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    Easy UI.

    I am good at Java so I would probably go that way. Not to mention the fact that I was told a multi platform environment would be the best case. I am seeing that netbeans has a good UI tool called Matisse, I was using command line for my programs until now ;). I dont have a problem with Winforms but I dont like the fact that Microsoft is continuously changing the whole idea of UI, Winforms and I see now WPF. At least Java is consistent. Hmmm, anything else to suggest?
  2. Stranger

    Easy UI.

    I want a UI for some very quick and easy program dev. Not anything fancy maybe with some capabilities. The thing is that I have to learn it fast and prototype what I want quickly. I have seen thus far that Java's Swing and Windows Forms are the best bet. So the logical questions is which is going to give me all of the above, easy and fast learning curve for simple programs etc. Lately a colleague suggested I have a look at Adobe's Flex 2 and Apollo which from a google search seems to be a new tech. To cut matters short if you have any suggestions please post them.
  3. Stranger

    About Shaders?

    Two questions: 1) What are the necessary mathematics for writing shaders? 2) How does the programming model of shaders change with unified shader model? Any examples?
  4. I have downloaded Flex builder and played around a bit and now I want some opinions: 1) You think Flex 2 in general will go off like flash did? 2) Is it really marketable or just the companies in Adobe's site use it? 3) What other web technologies are useful to know and use with Flex? Any opinion matters.
  5. Apparently reinstalling fixed the problem.
  6. I go to File->New->Web Site..., but under the templates I am looking at templates for Windows Applications, Windows Control Library etc. everything I should normally see if I was to build a VC# project and not ASP ones. I checked whether I didnt install them but they are all there from what the setup says. any ideas?
  7. Is it safe to assume that the Xbox 360 is for every age group and not only for 12 to 20?
  8. I have Visual C# express edition and the .net redistributable installed. Do I need the sdk as well in order to build windows applications? the redist doesnt include all the necessary libraries etc.?
  9. What are the necessary requirements for web user interface design e.g. languages etc.
  10. Stranger

    Building a GUI system.

    An in game gui with buttons, scroll bars etc.
  11. What are the necessary steps for building a GUI system?
  12. I was seeing the UI of Virtools Dev. I was wondering how they did it. How did they built it? They used photoshop to make the various components and then import them in Visual Studio? How can you make a custom UI with WinForms but use your own graphics and of course attach functionallity to them?
  13. I have some questions about these two things if anyone could reply: 1) How do I include packages from other projects in IntelliJ? 2) How do I import other .jar in my classpath in IDEA? 3) I have a new .jar file I want to add in the Java JDK folder so that every time I start a project is loaded automatically. In which folder of the main Java JDK should I will place it?
  14. I am in User Interface design. In my Uni I am about to start a project with UI dev and they gave me the free choice of dev platform. To that end I have some questions: 1) Is there a tool like Visual Studio for Java? Is there a Winforms equivelant for Java implemented in the tool e.g. drag and drop boxes, status bars then change properties etc. 2) Market wise and job wise is Java better for UI dev in general games, applications than .NET which is my other choice? 3) Is Java easier than the C# opponent. I understand that this jas flame all over it but believe me that it is very important to receive some non flame answers.
  15. Can I have your help on this operator? With this operator I can use methods of a class in the class itself? I have in Visual Studio the command this.Close() to close the form but it doesnt work with Form.Close() so where is the difference? In other words give me a detailed explanation of the this keyword. Thank you for reading.
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