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  1. CProgrammer

    Maintenance scripts

    I really like C# and if it were considered commonplace on Unix as well I'd probably only use it. Bash is great as a base but what do you guys think about mixing in php and C++ into the bash scripts, instead of perl or the like.
  2. Hi guys, i want to ask the community what you guys' favorite automation tools/languages are when it comes to maintenance tasks, e.g. automatic backups, changing directory structures. I use several myself but to avoid influencing the outcome of posts i'll refrain from the discussion initially. -CProgrammer
  3. CProgrammer

    apache log

    Hi guys, I was able to recreate the request and as expected 200 is simply a default return. There seems to be no inherent security risk, as I have all the newest patches. But these requests seem to be going around at the moment. -CProgrammer
  4. CProgrammer

    apache log

    I looked up the IP and it comes from a large ISP in the US. I'd like to try recreating the request but short of playing around with a socket library programmatically, I can't think of a way to do this. Is there an application that can do this, i.e. send some request to port 80. -CProgrammer
  5. CProgrammer

    apache log

    Anyone have any ideas what the 200 return means in this case? And whether there are other indicators that could tell me if the attempt succeeded. Thanks Cprogrammer
  6. CProgrammer

    apache log

    Since the 200 success return is an http return, im guessing this doesnt necessarily mean they got what they wanted?
  7. CProgrammer

    apache log

    A mystery.. It's not an http request. I thought Apache only handled http. How does one create a request as above?
  8. CProgrammer

    apache log

    ipaddress - - [03/Nov/2010:13:48:19 -0400] "\x87\x83\xbbX3a" 200 3207 "-" "-" That is the line in the file, I left out the actual IP.
  9. CProgrammer

    apache log

    Most apache log entries have a GET followed by the url, i.e. http requests. I've just encountered an entry without the GET or HTTP suffix. It is simply \giberish\moregiberish. Notice the backslashes instead of forward slashes so it is not even a directory structure. Oddly the server returned 200, i.e. success, according to the logs. Any ideas? Thanks guys. -CProgrammer
  10. CProgrammer

    mail server

    Hi guys, Im running a mail server and im hoping to get some insights on security. Its a cyrus ldap setup. There is no tls enabled but the firewall blocks access to mail directly. Instead a webmail client uses the mail server, both are on the same machine. The webmail site is accessed using https, ie ssl. The setup sounds secure to me. What do you guys think? CProgrammer
  11. CProgrammer

    server advice

    I think that is what I'll do. From what I've read so far that seems to be the right thing to do. Thanks guys! Appreciate the honest inputs.
  12. CProgrammer

    server advice

    What it comes down to for me is ease of use and cost. The server is a dell server with some fancy built ins such as wake on lan and RAID-1. Since SLES is what it shipped with I know sles works. Would Ubunto's free server edition or Debian take the RAID into account. Also the server is 64-bit. I agree, I don't want to spend money just so that I can get a few updates that are mainly open source anyway. It's a lot of work to format and reinstall all the software I'm using but I'd do it if you guys think it will result in the same end result for no subscription. Let me lay down a quick list that the server needs. Apart from basics of web hosting, ssh etc. it is 64-bit, RAID-1, needs YaST, mail server and it shouldn't need much tweaking. EDIT: Another question is whether Ubunto Server supports the x86 architecture, their download implies AMD.
  13. CProgrammer

    server advice

    Hi guys, I can't seem to find any good advice on this. I own a nice server with built in RAID. Currently I'm running Suse Linux Enterprise Server. What I'm trying to figure out is whether it is worth renewing the subscription which is in the ballpark of 350 dollars a year. Or whether it may make more sense to use a free linux distro. Anyone have any experience on whether an OS specifically optimized for servers is necessary? CProgrammer
  14. CProgrammer

    image segmentation

    Hey Antheus, thanks for the reply. I've thought of Hough transform, I'm worried though it may not suffice. EDIT: The issue will likely lie in the fact that the rectangles can be slightly oval shaped. This means the algorithm will likely still need to segment further. The final touches could be done using histogram analysis or another edge detection algorithm but that would defeat the purpose of the Hough transform. I'll give it a try. Come to think of it. What I should really have is an application that can load some of my sample images and then apply all kinds of algorithms on it. From graph based, level sets, hough etc. Anyone know of one. -CProgrammer
  15. CProgrammer

    image segmentation

    This is good, thanks! Had been considering level sets, and this seems to confirm that choice. Hm may opt to implement this myself, but anyone know of an existing solution, am willing to pay for it, for linux. I want this done quickly. Also anyone have experience using OpenCV and can recommend it for this? -CProgrammer
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