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  1. Krohm

    An idea for a video game

    It is absolutely sound as concept; maybe I've heard about something similar in the past. It's seldom explored AFAIK as it was super hard to do right. I think an old Blade Runner game made something like it. But, to be on topic, I've seen that happen in a tabletop D&D game I mastered years ago. By basically drawing the wrong conclusion, the playing characters turned their best allies against them. As you can imagine, it didn't end well. Perhaps a set of triggers would suffice. Surely targeting a specific character helps a lot.
  2. Krohm

    What are you working on?

    At work... I'm basically the whole QA team (and programmer; and sysadmin; and database mantainer; and web designer and... ). Maybe you mean in the would-be-spare time! I'm starting to work on a... well that's the problem, nobody knows what that's supposed to be in the end. For the time being I'm just setting up the demostration with a couple Pis, Omegas and a few Digi Zigbee shields so I guess we can call it some sort of wannabe-smart IoT system. The real goal for the time being is to get to the funding. I was positively impressed I found (good?) use for some of the junk I've accumulated over the years.
  3. Krohm

    OOP is dead, long live OOP

    Woah! So, is ECS still trending? That's just sad.
  4. This incredible news and I am honestly lifted from reading it. I have been looking at your work for years and found it solid, sometimes inspiring. I had the impression the industry was moving in a closed direction but I see there is still space for people to be competitive and awarded.
  5. Maybe I'm taking a long tour as I have been playing with FPGAs recently. As far as I've understood, Tensor Cores are 8-bit ALUs (or perhaps even 6-bit). RT cores are dedicated resources. If this isn't hitting a manufacturing wall I don't know what it is. Texture samplers have always been dedicated and work great, reflections have been traditionally difficult - in the last few years we got this screen-space-reflection trend being a trick I expected to never see again. Don't even get me started on shadows. With the NV 2k series starting at 500 I might believe this sounds 'reasonable' but zero chance this has an installed user base for the next couple years. Still, a shift is near. Unless you have invested considerably in your lighting infrastructure, it is coherent, competitive and works, I would suggest to not invest in most traditional schemes at this point. Shall I be back into graphics I will focus my interest in driving the hardware efficiently. Ray-tracing cores will stay there in a form or the other.
  6. Krohm

    Streets of Rage 4...OMG!

    I almost wondered why did they start so lo-res in the beginning I reloaded, █ me that's genius.
  7. Krohm

    Who's your intellectual idol?

    I'm very pleased to see most people nominated various folks outside the industry, often not related to IT. I'm also surprised John Carmack has been nominated only once so far. I haven't had the chance to follow him lately but I found his work extremely inspiring.
  8. Krohm

    Knight armor

    Cool; looks like something which could have been used for real.
  9. Krohm

    Opinion on collaborating with hobbyists?

    Oh the I-ll-pay-you-later guys. I just want to reassure you, this has nothing to do with you being a good human or not, most people simply have no idea what running a business means, and how having a guarantee to be paid at end of month simplifies things. Just leave those guys to their business and stick to yours.
  10. Krohm

    Problem with sleep

    Neither of your points are relevant; besides I have been running on a soylent derivate for almost two years by now.
  11. Krohm

    Coding moods

    I think I even read a document some years ago where they run a correlation (how, IDK) between the time of commits, bug founds, time to refactor and bugfixing. I think they observed something like 30% of software maintanance costs to be in the last hour of work. Perhaps there is some estabilished research about that? Incidentally, I'm asking for a work-hour reduction at work.
  12. Krohm

    Problem with sleep

    Shall food be part of the problem, consider some soylent derivate. The logistics get so much simpler if you can afford it.
  13. Krohm

    A Few Farewells

    Sad stuff but very fine content. It takes indeed quite some will to withstand some nonsense going around and with life apperently getting more complicated I'm afraid I can understand. I enjoyed your fine work. Thank you for sharing. All the best.
  14. Krohm

    First Post!

