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    Bath anyone?

    I take a shower once a day at *most*, I don't like to go two days without but a day an a half isn't that bad. Taking showers too often is unhealthy - it strips off all the protective oils that keep out diseases. Just find a good deoderant. Also, I hate taking a shower right before a date. It dries out my skin and I my hair doesn't have time to settle after I put gel in it.
  2. ParadigmShift

    Take away 3D look in 3D objects

    You can use the ModelView matrix to rotate/translate the scene when you draw it. Rotate to give it a skew so you can see the height of objects above the ground. Translate to pan around.
  3. ParadigmShift

    The Godfather Video Game

    Quote:Original post by Eelco how the fuck did they manage to spend so much time and money on this? Lots & lots of designers and artists, it seems. And let's not forget the IP rights don't come cheap. I will project it's going to be a huge game in terms of hype/marketing, and the scope of the game world, where you can play through it hundreds of times and do different things each time with different results. It won't beat their sports games for revenue though. Just a prediction...
  4. ParadigmShift

    Is Only Dating Your Race Racism?

    I don't know if this helps, but it is important to remember that the definition of racism has two parts. From Merriam-Webster: 1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race 2 : racial prejudice or discrimination The first part is internal; it describes how people think. The second part is external, it describes actions that prefer a particular race that presuppose some flaw in others without specific evidence. The problem with dating is that you can be turned off just because of the ethnic differences and nothing else, which is not the case with, say, hiring someone. For example, I really don't see myself dating a person who smokes. It isn't a judgement on their inferiority, I have friends that smoke and would not worry about hiring someone who smokes, but I can't date someone I have no intention of marrying, and that's a matter of personal preference. The difference is I'm not turned off by a stereotype ('XXX are lazy workers, so I won't hire them'), I'm being turned off by the actual property that they do have, whether it's their appearance, their religion which has instilled in them different values from mine, etc. So you're not really discriminating against features you imagine them to have, you're discriminating against features they actually have. Still, it's not clear-cut. If I say "I will never date a black girl because black women are X, Y, and Z" that's racism but if I say "I don't find black women attractive" that's not. Anybody with me?
  5. I'd like to point out that the tasks that want multithreading on a dual-core or dual-cpu machine are different than the ones you'd focus on for a single-cpu machine. On a single-cpu machine, what you're avoiding is basically I/O blocking. This includes low-level networking (assembling messages) and disk I/O. As you say, it is a fairly easy, separable task to load stuff in the background so as to maximize CPU usage. Moving physics/AI into a separate thread won't necessarily be a win because you have some time while the graphics card is busy to do world updates. On a multi-cpu machine, there are many ways to decide which tasks to separate. CPU-intensive background tasks can be separate threads, so they don't interfere with the high-priority game loop. Things like asynchronous collision queries would be good candidates, because the thread can be in a tight loop of physics code and keep everything in the second cpu's data/instruction caches. (Do people really care about that anymore, on PCs?) And then there's the possibility going forward that the machine has multiple graphics adaptors... Tom
  6. I think what the OP is asking for is a way to draw into a memory buffer, for instance to render into an image for a web server or on a server to distribute to clients. I've used Mesa GL before, it can be compiled in 'headless' mode and will give you access to various buffer formats to draw to and read back from. Tom
  7. ParadigmShift

    An (open-source) DRM solution?

    The only way to do DRM effectively is to do the decryption in hardware. You have a special decoder card in your PC (iPod, etc) hooked up to the sound output directly, and the PC sends the public key to the server, which encrypts the file so that only that once piece of hardware can decode it. This way you never have a decrypted stream in memory, ever. You can still make analog copies, but that's not what the RIAA is up in arms about. The only drawback with this scheme is that you can't give a user a license to play the song on 5 different machines without sending them 5 different files. DRM'd music is a stupid idea. What am I paying for, exactly? The right to listen? That's like buying a watch that you need special glasses to read the time. If anybody could just look at your watch, why would they go out and buy their own? I mean, I could just stand up every few minutes and yell out the time and then nobody around me would ever need to buy a watch! And then how will the watchmakers make any money? Tom
  8. ParadigmShift

    Leeroyyyyy strikes again.

