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    UFHO - my multiplayer game

    Ciao ;) I'm glad I came across this. I can see how there can be a lot of depth and strategy involved - the opportunity to plan ahead and make counter-moves. I didn't really know what moves to make, but I need to practice before I can play at the speed my opponent did (which was cool to watch). Perhaps make the area-joining parts a little more obvious...? Otherwise it looks quite polished and really just needs play-testing/feedback :) Good stuff. Will be watching this.
  2. EzekielKnight

    What do you find lacks from FPS games?

    From a purely single player perspective I don't want to fork out some money for a box with contents as far as I can tell as guns and a story. Meaning, I load up the game and shoot things going to the next location and revealing the next part of the story... complete it, uninstall and forget it ever happened. There needs to be something that can make the combat more exciting. Maybe a role I play that confers some kind of ability to use in combat so that story is linked with gameplay. Atmosphere is a good example of something extra. Call of Duty had an astounding atmosphere. Anything but just the basic same things as before. There's plenty of that around already. Any FPS with something different for the gameplay is definitely worth looking into: Tribes with jetpacks, or Onslaught in UT. Of course there's nothing wrong with pure deathmatch but I do tend to prefer teamplay games nowadays. And no to mirrored levels for alien ships [smile]. Quote:Original post by mittens A real action/RPG FPS. And I mean, literally, Diablo from a first-person perspective with guns. This sounds like Hellgate: London? I know it is basically Diablo with third- and first-person but I honestly don't know how far they're going with the aiming part of the gameplay.
  3. EzekielKnight

    MUD profitability in this day and age.

    Hmm...Maybe something like what Shattered Galaxy does (or an adaptation) could work. I'll give a small list of what the difference in the game between paying and non-paying members (missing out a few very specific things to the game that I would otherwise have to explain). Non-payers - get less experience - do less damage - have an attribute cap - are outranked by payers in battle - cannot participate in politics - cannot be awarded special units - cannot purchase rare items - do not get faction-wide bonuses - cannot use reincarnation system (this lets players restart their character after they have maxed but get bonuses after the restart, hence character becomes increasingly powerful) if you want to find out more info. Basically non-subscribers get all the basic gameplay that is available to everyone, but subscribers get a few exclusive perks that means they will always be able to improve better than the non-subscribers. Of course this is a team game, so the mix of both types of players tend to balance out the battles a little. As for giving out good items to subscribers - it sounds like you are just giving them away for nothing. Perhaps if they are too powerful, tone done items a little and make the subscribers work for it. It is only available to them for purchase with game currency but as a reward for in-game achievement. I'd say have the power difference of the items get bigger and bigger for a likewise increase in cost.
  4. EzekielKnight

    HL2 almost nearly practically but just not quite yet GOLD

    It's easy for HL2 to have zero bugs. Valve can fire their QA department. No QA, no bugs.
  5. EzekielKnight

    Are there any Counter Strike Players?

    Generally for team based fps: - If you play on a public server expect to find some deliberate teamkillers, lots of swearing and lame arguments. If there's not an admin around to deal with it there's not much you can do about it. - Join a "mature" clan (can't stressed the mature part) or find a good clan server and stick with it. This is great if you want to play regularly without the hassle of bothersome players that don't behave. They should have good admins to kick/ban anyone who break the rules. - It's probably not great to play really really late since all the admins are probably not around. From my experience, all the really annoying ppl come out to play at these late hours and take advantage of the lack of admins. I've played CS regularly before till the server I played on closed and then I move to Day of Defeat. Found a really good clan server, got to join, and now I play it whenever I have the chance. What I like about our server is that a large number of our active clan members are admins and we have clear rules. We have a good system to deal with bothersome players and people can concentrate on playing the game rather than quarrel with a teamkiller. New people who come to the server will take a liking to the environment and become regulars. Anyway, that's enough from me blabbing on about the merits of a good clan server.
  6. EzekielKnight

    Race/colour of character on game's appeal

    mrwb: I think most people would agree with you there.
  7. EzekielKnight

    Race/colour of character on game's appeal

    Some interesting points made by people. I've never really considered this topic on game media before. Hypothetically if a game came out that featured an abundance of minority-race characters (in lead roles or all roles) it might seem slightly odd, because it doesn't really happen. It could seem a little blatent and "in-your-face". You might even think that they were doing it to be politically correct, which could be true. To the effect of being distracting? At least taking some time for adjusting to. Obviously it would depend on how they went about it, and maybe in the future there would be examples. There's probably been times like this in say, advertising, where a load of commercials used minorities to market their product (I'm not talking about portraying them in a stereotypical way tho). It's alot easier to choose a caucasian as the lead for your product because previous games barrage players with these images. Most people wouldn't give a second thought to a caucasian character. So you could say the caucasian character in games is like a standard template where they then apply a backstory to. (Would have posted earlier, but I've been doing overtime nightshift for the past six days and it kinda makes me want to sleep all my free time away :))
  8. This morning I was taking a look at a GTA:San Andreas forum and there was a topic on the 'gansta' theme of the upcoming game. For those who don't know, unlike GTA3 and Vice City, the main character in San Andreas is a black gang member. I can understand how people could be put off slightly by this change in direction (the gansta theme, not the black character), but I would imagine the whole Mafia thing in games/films being a little overused now. Afterall playing a game with a gansta theme would mean that the player will have to experience the way a stereotyped gansta looks, talks and the rap music (and I don't like rap but it's got to be there for authenticity). But there were people posting about how the black character would put them off playing the game completely (I reckon they'll play it anyway tbh). Now I don't know anything about the people who posted those but I find that hard to swallow. Some people actually think it's a big deal playing a character that's not racially the same as themselves??? Is it because they find it hard to relate to the character? That they can't 'get into' the game? (a problem of immersion?) If you can accept the theme would it easier to accept that you're playing someone who is of whatever race? (trying to generalize there). Fair enough in the whole wide world there going to be all sorts of opinions...but still it's completely opposite to what I am like, I wouldn't give it a second thought, it does not matter. Are they just being unnecessarily picky? What do you think from the point of view of a dev or a player? I'm not wanting to provoke any sort of flame war, so if you're going to post please keep it constructive. Post your opinion but don't go overboard. I'll post the url of the thread if anyone wants it and if I'm around, but there's alot of rubbish in it. Go easy on me :) I don't post often.
  9. EzekielKnight

    Taiwan Independence In Late July?

    Quote:Original post by _the_phantom_ Quote:Original post by flukus and force them out of hong kong too! Errm, why? Hong Kong is theres, no argument about it, it was only rented from them by the British Empire, then rental time finished, we gave it back. To 'force them out' would be along the lines of someone invading say Florida and forcing the USA to stop having control of it. They'd have no right todo so, i'm sure you'd agree, same applies to Hong Kong. The British Empire got Hong Kong because of the Opium War. China wanted to stop the British trading opium with them for health reasons, but they wouldn't. So the British started attacking China. In the end they forced China to sign the Treaty of Nanking (forcing them to give up Hong Kong, legalise opium trade and open up five ports for foreign trade). Then of course everyone else decided to take a bit from here and there by forcing China to agree to their terms. Here's more if u want to read about it: My point is that saying that the British "rented" Hong Kong just seems weird to me. But it is also my opinion that British rule had a large impact on Hong Kong's prosperity and freedom. I am fine with a nation showing support for another's independence, I just hope they don't do it in a way that would escalate matters into a international incident. I am actually hoping that nothing much happens - don't want another foolish war.
  10. They can remove all the fur and skin cats and dogs alive by dumping them in hot oil whilst they are still alive. Seen it on a documentary, think it was in Geography.
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