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  1. Wow so we'll be getting back some form of new UnrealScript? I didn't expect this to happen so soon!
  2. Dangerous article. Of course everyone is free to state his/her opinions but I feel like the cost of code maintainance is not taken in consideration at all. As far as I am concerned encapsulation is awesome... and I'm using Verilog those days! Proper code engineering is difficult. I've seen more than a company dominate the competitors thanks to well engineered codebase and more than one company biting the dust under the weight of unmaintaneable code bases.
  3. Krohm

    OOP is dead, long live OOP

    Woah! So, is ECS still trending? That's just sad.
  4. This incredible news and I am honestly lifted from reading it. I have been looking at your work for years and found it solid, sometimes inspiring. I had the impression the industry was moving in a closed direction but I see there is still space for people to be competitive and awarded.
  5. Krohm

    A Few Farewells

    Sad stuff but very fine content. It takes indeed quite some will to withstand some nonsense going around and with life apperently getting more complicated I'm afraid I can understand. I enjoyed your fine work. Thank you for sharing. All the best.
  6. Krohm

    First Post!

    I was thinking about using this as well. After all, it's very convenient. Welcome.
  7. Ouch my head! 😵

  8. Krohm

    Node Graph UI for Accidental Noise Library

    Wow! Everything is better with node graphs!
  9. Woah! I just had the need for some graphing goodness the other week and I forgot completely about dot. Perhaps I'll give it a go. Thank you for sharing!
  10. Krohm

    Multi-level Water

    Any chance you have enough perf/functionality to just expand each prism to a buffer and somehow ray-walk it? After playing the Talos Principle I had to surrender to the fact Parallax Occlusion Mapping (of sort) is now fully viable so maybe having some kind of "fog collection buffer" with dual layers might work. Plus, everyone and the dog is doing terrible screen-space reflections.
  11. Krohm

    Physics & Game Development; or, What Goes Up Better Come Down

    Seriously dude, if you want to post your mental notes to self online use the journals. You can dump your ideas in them and perhaps somebody will also read them but journals are supposed to be a bit more than what I can find by googling 5 minutes (or someone else in half an hour for that matter).
  12. "The embarassing pause"
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