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  1. WitchLord

    Compiler crash with ?: operator

    Yes, I believe it is the same bug. Still, I'll give it a try before closing this as fixed.
  2. Thanks for sharing. I`ll review the changes you made as soon as possible. This way of sending me the code is fine. I rarely commit contributions directly to the library without my own tweaks anyway.
  3. Yes. with the current implementation you would have to go down the inheritance tree to look for metadata in parent classes,
  4. I installed MSVC 2017 now and upgraded my project, but I'm still not able to reproduce the original problem you reported. EDIT: I checked in the MSVC 2017 project files under revision 2493.
  5. mixin's are just pieces of code that gets merged into whatever class that uses them. They do not exist as stand-alone types. After compiling the script the mixin's do not exists any longer. metadata for mixins is not possibly with the current implementation. But if you wish to implement it, it would require keeping track of the mixin's metadata, and then find the classes that includes the mixins so the metadata can be copied to these ones.
  6. I've fixed the latest assert failure in revision 2492, so now objects can have both opImplConv and opConv (and also opImplCast and opCast).
  7. The assert failure you got now is because of this "However, I installed VS 2015, with the latest revision, registered opImplConv in dictionaryValue," When doing this you just added the opImplConv, right? But didn't remove the opConv? There is no use to have both of these. (sure the library should be handling the situation better, but that is not the original problem you're facing.). I'll try the latest MSVC. Though I find it hard to believe this is the reason for the bug you found, I cannot see anything else that you're doing differently from me.
  8. I use Visual Studio 2015, I believe it only supports up to C++11. But I doubt it is the newer C++ version that causes the problem for you. After all, AngelScript works even without C++11 on older compilers too. I've tried several options; 64bit, 32bit, with or without AS_NO_THREADS, debug and release mode, and so far I haven't been able to reproduce this error. I did identify another problem while doing this related to the opImplCast with the variable type. The compiler would try to use this even for non reference types, and cause an assert failure (in debug mode) or crash (in release mode). I've fixed this in revision 2491. You will need this fix too, but unfortunately it doesn't fix the problem you've reported.
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