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  1. Lost (TV Series) is Over (Possible Spoilers Inside!)

    I noticed Richard was not in the church, in fact I don't recall seeing him in the flash sideways at all. So... does he ever die? They did drop one line in there, with the gray hair, that Richard could age again. I think it would have been more interesting if they left Richard's aging post-show a mystery.
  2. Living in California

    With a few exceptions, public transportation in California is horrible. Expect to have to drive everywhere, and gas prices are probably higher than what you are used to. Your estimate on 1 br apartments is about right, although I can only speak for the Silicon Valley area. Last time I looked in Fremont, the cheapest I could find that wasn't in a dangerous neighborhood was a teeny tiny studio that was $980 a month. A 1 br in Fremont that actually has a real kitchen and separate bedroom is at least $1200. I later moved elsewhere with a friend for cheaper rent. Most people I know in their 20s still live with their parents because they cannot afford that rent (and parents here don't charge their adult children rent, but that's another story). Everyone else has roommates, which is significantly cheaper than getting a 1br. I don't know anyone younger than 35 who lives alone. Unless you're making a lot of money (like, $85k+), I'd suggest looking for a 2br and getting a roommate.
  3. My company uses one of those online resume systems, and I don't like it. I remember when I had to review some resumes for the position we had open. Although I am sure the system did some word searches or whatnot, but when they got to me to read it, the system would just mash it together. It is very annoying to read a resume like this: Bob Stevens Objective: Software Engineer Prior experience: 5 years Acme SW (2000-2005) Primary role: Windows Driver Programmer Responsibilities I programmed drivers for our company's USB devices Skills: C/C++, assembly, MFC School UCLA GPA 3.41 References available upon request Anybody who is looking for a job has a human-readable copy of their resume, probably to use at job fairs. When they come to fill out an online resume, they'll probably just cut-n-paste their human-readable document into the text box, which probably won't keep the formatting. Moreover, at least on my company's system, even if they filled out the text boxes nicely, when the system sends the resume to me it does some auto-formatting of its own, which doesn't look very good. I feel bad for the job candidates. A poorly formatted resume is a mark against them, but they have to go through this system that will mess up their resume. For me, in a hiring position, if I do get to see the original, human-readable resume and the formatting is awful (along with spelling & typos), that would help me in my decision. The online system denies me that!
  4. What makes MMORPGs so addicting?

    Quote:Original post by Ntvu 1) Have you even been addicted to an MMORPG before? What happened and did you get out of it? 2) In YOUR opinion, what do YOU think makes these online games so addictive? 3) How can I get rid of the addiction? By the way I'm also kind of addicted to these games also, I play ~2 hours a day. 1. Yes, I was addicted to World of Warcraft off-and-on for a few years. Yes, I got out of it. I've been WoW-free for 2 years now! 2. For me, it was escapism. I loved being immersed in fictional worlds. Also, a lot of my friends AND coworkers played too, so even when I wasn't in the game people talked about it constantly. It made it very hard to quit when half the people I know, in real life, were still obsessed with it. 3. This is a mental condition, not a physical addiction, so the best thing to do is just distance yourself and occupy yourself with something else. However, since I myself went through a few relapses, I realize that isn't always easy. Whenever I quit WoW, I suddenly found myself with a lot of free time. That free time MUST be filled somehow, or else you'll get bored and start playing again. Another problem, as I mentioned earlier, was that my friends all played, and to this day haven't quit. Still when we go out to dinner, the talking points tend to go to WoW again and again. If you are trying to quit, make some non-MMO friends, and try to change the topic whenever your MMO buddies bring it up. That all said, it took even more for me to finally quit. Back in '07, I started dating a girl and told her I played WoW. That's usually surefire girl-repellent, but this girl was curious about what I do and downloaded the trial version. Within a couple days, she was addicted. I felt so horrible about getting this girl addicted to WoW, which I had been trying to get unaddicted to for a long time myself. And when WoW first came out, I encouraged a friend to play, and now the game dominates his life. That's two people I brought to the dark side -- it had to stop. At the same time, WoW actually injured me. Since I work as a programmer, and was working on writing a book, in addition to playing WoW, I spent A LOT of time on the computer. To make things worse, I had bad posture. Soon enough, I got a repetitive stress injury -- specifically, a pinched nerve. My health is what ultimately got me to quit. Well, that's my story.
  5. Avatar

    I enjoyed it. I saw it in 3D, and the visuals are amazing. I've never seen anything like it. The story was predictable, and I can't even remember any character names besides Jake Sully. On the other hand, I saw this movie for pure escapism, which it did very well. I was so drawn into the world. Being a Blizzard gamer, though, I couldn't help but imagine it was a fight between Terrans and Night Elves.
  6. I wouldn't say that quote is necessarily true... one of my coworkers once spent hours trying to fix a bug, only to realize she got her i and j named variables swapped where they shouldn't be.
  7. Happy Turkey Day!

