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  1. Empathy for character's 'feelings'?

    when i watch "rise of the mushroom kingdom" and it's at mario's funeral... i almost cry. i feel luigi's pain. this is how you create empathy :)
  2. So I'm finally doing it.

    Got me a big ol wad of money saved (and borrowed of course), and now I'm starting a college course for Computer animation. Its a 1st year pre requisite to a game development program. I've been talking about doing this for years now, and now that I'm 21, its finally getting started. Luckily I found a very credible course in my hometown at a private institute. Its a little more expensive, but its exactly what I want and its exactly where I want to go to school. It was all to perfect to pass up. Unfortuneatly, I won't be doing any game work in this course for at least a year. But in the mean time I'll be brushing up on my artistic side, and learning how to put 3D models and scenes together in animation. Wish me luck. I'm sure I'll need it