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  1. Krohm

    Knight armor

    Cool; looks like something which could have been used for real.
  2. Krohm

    A Few Farewells

    Sad stuff but very fine content. It takes indeed quite some will to withstand some nonsense going around and with life apperently getting more complicated I'm afraid I can understand. I enjoyed your fine work. Thank you for sharing. All the best.
  3. Krohm

    First Post!

    I was thinking about using this as well. After all, it's very convenient. Welcome.
  4. Ouch my head! 😵

  5. Krohm

    Node Graph UI for Accidental Noise Library

    Wow! Everything is better with node graphs!
  6. Woah! I just had the need for some graphing goodness the other week and I forgot completely about dot. Perhaps I'll give it a go. Thank you for sharing!
  7. Krohm

    Multi-level Water

    Any chance you have enough perf/functionality to just expand each prism to a buffer and somehow ray-walk it? After playing the Talos Principle I had to surrender to the fact Parallax Occlusion Mapping (of sort) is now fully viable so maybe having some kind of "fog collection buffer" with dual layers might work. Plus, everyone and the dog is doing terrible screen-space reflections.
  8. Krohm

    GameDev.net Turns 18!

    I consider myself very lucky in finding this as one of the first sites I found when I got my functional internet connection. The pennies I've spent on dial-up have been definitely the best investments I ever did no doubt.  Thank you gamedev. I hope I can get the discord dudes to reset my account. Peace!
  9. Krohm

    Upgrade Update: Reputation Feedback

    Albeit not perfect, upvoting is widely understood and sorta working. I would however get away with the idea of scoring as numbers: whatever you keep them serverside it's a thing but I don't think they should be presented to user. Everything that matters is to bubble up valuable insights. What I care: understand if something/someone is valuable/reliable. In general the specific number isn't relevant to me but I know if it's in the thousands he's probably been around a bit. Perhaps I will re-read. Sometimes I also check 'member since'. Some messages also have 'tags'. I recall the 'popular' tag on the Vulkan/API discussion. I'm pretty sure those could help. Then, how do we enable people to distribute them?
  10. "The embarassing pause"
  11. Still not completely sold on the 'just download more tools' mindset.
  12. Data entry, I don't recall such difficult assets.
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