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  1. Segmentation fault with dictionary retrieve to auto

    You're absolutely correct. The compiler should be giving an error message rather than crashing. I'll have it fixed.
  2. Call function with primitive ref parameter from C++

    Indeed. The documentation is wrong. The correct is to use SetArgAddress. I'll correct the documentation.
  3. Thanks. I'll investigate and fix this.
  4. Git mirror for Angelscript SVN repository, CMake support

    I've checked in the cmake changes in revision 2462.
  5. Git mirror for Angelscript SVN repository, CMake support

    This sounds good to me. I'll review and merge your changes into the svn. I've not made any such definition. I tend to try to allow whatever users ask for, as long as it is for the common good, and is something that I can provide without too much effort. Though I would think that most users that use CMake are most likely keeping up with the updates to this tool, so keeping support for very old versions is probably not worth the effort. I was under the impression that Git is the one that pulls the updates from SVN as they are committed, not the other way around. Perhaps someone else on this forum can give us a hint of how to best set this up.
  6. Git mirror for Angelscript SVN repository, CMake support

    I'm no expert in svn, just a regular user, and I have zero experience with git. I'm not sure if you're asking me to make any changes to the SVN repository on source forge, or if you're just laying out plans for how to best set up a github mirror repository. I am creating tags for each release. http://svn.code.sf.net/p/angelscript/code/tags/ If you want to synch git with a specific release that would be the best place to do so. I don't personally use cmake. The cmake projects available in the angelscript repository have been provided by other users. If you believe improvements can be made (such as upgrade the syntax) then please feel free to send me the updated cmake files and I'll have them checked in.
  7. implementing partial templates

    You can already do this without changing the angelscript library. You can register the template type with dummy behaviours and a callback routine that prevents any template instance that you don't explicitly want. Then you can register the template specializations for the types that you do want. This way the non-specialized template type can never be used in the script, and the compiler will print a useful error message. (If desired the callback routine can even print an additional informative message).
  8. AngelScript 2.32.0 is out

    A new version is out. The most significant changes in this version are: The string factory has changed to an interface. This is done so that the application can create the string constants at compile time rather than at runtime. This also reduces memory consumption as the script engine doesn't have to keep a copy of the string constants. Improved support for registering types that rely on composition. Now registered class methods and properties can directly refer to member components without the need for wrappers. Introduction of the 'external' keyword to explicitly tell the compiler that a script entity is external and must have been compiled and shared by an existing module. Compiler can now determine the type of initialization lists based on the use, so when there is no ambiguity it is no longer necessary to explicitly inform the type. Of course this release includes a long list of other smaller changes too. Please refer to the change list for the details. Regards, Andreas
  9. ScriptHandle addon doesn't check object type

    I've fixed this in revision 2454. Regards, Andreas
  10. ScriptHandle addon doesn't check object type

    Thanks for the report. I'll look into this and fix the problem.
  11. AngelScript - changes to how string literals are handled

    I'll make sure to include a clarification for these things in the documentation for the release.
  12. This was the first I tried when attempting to reproduce the problem. I'm pretty sure this bug has already been fixed in the latest WIP version. Looking through the change log for throughout the year can see a couple of fixes that may very well have fixed this problem.
  13. Registering the copy constructor will work-around the problem, but it shouldn't be necessary. It is surely a bug in 2.31.1 that is causing this null pointer exception. I haven't been able to reproduce this problem with the latest WIP version from the svn yet. The version you are using is nearly one and a half year old. Would you mind giving the latest WIP version a try to see if you can reproduce the problem in that? float length = length2(s.getPosition() - capturePosition); In this code, can you tell me what s is? and how it was declared? Is it a script class? registered type? Is it a global variable, or a local variable? What is the signature of the method getPosition()? Does it return the vec3 by value or by reference? The capturePosition variable? is it global, local, or a function argument?
  14. AngelScript - changes to how string literals are handled

    I'm sorry, I missed your posts somehow. Can I assume you were able to resolve all your problems with the new string factory? The GetRawStringData is used when the script engine needs to know the original string content, for example when saving the bytecode. Currently it is also used during the compilation to make a copy of the string literals when finalizing the bytecode for a recently compiled script function. This is slightly unefficient and I'm looking into removing this, if I can find a better way. If I'm successful it will only be used when saving the bytecode.