    Baby monitors are really sensitive these days. You can literally hear the baby breathing. When my sister was a baby we had one. You get so accustomed to the sound that if it goes silent for any reason (power goes out, etc) it grabs your attention, possibly even waking you since parents of small infants don't sleep very deeply anyway. They also have special triangle-shaped pillows that prevent the baby from rolling onto is stomach, purportedly reducing the occurance of SIDS by a large percentage. In any case, the poor child is probably better off. If it had lived it would have been one scarred, neglected little kid. Tom
  9. ParadigmShift

    0/0 and 0^0

    Yeah but zero is a tricky thing. Try these out for size: lim 0/n -> 0 as n -> 0 lim n/0 -> undef (or infinity) as n -> 0 lim (k*n)/n -> k as n -> 0 Since 0 = k*0, you could make this limit come out to anything you want. So many different functions which could theoretically "evaluate" to 0/0 actually have different limits, so you can't use the limit to define 0/0. Sorry! Tom
  10. ParadigmShift

    [java] How far can Java3d go?

    >>sarcasm<< Irish word : tarcaisne ; Does that help?
  11. ParadigmShift

    [java] How far can Java3d go?

    Java the language is not slow. I've written 3-D games in Java before, and seen demos at the Sun booth at GDC which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Java can do graphics processing at interactive speeds. Now, I wouldn't rush off and try and write a software renderer in interpreted bytecode, but for JIT-compiled game logic and scene graph handling it's all right. An RPG, for instance, doesn't require fancy BSP-rendered portal-culled shadow-volume-extruded havok-physics-enabled geometry, it's just a handful of 3-D sprites, maybe with a few skinned meshes. This is not an example of a game that's CPU bound. I've seen RuneScape - my gf was addicted to it for a while. Naturally you can get much higher quality art assets if you put the game on a CD/DVD than if you stream them over the net, but that's a design decision. As for Java3D - the last time I used it was 5 years ago, and it was absolute crap. I'd be very surprised if they haven't improved it significantly though. Tom
  12. ParadigmShift

    Lighting a texture

    Sorry. I wasn't paying attention to the forum. I believe the way texture stages and lighting work is that the lighting is calculated per-vertex and then saved in vertex color, which is then interpolated. So one of your texture stages needs to be set to modulate the output fragment by the interpolated vertex color - I believe it's D3DTA_DIFFUSE. Hope that helps. Tom
  13. ParadigmShift

    Lighting a texture

    Need to post: - What API you're using (OpenGL/DirectX) - What draw commands you're issuing - If possible, code or screen shots
  14. ParadigmShift

    OpenGL implementation?

    When comparing performance, it is customary to compare OpenGL vs. DirectX drivers released by the manufacturer. Just because a piece of hardware, say a GeForce4, has particular performance capabilities, doesn't mean that the drivers are equally effective in giving the application that performance. Certain features may be more difficult to implement efficiently in the DirectX API vs. OpenGL, and vice versa. Other GL implementations, such as Mesa, are usually not very fast so they don't enter into the discussion.
  15. ParadigmShift

    Matrices and the pipeline

    Also, it is perfectly plausible to use the projection matrix only, as the two matrices are always concatenated prior to transformation. They are only separate because it can be handy to manipulate one and not the other. For instance: You have a Projection matrix with the following transforms: 1. Frustum transform 2. Viewing (camera) transform And a Model matrix with the following transforms: 3. World transform 4. Model transform 5. Sub-model transform (objects moving relative to parent objects, etc) This is more or less the same as one Projection matrix with transforms 1-5, but say you wanted to draw mountains twice, once regularly and once reflected in water. To do the reflection, you want to flip the camera. If you're using one matrix, you need to pop 5, 4, 3, and 2, specify a new camera transform, and then specify 3-5 again. If you're using two matrices, you just pop 2 off the Projection and specify your new camera, and the Model matrix stays the same. Tom
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