    Quote:Original post by jackolantern1 Does anyone else not particularly like Thanksgiving food? I don't know why, but I have never really liked Turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, rolls, etc. Traditional Thanksgiving for me includes microwaved frozen green beans, microwaved stuffing, microwaved jarred gravy, frozen apple pie (this one put in the oven), and the iconic cranberry sauce from a can, the kind that keeps its cylindrical shape with the can's rings molded on it. Yeah, my mom isn't much into cooking. I never really liked Thanksgiving food either until I started eating real food.
  8. Sequels & redesigned Classics

    Quote:Original post by nsmadsen Sega Genesis: Kid Chameleon! I've played this game over and over since the 7th grade and freakin' loved it. I remember when I when I had a Genesis, in my early teens, that I would want to pass every game I had. I did this, except for one game: Kid Chameleon. I managed to get to level 100-and-something but just couldn't do it. That game has lived in infamy in my memory. Good god, now the music and sound effects are playing in my head. I would like some remakes simply because some of these games are not available anymore or really hard to find. Sometimes I curse myself for selling my Genesis and games so that I could buy my first PC. But then, I might not have played Warcraft II... ah, consequences.
  9. Why do people prefer to stay home?

    I used to be like that, staying home and playing video games or reading or writing. Then I moved to a new city and decided I ought to meet some more people. One thing lead to another, and now I am out and about nearly every other night. But I want to mention that there are lots of things to do that don't involve clubbing or bars. I like to play games, so I joined a board game group. Play with real people instead of over the internet. I also joined Toastmasters, and that has been great fun as well as very educational. Both Toastmasters and board game groups are full of introverts, so it is very easy to fit in.
  10. Sometimes I feel that way with PC games. A scenario: Go back 5 years and get a top-notch computer and a graphics-intensive game, so that the graphics are the bottleneck for any efficiency (they usually are anyway). The game runs great. Go to the present day and keep the same machine, which is now outdated. Install a lower-end modern game that has the same graphical ability as that 5 year old game -- it doesn't look any better. In fact, it could even look worse. I betcha that the new game will run horribly choppy on that old machine even though, in theory, it shouldn't be more intensive than the 5 year old game that runs great on the same machine. What I think the real answer is with any two games, one is going to be programmed better than the other. I remember when I bought Half-Life 2, the game looked beautiful and ran super smoothly, while some other games released at the same time weren't as graphics intensive but ran choppy.
  11. Troubles sleeping

    I often have problems falling asleep too. The really annoying thing? Often the last thing I am doing is either reading or watching tv, but I keep nodding off and nearly falling asleep, so I decide to go to bed. (I don't read or watch tv in bed, btw.) Then when I try to fall asleep in bed, I can't, and it may take a couple hours. Can't stay awake to do anything, but can't fall asleep either.
  12. LucasArts X-Wing and Tie Fighter coming back?

    I loved playing TIE Fighter. My favorite ship was the interceptor. Even though it had no shields, I liked having 4 lasers, and it could turn very well. Of course the TIE Defender was the best, but it always felt overpowered to me. I remember in X-Wing Alliance, when you are flying into the Death Star II, I didn't know you could should the pipes blocking your way. For the longest time I tried to pass the level by dodging them all. When Star Wars Battlefront was announced, I was really excited, because I thought it would take the FPS from the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series and combine it with the flying from X-Wing/TIE Fighter. The flying in Battlefront was extremely disappointing.
  13. Anyone Know the Game King's Quest?

    Quote:Original post by Nytegard [Nonsense. Name one Lucas Arts game in which you can't die, and I'll name one person who's not trying hard enough!!! Come to think of it, in all four Monkey Islands there is a way to (sort of) kill yourself. In Curse, it is actually a puzzle to "kill" yourself. I almost literally ROFLed when the grave digger said, "Huh, and I didn't think you could die in LucasArts adventure games."
  14. Books you cannot put down

    Quote:Original post by Sirisian Quote:Original post by ScintI was so hooked on Lord of the Flies that I took it with me to an orthodontist appointment and tried to keep reading it while having my braces adjusted.Wow. I mean seriously? Lord of the Flies? The story about how some kids go insane and start killing kids. If you like books about people on an island that die go read both the Jurassic Park books. Oh and a book I couldn't put down was Sphere. That book is awesome and it's better than the movie. I like Michael Crichton books. Yeah, somehow Lord of the Flies really grabbed me, even though at the time most of the books I read were fantasy or sci-fi. It's been about 15 years since I read that book and I had forgotten about the circumstances of Simon's death. The death that really stuck in my mind was Piggy's, which unlike Simon's, was no case of mistaken identity. It just occurred to me that my favorite books include Lord of the Flies and Lord of the Rings... maybe I should look into more Lord of the ____ books.
  15. Books you cannot put down

    I was just thinking about favorite books I've read, and it occurred to me that I haven't read a fiction book in a while that really hooked me. A book that is so addictive that I just cannot put it down till I finish it. Some books that have had this effect on me are Prisoner of Azkaban, Fellowship of the Ring, and Lord of the Flies. I was so hooked on Lord of the Flies that I took it with me to an orthodontist appointment and tried to keep reading it while having my braces adjusted. I'm curious, what are some of your favorite books that you could not put down?