    I was thinking about using this as well. After all, it's very convenient. Welcome.
  15. Ouch my head! 😵

  16. Maybe not appropriate but when I hear about full stack I usually think 'web'. IDK if there's a full stack equivalent in gamedev but I'd suggest you to stay away from that terminology. In general people advertising as full stack are full stack web devs doing both the HTML and the back-end. A few of them are in electronics and they go from HW (usually PCB design) to (usually) server. I had to go from firmware to HTML front-end and I'm still very reluctant in describing me as a full stack developer. Anyway, in my experience the main problem is getting where you need to be. In six years, you should have stashed some to allow you that. Look around. Ah, btw. While I find being able to get the job done and adapt to other roles occasionally to be admirable this isn't a good idea for the reason Kylotan mentioned. Do you know who also finds it valuable? Companies who cannot afford to pay multiple wages. I'm absolutely not talking by experience. Be ready for a rough ride.
  17. Wow, that looks cool. I wish I had not an allergy on pixel art!
  18. As a start: do you want/need it to be native app? Yes Do you want it easy? Yes --> IDK, I'm pretty sure Cordova, Xamarin and Ionic are a thing. I'm not sure what's their state though. I'm up to the task --> native platform for each. Android studio & Java. For Apple IDK. I'm hardcore --> go truly native C++ and share your logic across platform. Farewell life. No Make it a web page with offline mode Angular does not currently support static deploy anymore Maybe with the right tool, electron? Sure thing: you want a language to help you. You want types. Types help your mind scale instead of recalling what gets passed where. Typescript melds into node.js very well. So start by elaborating. What do you want to do, how much do you want to invest, money, time everything; define the thing better than people clicks on device.
  19. Krohm

    ForkLift can't stand firm on the floor

    I get the idea you built it from multiple components with constraints. I remember an user from the forums here who worked on vehicle simulation stating they run the vehicles at 200hz. Have you tried bumping up the iterations? Does it change anything?
  20. Or go with pupping and have a single function to read, write and compute size. No repeating yourself but I feel like beating a dead horse at this point.
  21. Krohm

    Node Graph UI for Accidental Noise Library

    Wow! Everything is better with node graphs!
  22. I'm not even sure what's your problem there. Let's start from the basics: the only thing that truly exist is memory and bits. As long as you're going with 'basic' types such as floats the following will do: ubyte blobby[12]; memcpy(blobby, src, sizeof(blobby)); float *bruh = (float*)blobby; Hoping `blobby` to be properly aligned. First you have to ensure your `int` is the same as the serialized `int` and that's why you have `__int32` or `std::int64_t`. And of course you have endianess problems but let's assume you'll be loading on 'coherent' machines. When `struct` enters the picture `memcpy` goes out due to possibility of different compiler packing. There are various options for (de)serialization, I'd suggest pupping all the things. That or google protobuffers but in my experience they're not quite convenient for game purposes due to their everything can be optional nonsense.
  23. You have three obstacles here: Windows XP is greatly outdated; I have been bitten by it years ago. Some functions are not there, whole subsystems are missing. Solution: go Linux®. 512MiB of RAM are barely enough to run the IDE (the smart text editor you'll be writing your programs in). The engines you mention will most likely malfunction. You have a single core. In my experience modern systems take for granted at least a dual-core is available. Your measurements will most likely be screwed big way in a way or the other. If budget is a concern to you, I would suggest a Raspberry Pi3 which for 40 bucks is a far more reliable and stimulating programming environment (also comes with twice the RAM and can arguably run a modern web browser). Ah, btw, as much as doing tic-tac-toe on Unreal might sound cool, I'd suggest starting from the basics. As a side note: No. Absolutely not. What the server does is connect the players. You don't want any heavy-duty processing going on the server, you'll be paying $$$ for saving nothing to the client; client performance is free to use for you; server time isn't. 18 months ago I bought a smartphone for 70; it runs on battery and still has plenty of juice for everything I thrown at it.
  24. If I understand, your generic problem is: you have an object container with an object inner inside. You destroy container and poor inner goes with it. Too bad you need to keep referencing it so you're blasted and you need to reconstruct. All fine and dandy but... you have misunderstood your resource ownership . If inner is owned by container then when container goes it brings its owned resources with it and user systems are screwed. In the general sense of particle systems that sounds bogus but maybe you're more like "replicating" objects somehow so what you do? Review your container to use external resources allowed to exist by themselves. When newOwner takes control of them, pull em out of container or mark them 'non-owned'. When container goes belly-up it either destroys its owned resources or they get destroyed by some external function doing the check at higher level.
  25. As a side note, in case it helps you (on some future project I guess): bullet (the physics API) ticked at constant rate, but it still allowed for frame-specific updates. OFC it only interpolated those between two known states. So it's has both predictable behavior and hi-frame-rate-butter-smooth goodness; apparently nobody noticed it's a tick late. I tried something similar in an TD game I tried years ago I don't think you remember: the implication is that you have to correct for inconsistencies as an enemy spawned at 0.5 tick still has to be half-a-tick evolved and cannot be backwards interpolated at 0.3 ticks. Since the game wanted to be deterministic in nature I couldn't let players the chance to get different patterns due to hardware power. Ew! Hopefully you don't need this detail!
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