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  1. cnstrnd

    Some images i've rendered recently... (mathy)

    Quote:Original post by Dmytry (...) using the state of the art serious movie quality effects... Do you mind elaborate on the your post-process ?
  2. cnstrnd

    DJGPP - DOS sound programming

    Quote:Original post by petermsmith I'd just like to write my own data files storing frequencies and durations, and write code to load them.You can take advantage of the MPU-401 emulation then send midi messages with just a few outs.
  3. Quote:Original post by Anon Mike What is your criteria for "better"?Walking the whole tree : Recurse. - The implicit call stack > any software stack. Seaching within the tree : Iterate. - You're basically iterating a linked list with an alternative for which "next" node you need.
  4. cnstrnd

    sorting large numbers

    Quote:Original post by EasilyConfused (...) if you don't care about the type of container, it might be more efficient to use a container that maintains sorted order on insertion (...)Quote:Original post by Extrarius What do the numbers represent? What will they be used for? What kind of structure are they stored in (linked list, vector, etc)?Each algorithm has been design for a particular purpose. If you're sorting entities equaly distributed against a specified range, you might prefer radix and its derivatives (I know of "byte-sort" if you're interested.) Totally random sets are best sorted with quick-sort.
  5. cnstrnd

    CPP exceptions and multi threading?

    As stated by smart_idiot, exception mechanisms are not related to threading issues. The bug lies somewhere else.
  6. cnstrnd

    Compiler help

    Quote:Original post by Nice Coder now, say for x = y * 2 + 3 we start off and the first token we find is the equals.Just to clarify things a bit : tokens are the smallest semantic values in a grammar much like words and punctuation in non formal languages (read "common languages" like esperanto). In C, for example, `while` `anIdentifier` `=` `(` are tokens.
  7. cnstrnd

    Compiler help

    Quote: StatementSeq ::= (empty) | Statement StatementSeq Statement ::= Var '=' Expr Expr ::= Var | Int | Expr '+' Expr (...) Note how the rules of the grammar are in an almost one-to-one relationship with the code. (...)Make it a PEG :Statements <- Statement Statement* Statement <- Var '=' Expr Expr <- Expr OP Expr / Var / IntAnd you've got a 1 on 1 description of your parser. No proselytism intended :)
  8. cnstrnd

    Compiler help

    As an alternative to lexical scanning / semantic parsing pair, you should really look toward PEGs (parsing expression grammars.) They basically reflect, with a clean syntax, recursive descent parsers (the easiest to implement.) Lexing and Parsing are merged into a single step. Where it all begun. Interesting template implementation.
  9. cnstrnd

    Regular timings with Sleep?

    Why not WaitForSingleObject on your serial connection then ? I haven't done it myself but I am pretty sure you can find an handle applicable for this function (asynchronous event, overlapped io, ...)
  10. cnstrnd

    Regular timings with Sleep?

    First of all, timeBeginPeriod is not guaranteed to work : after your call, the period could be as long as 10ms maybe even more. Linky And timing with Sleep is no good, you'd better use a periodic multimedia timer.
  11. cnstrnd

    qt + malloc issue

    Can't you allocate your big block on a separate heap ? Or else ...
  12. cnstrnd

    Pointers and private variables

    Quote:Original post by Esmo2000 In C++, what is the behaviour of a private member which has a pointer given to another function (which should not have had access to that private member)? (Please note, I don't want to do this I just want to know!!)Pure function pointers are stable both statically and at runtime. You should only care about objects bound to a member function pointer AND functors since you can't manage either of their lifetime.
  13. cnstrnd

    Suggestions for books

    There is no such thing as a third dimensional realm of C++. Each philosophy is a confession. The introduction to 3D graphics from the directX SDK is quite good AFAIK despite the whole lot of other ressources you can find googling around. Remaining details are up to you.
  14. cnstrnd

    Left Handed Mouse

    Quote:Original post by Anon MikeIt's largely because so many app developers do stupid stuff like that that Windows is as huge and bloated as it is. Invariably some big-name app is doing something a two-year old could have told them is idiotic but happened to work in whatever limited scenario the developer bothered to test and now MS needs to keep Windows bug-compatible with that app for the next 10 years.Sorry to bother but can you give us examples of what you state ? It feels like you're talking HTML there.
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