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  1. I am in mumbai here. It may mean that is blocked someway at a high level!
  2. Add standard game starter kits example 1. pong, 2.pac man ... finally FPS and later intro to bsp. Also History of games evolution is important. Important people to become role models for new game developers. Such as John Carmak, Cover 3-4 types of game engines. And a basic classifications of genre
  3. Hey Dude are you gonna do game development or what! Ergonomics is perhaps the most important aspect here. Second is performance.   Nothing can beat a workstation of xeon processor and 32 GB ram and two three monitors. Its a blast of power that will motivate your development endeavors easily for 7 - 10 years. No extended investment. and Ooozzeee some gigaflops!   First of all the discussion PC or Laptop is quite passe. Both have advantages. But you gotta have both. And get even more devices. Here is a hint: Do you wanna sit erect on a chair and send emails or do some coding. Just use a touch screen tablet lying on a sofa after u did come serious coding. And for demos and presentations (yeah its part of developers life!) a laptops perhaps. I also hope that tablets replace laptops just like CRT was replaced by LCD/LED. And a car can be handy too.ooooo! S
  4. Hey guys , It took a long time, but that's not the case now, anymore so consider that its payback time. All the thought process for the gameplay mechanics will be still useful. Get a programmer or designer who is fresh, and get it done. Flag it completed within weeks and ship it anew with the freely available engines. I think it took long because it probably, was offbeat, some unique concept and different approach. You were never creating a Forms application which others did. S
  5. yeah, i guess the 3dmodel files are on a disc. Totally a mix of composition.   Image of a CD is called so, but its a ditto copy of the cd content, but in a file. If thats what your looking for Jenny_wui, then you gotta a) burn it to a disc or b) mount it on a virtual CD drive.
  6. Art and programming and music and other aspects of games are there. An individual game developer will probably try to make the best that he is passionate about in games. He will try to reflect what he had in mind to the best possible way in limited time. Hence in general the artist can make good graphics and sync with code. And a programmer with his skill, rather will be inclined in the way the game play proceeds. Hence both the games can be unique and attract a specific audience. Basically if the idea is great it can be felt. The wavelength of the developer be it artist or programmer , should match with the kind of audience they are targeting for gaining popularity. And monetization yet again is another skillset.   Individual game developers mostly end up missing details in various aspects just because they could not find enough time to create it as they were preoccupied. Such as background music and effects are pretty much ignored by everyone. They end up using something that was freely available or quickly googled on the net. I think any game to succeed requires a bigger time to develop and a lot of time to match the wavelength with end user requirement at every step of game. For creating a a game that is unique and can get the player hooked to the game, it has to have unique characteristics that are forged in the valleys of complex concepts of art and programming, technical designing, localization, music, effects, monetization, etc, etc etc..and there are enough valleys and traps that even large gaming companies have to tread safely. Individuals can tread better sometimes. S 
  7. Hi, I want to create geometry without worrying about efficiency of drawing. I'm looking for a ways to draw triangles with Triangle list or triangle strip but without index buffers. It would be great to get some pointers or samples for doing it in dx. Reply, Saurabh
  8. Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Quote:Original post by Saurabh Torne so best thing is to atleast know a little of C before moving to C++ No. C and C++ are different languages - now moreso than ever. Learn C to learn C. Learn C++ to learn C++. When this debate had started about weather c or c++ I was in learnig mode in those days :D There was only c in the begining, and c++ was introduced. But the industry mainly used c. When C++ was introduced ,it was not economical to directly switch to c++. Many Programmers started switching step by step, module by module to convert to c++ and thanks that both could be integrated easyly. I bet this put a trend that lead to this thinking: " Since so and so IT giants(and other who followed) is using both c and C++ to build its softwares then it becomes nessary to teach the new generation c and C++ untill it was completely changed." Today new versions of programming languages keep coming but the basic designs are based on c++. But there has been no such type of sudden flip-flop of the technology used in day to day programming. The c to c++ change was a little more complicated to work out. So the books/programmers/and alike who did put this trend to learn c first and then c++ were right for that time for atleast a couple of years.But today we can do without c but those who know both I still think its good(Damn!). Also I think the Institutions are to be blamed. if they teach 2 cources instead of 1 they can make double income. Wow. How correct is this? [Edited by - Saurabh Torne on April 13, 2006 11:25:31 AM]
  9. wow I am really feeling like replying this thread. Wow this thread is Historic,an antique that keeps everone busy!Hurray. Also there a lot of seas in the world like Bourland C/c++ Turbo c etc.. Then there are a lot of crazy compilers which are of the same/similar names. C and C++ is also considered a way of life.Some programmers talk C and program in c++ while other do both and some never know the difference(like me) and keep using both. ahem.. well Basically,C++ is the next upgrade to the original c language. The only way to know the differance is to dig and dig into both. But Latest trend is to foget about c and directly move to c++ but hey, then as I said they may never know if that was c or c++ so best thing is to atleast know a little of C before moving to C++. (that is c++ full stop in case you thought of something new :P)
  10. Wen it comes to freestuff MP3 come first: www.seekasong.com is a cool site withot popups
  11. Solitaire and PingPong the most played games :P ahem well did someone say Commando, Now thats a classic Others are : Dave and Mario Forever is still available on net and I play it sometimes. Mario Forever (@English also available:) http://www.buzg.prv.pl/ "Well we really need to talk,better order some beer.. make it two ..cause..its a long story!" Ahh Classic Games :)
  12. MonkeyBoy l0v3s G4m3d3v! T3h R000x0rs! I 4m 4 l0y4l #g4m3d3v m0nk3y!
  13. Hey There are many 3d softwares which I see are not considered in this thread. Well 3dmax and Maya are great softwares indeed ,but Lightwave and Cinema 4d are also nothing less. There is always a hype that this is better than that. But the fact is that these softwares are just a tool to make 3d. They are made from code libraries just like game engins are made. There are so many game engins spinning around with this world! Another thing, Lets not judge these softwares by what movie they were used in because for everyone of these softwares there are many movies to be named after.Speaking of movies , i thing you guys are refering to those special effects well as a matter of factly if there is a special effect in a movie that was never seen before then that specific special effect most probably was coded or engineeared. lastly these are just a tools , you may never know what comes up, by the time you are learning a 3d app something new will come up.When I learnt max and Maya was called the next! my 2 cents (hehe)
  14. OMG Horror :D The sequence is cool but just that the topic is overrated >.< 'overrated' ehh whatever that means :D But images are cool and will do for a comic strip.Make it funny ?
  15. Check the import setting of the importer you are using.Mabe it does not support animation or the settings are turned off. Did you mean exporting a .max file to .x file of dx