You realize that looks like someone with testicles on their chin? >:3 Its a lion. Get in the car. The :3 looks a little like Cthulhu, I'm not sure what it's actually supposed to be though. [grin]
  9. Mercury

    Google Maps in ASCII

    That is pretty awesome, I approve.
  10. Mercury

    Soft.Eng. vs Comp.Sci.

    Quote:Original post by SoulFire2k2 Personally I have a degree in both Computer Science and Engineering. It never hurts to know a variety of languages and the engineering experience will make you a much better problem solver. If you have trouble deciding, consider minoring in CS while persuing a Software Eng. degree. This will make you more versatile in the future since it shows you have the ability to pick up new languages. The Software Engineering part will be much more advanced maths heavy, a.k.a. the "I'll never use this in the real world" type of courses, but you'll find out how important they can be especially in game programming :) This is not necessarily true. In my university, they offer both a bachelor's in software engineering (spanning the engineering and mathematics faculty) and computer science (in just mathematics). I'm in computer science and all of my math courses are about as abstract as it gets - engineering math is a lot more applied than the stuff we do. In most universities, though, computer science is in a faculty of science so they would be taking the same math classes as the other science students and what I said doesn't apply. It branches off even more later on where you can choose between a bachelor in math (in computer science) and a bachelor's of computer science (BCS)... The BCS folk don't need to do as many math classes and they focus a lot more on the CS classes. I think I'll be doing two degrees, one in pure math and one in CS, for what it's worth. I have little experience with other university's programs so this may be completely different. *shrug*
  11. Ratatat, Orbital, Astral Projection, etc. Electronic stuff, mostly.
  12. Mercury

    Calculating Pi in C#

    Quote:Original post by avidlinuxuser Quote:Original post by coldacid By the way, anyone know a formula for calculating e? I just use the general power series for e^x and simplify it to the case when x=1 which gives you the sum from n = 0 to infinity 1/n!. I unroll the loop based on how precise I want the approximation for optimization. It's the simplest way, and it converges quickly anyway. Another way to do it without using series' is to just evaluate it as a limit. e = lim x->infinity (1+ 1/x)^x So, as x gets larger, the whole thing gets closer to e. For x=999999999, e is approximately 2.7182818270999043210175031107634.
  13. Mercury

    Lost motivation for programming

    Well you don't have to be a programmer. If you don't find it interesting and can't really motivate yourself to do it, why waste your time and not having fun? It's a hobby, it's supposed to be something you enjoy doing, not something that's a chore.
  14. Here is an article that outlines how to implement CSG but it's not nearly as detailed as some other articles you can probably find. I'd look at it as a kind of beginning because there are a lot of other ways to do it. Check out using BSP (binary space partitioning) trees to do the operations.
  15. What you're looking for is called CSG - Constructive Solid Geometry. Sometimes called boolean operations, also.
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