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  1. Scanmaster_k

    R&D AI Book Bundle

    Just unless you missed it, Humble Bundle is currently selling a book bundle regarding AI and machine learning. Link The bundle includes one book for UE4 and a lot of general books.
  2. Scanmaster_k

    Beneath the Waves

    Beneath the Waves is a adventure game inspired by point and click games but with a 3rd person camera. Your love for travel and writing has so far always paid your bills, but these days travel books and articles all contain the same information. That’s why you had the clever idea of doing a series on popular tourist places during the off season. First stop is Mont Saint-Michel an island rich with history. Only accessible during the summer before the tides drown the only road and the storm season make the seas too treacherous to travel. You hope to find the serene atmosphere so adored by the readers of "Away", but who knows what hides Beneath the Waves. Webpage Facebook IndieDB
  3. Scanmaster_k

    Turf Wars - On Steam

    It is now possible to win a free steam copy of Turf Wars on their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/TurfWarsGame/
  4. Scanmaster_k

    Turf Wars - On Steam

    Great news for my students, their steam store page just went up and soon the game will be available on steam. CHeck it out. http://store.steampowered.com/app/713760/Turf_Wars/
  5. Scanmaster_k

    Beneath the Waves, a mystery adventure game

    In our second development blog post we talk about what we have been up to lately like blocking out the first area where the demo will take place as well as music and the player character. Development blog #2
  6. Scanmaster_k

    Development blog #2 - Level Design

    We have been going on it for a while now and it’s time to tell you a little bit more of what we have been up to. Level Design Our plan is to release a demo and test it to see the interest of the game and decide upon that if we want to continue production or not. We are still very much in the planning phase and we have started to block out the first areas the player will experience. The game will take place in Mont Saint-Michel, an island in Normandy France that due to tidal ways sometimes get cut off from the mainland. This is of course a prime location for a mystery adventure. Blocking out the level like we have started to do helps us test the gameplay and general feel of the game as well as the scope of the areas before we dive into creating the actual assets of the game. This will save us time later in the project, so we have a solid plan on what we need to do. The game will start on the shore leading up to the entrance to the city and during the demo you will be able to explore a small part of the city up the Grand Rue leading up to the hotel where the player character will stay during his visit to the island. This is where the adventure begins that will lure you into the mysteries of the island and your own history. Music Our musician Ulf has also started testing out some music for the game and produced to test songs. What we want is something low key that can be layered for different areas and below you can listen to our concepts so far. Christophe Demers Juras, our character artist has been hard at work modelling the player character. The next step is to texture and rig it to give it that final look and to be able to animate it. We will not tell you much more about Christophe right now other than we have fleshed out a lot about the character and the events taking place on the mysterious island of Mont Saint-Michel. The Future Over the next period we hope to get in the player character into the game along with other graphical assets. Hopefully we will also have fleshed out some of the puzzle ideas we have that we want for the demo release.
  7. Scanmaster_k

    Development blog #1 - Introduction

    Thank you.
  8. Scanmaster_k

    Development blog #1 - Introduction

    Welcome to the first official post about Beneath the Waves! A month into development and we are starting to see the concept take shape as we flesh out exactly what this will be and how it will be played. The Game What can we say about Beneath the Waves so early into development? Well… We can say that it is an adventure game filled with mystery. We can’t really talk too much about our story as we don’t want to spoil anything for you. We can say that we are hoping to write something that will be filled with mystery, maybe even a little scary! Something that will keep you wondering about what it is that hides Beneath the Waves? Gameplay wise it is greatly inspired by the classic adventure point and click genre. We want to have a bit of a fresh take on it so we are considering how we can do that. Our thoughts now are along the lines of having it play like a 3rd person game where you transition out of action mode and into puzzle mode. The classic adventure games often have a static camera and you go from scene to scene and we are aiming for one location where you can move freely within that space, think free roaming but in a small environment. The Setting Beneath the Waves will take place on a remote island cut off by the tides. We are greatly inspired by Mont Saint-Michel located in Normandy, France. The player, a 35ish travel author are doing and article series about popular tourist places during off season and for reasons not yet revealed takes aim on this beautiful island. The game takes place in modern day but the popular tourist island with its rich history has the feel of, and aesthetics of a medieval city last renovated during the 30s. The Team Well whenever it comes to us at KJ Interactive you will have Krister and Jona. Krister being a coder he will naturally handle the programming of the game. Jona as the marvelous technical artist that he is will handle that side as well as being the lead of the graphics people helping them doing what they do to the best of their ability. We are also getting help from our friends at Red Line Games. Juras is our character artist and he is currently working on the player character that we will talk more about in an upcoming article. With us we also have Kalle that together with Krister is focusing on the story and dialogue. The Future Our short-term goals are to produce a demo to test the idea of Beneath the Waves on players to see if this is something you will enjoy and see if our direction with the game will be enjoyable for you. Therefor we are focusing on the beginning of the game and releasing that as a free demo and from there we’ll continue if you enjoy it as much as we hope you will.
  9. Scanmaster_k

    Beneath the Waves, a mystery adventure game

    We have started to play around with some music to set the tone, this is a work in progress. Penumbra - Beneath the Waves.
  10. Beneath the Waves as an adventure game filled with mystery and puzzles. Set on an island (inspired by Mont Saint-Michel) cut off from the mainland by the tides you take the roll of a travel author. You find yourself on this quaint island to write an article about popular tourist places during their off season. Before you know it a mysterious plot is laid out in front of you. WIP Player Character Beneath the Ways is in many ways a classical adventure game with point and click mechanics. However the game taking place on an island we will have you be able to freely walk around the location not locked for plot reasons. Sounds interesting? We hope it does then these links might interest you further so you can keep up with the progress of Beneath the Waves. IndieDB Facebook Web Development blog Development blog #1 - Introduction Development blog #2 - Level Design
  11. Scanmaster_k

    Turf Wars - On Steam

    The demo just went public, download it here!
  12. Scanmaster_k

    Turf Wars - On Steam

    Now we are close to releasing a demo, if you want to try that demo before everyone else you can join our mailing list over here http://www.redlinegames.se/turf-wars/.
  13. Scanmaster_k

    Turf Wars - On Steam

    If you happen to be Swedish you can see Red Line Games live tomorrow at 07:45 on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon talking about their project Turf Wars.
  14. Scanmaster_k

    Turf Wars - On Steam

    Turf Wars is closing into release. You and your friends play gangstaz in this 2-4 local multiplayer top-down shooter that fight each other in different game modes. Get it on Steam Download demo! Facebook IndieDB Twitter Instagram Red Line Games
  15. Scanmaster_k

    Unity3D Quck Tutorials

    Hello fellow devs. I've started creating quick tutorials on different coding aspects of Unity programming. You can find the tutorials here.
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