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  1. cmptrgear

    my program won't crash

    If you want it to throw an exception you need to access a member variable in the member function. I haven't tested out this code but it should cause an exception. class foo { private: int money; public: void run() {cout<<"running "<<money<<endl;} }; Also you need to change thing == NULL; to thing = NULL; thing == NULL is a comparison not an assignment.
  2. cmptrgear

    gcc problem

    Maybe I missed something but why don't you use operator overloading instead of making functions with the operator names?
  3. If you are developing for Vista then you shouldn't be writing stuff to the registry unless there is a very good reason for it.
  4. cmptrgear

    Do you know how much your student loans are charging you?

    Interesting, I will have to check on my wife's student loans to see if they have that little tidbit in them. I ran into a similar situation with a line of credit I have with the bank. Even though I was paying more than the amount due each month, they would only apply the extra amount to the principal if I called them. I finally I set it up to automatically deduct the amount due plus extra for the principal which seems to have fixed the problem. Would it be feasible to refinance the loan with another company that isn't so sleazy?
  5. cmptrgear

    small program in C++

    The brackets inside of the function create a new scope which has a char x variable that is set to the value 'T'. This x variable is only valid inside the brackets and is different than the x variable that is declared outside of the brackets. Also, your output seems to be wrong. Running this in VC 2005 I get BAB UBB BBB BB which is what I would expect when looking at the code.
  6. cmptrgear

    Why do good TV shows die?

    Quote:Original post by Wombah I've already tired of Lost, but I still have high hopes for Heroes. But hopefully season one will finish the current main storyline, and season two will start a new one. That way heroes season one will not loose any appeal even if season two sucks. I stopped watching Heroes after it stopped in Nov/Dec because it never felt like it was making any progress and that they were just dragging things out as long as they could. It reminded me too much of Dragonball Z, only one interesting thing would happen per episode and sitting through an hour long show just to watch that one thing occur felt like a waste of my time.
  7. cmptrgear

    Computer Engineers help please school project

    I have a degree in Computer Engineering but my current job is not related to the Computer Engineering field.
  8. I went to UC Santa Barbara and got a BS in Computer Engineering and a Masters in Computer Science. If you have any questions about the engineering programs or UCSB life in general feel free to ask.
  9. cmptrgear

    solved..closed LAN IP#?

    You can try getifaddrs but most versions of Linux dont have that function (more of a Unix/BSD function) You can also try calling ioctl with SIOCGIFADDR to get the IP Address but in order for that to work you have to have an open socket. struct ifreq interface; //assume socket is an open socket int results = ioctl(socket, SIOCGIFADDR, &interface); if(results == 0) { struct sockaddr_in * ip = reinterpret_cast<struct sockaddr_in *>(&(interface.ifr_addr)); unsigned long address = ntohl(ip->sin_addr.s_addr); }
  10. cmptrgear

    Select pieces

    Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster glpicking really is not very good I don't recommend it, especially in a situation like a checker's board when ray/plane intersection will be much Faster and likely a good enough effect (especially considering how flat a checker piece is.) ...glpicking will let you get the job done without Math, however the technique will be useless for anything but slow things like boardgames in the future whereas calculating intersections yourself will be invaluable even tho hard at first... Care to back that up with some facts? I have never noticed glpicking to be as slow as you seem to indicate.
  11. cmptrgear

    Select pieces

    What you want is called picking. Here is a tutorial of picking in openGL. openGL picking
  12. cmptrgear

    Big game dissapointments

    My list of disappointments are the following Shadow of the Colossus: Fighting the bosses was an awesome experience but I was disappointed that there was nothing else to do in the game. It seemed more like a proof of concept than a finished game. Xenosaga Episode 2: They really screwed up the battle system compared to Episode 1. I hear Episode 3 is suppose to be more like the first one but I want to finish 2 before getting 3. Children of Mana for DS: I was expecting something similar to Secret of Mana for SNES and instead got a poorly implemented Zelda (NES) ripoff. I was also disappointed by Oblivion because it sucks to have enemies level at the same rate as you.
  13. I thought that this idea sounds pretty cool. Open Call From the Patent Office Quote: The Patent and Trademark Office is starting a pilot project that will not only post patent applications on the Web and invite comments but also use a community rating system designed to push the most respected comments to the top of the file, for serious consideration by the agency's examiners. I hope I can check it out when it goes live.
  14. cmptrgear

    Can your computer run Windows Vista?

    For some reason the program only detects the onboard video and not the additional ATI video card in my work system. Of course the onboard video doesn't meet the requirements but I bet the ATI card would. Why does the OS need pixel and vertex shaders?
  15. cmptrgear


    My discrete match course in college was right after lunch. The professor's lectures were so boring that 3/4 of the class fell asleep each period. The professor himself was kind of interesting, before teaching, he worked for the CIA doing cryptography. Computational Geometry and BioInformatics were two classes I took in grad school where I had no idea what they were talking about half of the time. Still managed to pass both classes though. My freshman roommate had to be my worst college experience though. Worst roommate ever!
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