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  1. WitchLord

    uint8 -> uint8_t alias?

    Yes, you can use typedef in the script for this. Or if you prefer, you can register the typedef from the application.
  2. WitchLord

    Autowrapper for generic calling convention and ?& arguments

    I'll need to think about this. The ? type isn't really supposed to be treated as two separate arguments. Perhaps the case should be treated in the auto-wrapper instead.
  3. Remove 'in' and it works. Regards, Andreas
  4. I've fixed this in revision 2626. The C++ class and script proxy class must have the operator=/opAssign method implemented to do a deep copy of the object. The script library has also been fixed so the default implementation of opAssign for script classes will use the base class' opAssign method to copy inherited properties.
  5. It all boils down to the internal object not being duplicated when making a copy of the derived script object. Either the derived class should prohibit the copy, or it needs to do a deep copy of the internal object too.
  6. I'll need to do some testing with the code you provided to get a better insight into the problem.
  7. Hi hiago, I think you're spot on with your analysis. The problem lies with asCScriptObject::CopyHandle function first calling the Release and then AddRef. I'll have this fixed so that the Release is called on the old object only after the AddRef has been called on the new object. Regards, Andreas
  8. WitchLord

    module GetFunctionByName namespace

    I've implemented this in revision 2621. Regards, Andreas
  9. WitchLord

    AngelScript 2.34.0 is out

    Ah, yes. Thanks for reminding me. I'll have it updated a.s.a.p.
  10. WitchLord

    AngelScript 2.34.0 is out

    The major change in this release is the modification on how to declare/register virtual property accessors. Now it is necessary to add a 'property' attribute after the function parameters to indicate to the compiler that this function is meant to be used as property. This change was made so that it is now possible to have ordinary functions with get/set prefixes that shouldn't be used as virtual property accessors. Another benefit is that the compiler is now able to validate the function signature for use as property accessor upon declaration rather than upon use. Unfortunately this change might break some existing scripts. If you prefer not to change the existing scripts the engine property asEP_PROPERTY_ACCESSOR_MODE can be set to keep backwards compatibility. Other than this the release comes with the usual batch of bug fixes and minor enhancements. Don't forget to check out the change list for all the details. Regards, Andreas
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