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  1. WitchLord

    Initialization list may not function properly.

    This wasn't caused by the previous change. Anyway, I've fixed this too in revision 2513.
  2. WitchLord

    Initialization list may not function properly.

    I've made changes in revision 2512 so that the compiler will now implicitly make the ref types handles in initialization lists when asEP_DISALLOW_VALUE_ASSIGN_FOR_REF_TYPE is set. This solves the problem you identified. Regards, Andreas
  3. WitchLord

    Refcounting in opCast

    Fixed in revision 2510
  4. WitchLord

    Refcounting in opCast

    Thanks for the alert. I'll add this as another test case and have it fixed too.
  5. WitchLord

    Refcounting in opCast

    I've fixed this in revision 2509. Regards, Andreas
  6. WitchLord

    Initialization list may not function properly.

    Thanks. I'll investigate this.
  7. WitchLord

    Refcounting in opCast

    I've managed to reproduce the problem. It is indeed a bug in the compiler. I even get an assert failure in the compiler when running in debug mode. I'll have a fix available in the next few days.
  8. WitchLord

    Cast from application class to script class

    You can use the "void opImplCast(?&out)" syntax, and then check at runtime if the right type is requested, and if so return the script class pointer. Unfortunately this way will not allow you to capture incorrect casts at compile time.
  9. I've fixed this in revision 2508.
  10. Indeed. I'm still investigating this problem.
  11. You're right. The savedFunctions array needed to be updated too just like you did. I didn't have multiple classes in my test case so I didn't detect this problem before, but now I've fixed this in revision 2507.
  12. I've fixed this in revision 2506. Regards, Andreas
  13. WitchLord

    Refcounting in opCast

    Thanks. I see nothing wrong in your code. I suspect it may be a bug related to how the compiler treats temporary variables. I'll investigate further and let you know.
  14. WitchLord

    Refcounting in opCast

    Can you show what the opCast implementation looks like too?
  15. Thanks. I'll look into this one too. It is definitely related to the external shared classes, though I'm not sure it is the same as the problem you reported earlier (and already fixed in revision 2505). I have a feeling it is more related to the other problem you reported with the lambda functions.
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