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    Arkanoid physics

    I'm doing a simple Arkanoid/Breakout clone, and something's got me stumped. I have the simple paddle physics working, that is, I have it so that the ball bounces off of the paddle in the proper way. However, I've seen some games where the direction of the ball changes based on whether the paddle is moving at the time of impact. Could someone tell me how to do this? I don't need anything in the way of realistic physics, I'd just like to add something simple.
  2. So, I graduated from school. And my academic license for Visual Studio.NET is no good. I face the prospect of actually buying something! VS.NET costs about $800 retail, it seems. Visual C++ .NET alone costs $100. I could get that plus VB.NET for only $200. If I do this, what stuff in VC++ and VB.NET will I really miss out on? Should I just give up and give Microsoft my $800, or will the extra stuff I get not really be worth it?
  3. Diablo I and II were both isometric, as are the Baldurs' Gate and Icewind Dale RPGs.
  4. unreason

    What a moron!

    Quote:Original post by Dmytry Quote:Original post by __Daedalus__ This is the sort of thing that appears in the media when there is no real news. I mean, seriously, who but journalist agitators really gives a shit? It's not even worth discussing. seconded. Heck, what the point? You can wear pirate costume on a party, and pirates also killed lot of people. True. But pirates killed people in a colorful and fun-loving manner :) Seriously, though, I think the main reason that people get more upset about Nazis comes down to motive. If a pirate kills you, it's nothing personal. He hasn't got anything against you. He just wants your gold doubloons and pieces of eight. The Nazis killed out of hatred and for the sake of killing. They were a different kind of murderer. As for Prince Harry, isn't it time the British stopped letting him get away with stuff? He's not a boy anymore, he's a 20 year old man, and should know better by now. Which makes me wonder whether he actually does have rascist sympathies. Given the things his grandfather has said, it wouldn't be unlikely.
  5. unreason

    DX9 VS DX8

    I haven't tried the new 9c version, but directX 9 and 9b compile fine for me with vc 6. If you are using 9c, you might try 9b instead.
  6. unreason

    Using 2D in a 3D World

    Yes, you'd probably want it to be a quad with transparency, with your logo's texture mapped to it. You can make the quad fade out using the vertex alpha settings
  7. unreason

    TSUNAMI....they knew it..!!!!

    Quote:Original post by owl I'd like to know if A.C. Clarke was there (Sri Lanka), I finished reading one of his book a couple of days ago (so I had him present in my mind when all this happened), he is the only person I ""know"" who lives arround there... He was in Sri Lanka, but he's ok. I don't have the link, but he posted a message on his web page.
  8. unreason

    Fast 2D quads

    Quote:Original post by Dookie Sounds like you and I are doing pretty close to the same thing, except I don't use the 'sprite' class (never learned how to use it - d'oh!). So I use textured quad primitives! Same here, actually. My sprite class isn't the DX one, its one I'm making myself using the same methods you are pretty much.
  9. unreason

    Fast 2D quads

    I'm making a 2D game in directX. I'm using directX 8.1, so basically the sprites are a custom made quad-based sprite class I'm making. Most of the objects in the game will be represented by 1 quad, which may be rotated or translated. My question is this: given that transforms are applied to a vertex buffer as a whole, how do I feed all these different transformed quads into the pipeline? If they all have different transforms, then I'd have to feed them in 1 quad at a time, which is pretty inefficient, and I'm planning on displaying a lot of quads at once. How do I efficiently feed all of these 1 quad objects into the pipeline?
  10. unreason

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Summer 2005

    Quote:Original post by PnP Bios What? Gene Wilder isn't creepy enough for you guys? Yeah, nothing beats the creepiness of Wilder singing and ranting when they go through the tunnel in that boat of his...
  11. unreason

    An interesting 2D render method

    Quote:Original post by Stru You need to batch them as well. Drawing one at a time will be slow. Its much better to have a few hundred in a vertex buffer and use one draw for them all, and using matrix transforms sort of gets in the way of batching. But if you don't use transforms, don't you have to keep remaking your vertex buffers again and again? Isn't that slow in and of itself?
  12. I've hit on an interesting new (to me at least) method for rendering batches of 2D quads. I load a texture map with several related tiles on it, for example, all the different pictures for a particular character in the game. I build a vertex buffer, with a different quad for each tile in the texture map. Each quad has the same coordinates, same everything, except the uv texture coordinates, which map to the quad's tile. So tile 0 in the texture maps to quad 0, tile 1 to quad 1, and so on. You move the quad using matrices. The result is, that on each render cycle, you never need to create a vertex buffer, it's already created. Where you really get an advantage is if you want to draw several of these sprites, all in different stages of their animations. If you draw them together, you don't need to change textures, because they're all using the same texture. You don't need to change vertex buffers, because they're all using the same buffer. And, as I said, you don't need to create or alter any vertex buffers; they're already made, and movement is accomplished through transformations. The result is that you can print the sprites out pretty efficiently, without having to change any render settings. Does anyone think talking about this might make a good gamedev article?
  13. It's impossible to say how much you make. Some people make practically nothing, others become filthy rich. You never know. You might not want to count on making a big profit your first time though, most shareware developers don't do that well with their first game. Also, it often takes time to start making a profit, so don't count on getting the money right away. I'd recommend staying low budget until you actually start making real money.
  14. unreason

    Manual matrix manipulation

    D3DXVec2TransformCoord looks like what I'm looking for. Thanks!
  15. unreason

    the netherlands is going crazy

    Quote:Original post by Eelco Quote:Original post by intrest86 Sorry, its just that one of the major differences I frequently hear about between many European Countries and the US is that the US is much more open to immigration; but when something bad happens in the US it is the fault of the Americans. When bad things are happening in the Netherlands it is the immigrants. well, it is. or maybe you could blame the policy of the dutch gov. for the last 30 years. but directly responsible are islamitic immigrants though. Quote: In America today, if someone started saying something like "Send All Non-Americans Home, there would be an uproar. That, and plenty of immigrants are actual citizens, something I hear is easier to become in the US? probably false. anyone can become a dutch citizen. you just come here, dont leave, and nobody will do anything about it. i guess its different in the US, because i get spammed all the time with green card offers (which indicates they are rare, not that they are abundant) False. It's difficult to become a citizen here, for the simple reason that so many want to become Americans. There's an application process, but it's tough. Not the toughest in the world, I understand, but it is difficult. This is why a lot of people try to just sneak in, and hope that they don't get noticed by INS (the immigration police). The upside is that there's a lot of immigration, and it's been going on for a long time. This doesn't mean that you'll never run into any people who disapprove of immigrants, but in general most people I think are extremely friendly to new American citizens. (Although illegals have a hard time sometimes) Part of the reason for this acceptance is that pretty much everyone except for Native Americans are decended from immigrants, and most have relatives that immigrated well after the first wave of English immigration. My own family, for example, mainly came from Ireland in the 1850's, and from Eastern Europe in the 1920's. That sort of background is pretty common, so most people I think are pretty friendly to new Americans.
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