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  1. It's been a long time since I last had to write a windows framework for my projects and I have forgotten some of the problems I solved in my old framework (which was lost due to a HD crash) such as changing the window style when switching from windowed mode to fullscreen mode. I used to use a couple of functions that would change the windows style without having to first kill the window and re creating it. They were standard win api functions, I just can't remember which ones... Anyone know what they are?
  2. yodaman

    having a hard time...

    It seems like the harder you try in life, the harder things get. It's hard to keep trying when your motivation level keeps dropping. School isn't a problem, I can start whenever. It's been a matter of not knowing what I want to do and being the kind of person that I am, I have to make sure im not making a mistake with everything. People tell me all the time that I will never do anything if Im afraid to take a chance but despite this, it's still hard for me to change this about my self. I don't have a girlfriend right now either btw (which adds to the mess because, well, guys are guys.. ;).
  3. yodaman

    having a hard time...

    Quote:Original post by Rayno Quote:Original post by Salsa What's with all these threads of melancholy? Just be happy we haven't had anyone attempt suicide like in that GenMay thread. Damn, I thought I was depressed! with me, It's just that im 19 now and I haven't started school yet, I don't even have a car and I can't find a job. Lack of math skills has also been a problem for me because I have a very hard time understanding complex subjects such as collision detection and physics. I guess once I start school and I have a job and my life is on track, ill start doing better but right now, things just suck in my life. I hate to bitch though about my problems when all that crap just happend in india and such.
  4. yodaman

    having a hard time...

    Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Discipline is an essential ingredient in productivity. what sort of discipline? Change in schedual, forcing my self to do things... what?
  5. yodaman

    having a hard time...

    Is this just me or does anyone else ever have the same problem?... First off, I can't seem to make decisions anymore. I know the benefits of using sdl over using the win32 api, but because I don't know how to use sdl yet, I keep thinking maybe Ill just use the win api... I started working on getting a basic win32 framework with opengl support done last night but I kept on changing things and in the end, all I had was a class and a few functions implimented which I wasn't happy with. I guess maybe it's just that I want to get working on the more fun aspects of my project because I honestly hate dealing with windows code, idk. I find it hard to stay focused on really anything lately. I can't ever hardly fall asleep. It's not strange for me to be up with energy at 4 am. Can lack of sleep really effect your coding skills that much? I know that sounds like a dumb question, but I have had trouble sleeping for years now and ive never had as much trouble coding as I am now. Anyway, I know this is some what of an unusual thread, but Im just curious if anyone else is having these problems. ~Jay
  6. yodaman

    trouble installing visual studio 2005...

    oops... lol. I got th disk from a friend about 3 years ago.
  7. I downloaded the visual studio 2005 beta about a half hour ago. I tried to install it but it says it needs xp service pack 1 to be installed first so I went ahead an ran the update wizard and did the express install. After that was done, I restarted my system and tried to install vs again, said the same thing. Now the windows update is running again and installing something (with M$ you never know what).. Anyway, I never installed the service packs on my old pc because my copy of windows wasn't exactly... anyway, ive been told horror stories about sp2, can any one enlighten me?
  8. yodaman

    Earwigs! I dont know what this would have to do with it, but I think that the bug is the clue. Just thought of something... steps 1,2,3... the earwig has 3 body parts. Hmmmmm
  9. yodaman

    problem running ntfs...

    sweet! thanks a lot guys. I actually did leave it on while I went out and now it's working perfect.
  10. yodaman

    problem running ntfs...

    I just ran the ntfs conversion utility on my pc. Everything wen't through without any problems at all and my computer is running pretty good right now except for the fact that my hardrive is now constantly running. I have looked through the running processes and couldn't find any sorta scanning software running nore could I see a program that was increasing in memory usage. I tried restarting my system and even hard botting it to insure that scandisk would run (scan disk did not run though?). Does anyone have any clue why this may be??
  11. yodaman

    check this out!!!

    This site may have already been pointed out (and well known) but I thought it was really awsome and was worth posting a link to. They have developed a program called endorphin which alows for charactor animation in a physical environment. However, while that is already common ground (ragdolls and such) the charactors can actually create animations on the fly... hell, just check it out for your self!
  12. I started with web design and coding using html, javascript, etc. You would be suprised what can be done with javascript. Web design is deffentially a good skill to have anyway. After I did that for a while and got really got with javascript, I moved onto C++. My advice: any language you choose, make sure you really know it before moving onto graphics programming and such. I remeber when I first started to make games. I didn't really know about templates at the time and when I found out about them, I went from feeling pretty clever to stupid. lol. Ive been coding in c++ for about 2-3 years and Im still learning new things about it all the time. Also, if you wanna be a game programmer, make sure you really learn your maths. Good luck and have fun! -Jason
  13. I was inspired today after checking this site out. Ive never used linux, unix, bsd. I wan't to learn more about all the cool stuff like waps, wifi and stuff like computer security etc. Im just not sure where to start. Ive only done very little with web design, networking etc. I would really like to build my own server. Just a small one running linux or unix... I would probably go with an ftp server. Basically, its just that I have no knowledge of unix and linux and such so it would be stupid of me to try and build a server which uses these os's. I wanna learn everything I can about computers, networking, technology etc (expand my horizons past coding). What else would you guys recommend learning? Im starting school as soon as I can, which ill be going for computer science. However, many people say that a lot of what they learned while in school as what they learned outside of class. If you do not suck with computers, you'll reply to this thread!! ;)
  14. Ive read many articles, threads etc and made a few threads on the subject of terrain texturing. Everyone usually just pointed me to Charles Bloom's texture splatting article. However, I wasn't very happy with his technique, I wanted something more simular to unreal tournament 2's style. My first idea was to use an alpha map for every single layer, but this method would use up vram very quickly. Anyway, I realized that instead of making a seperate alpha map for every texture 'layer' I could simply make a single rgb texture and use it as a 'look up' table, where each color would be bound so a seperate layer (grey/black = rock, green = grass, white = snow or whatever etc). Doing it this way, I can make a program that will alow me to paint directly on the terrain and then save the output as the blend map. The only problem is though, Im not sure how to go about implementing it....Im using Opengl btw. I g2g for now, so ill answer any questions when I get back. Thans a lot. ~Jason
  15. Some of my favorite games of all time came out with the super nintendo. I was reminded of this when I downloaded an emulator last night along with about 40 games, including starocean, cronno trigger, front mission etc. After playing around with a few games, the engineer in me started to take control... I just did a breif search for snes coding (so don't yell at me! ;) but being that im sure a lot of you here have coded for it, I just figured I could save some time by asking you guys directly. My first and most obvious question is: where do you start? Can you use any programming language, or do you need to use a special assembly language such as (nintendo assembler??). If so, is it possible to code it in C++ and then convert it over to the proper language? The rest of the questions are obvious as well such as: what do you do for art (ie. use bmp textures but at what size max?) I figure since im using a emulator, it would be possible to max out the graphics and use 32 bit textures and such... Alrighty, well, I don't want to ask to much. If anyone could point me to a good article or site on the subject, that would be swell ;) thanx. ~Jason
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