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  1. Nerusai

    3d Graphics Fundamentals

    I still remember the times where we had to make our own rotation matrixes for each axis with the sinuses etc. ^^ It's good reading I reckon.
  2. Nerusai

    Scripting vs Self-documenting code

    I'm not sure at what you're aiming at here, but to me it would seem that you can have this functionality with a hash table.
  3. Nerusai

    Winsock CreateProces()

    If you use a non-blocking socket you can do it in the mainloop, or you can create a blocking process.
  4. Nerusai

    okay so i was stranded

    Quote:Original post by Sneftel Alright, let's get serious. If you're lost in the middle of a forest, your chief advantage is your natural abilities as a human being. (Shortened) Your rescue will now be imminent! Haha :) Nice one Sneftel. Reminded me that you should not go rafting in unfamiliar waters.
  5. Nerusai

    okay so i was stranded

    Oh and if you're worried about these things happening, you should carry around a few items on your body all the time: - compass - firestone thingy (Dont know what they are called in English, but they're metal really, makes a lot of sparks, you want this) - A good pocket knife that is only a knife, at best it can have a compass in it, as long as it's still solid. And stainless steel. - Some water decontamination chemicals, for when you really need to drink but cant get a fire going. I heard potassiumpermanganate works good for this, not sure though. - compass. I cant stress the importance of a compass enough (Given it works). - iodine, dissolved in alcohol - im not sure if iodine crystals can be used with water, if you can carry crystals it's probably superior since it takes less space. - vitamins. You're going to need vitamins if you're going to live off the same diet for a long time. Eating meat usually should solve this.] - copper wire to trap small game with (Buy a GPS cellular or something?) - Backup pocket knife - Tool to sharpen knifes - Suicide pill - If you expect the worst of the worst, I highly recommend bringing this, should work fast and sedate as well. Should never be used unless you're going to die in a few minutes anyway because your guts are all over said forest. Or if you've been hit by a truck on the road you just found. This is about all I can think of I think ^^
  6. Nerusai

    okay so i was stranded

    I'd like to add that if at all possible I'd rather set up a liveable base of operations then try get out like a headless chicken, as long as it's not winter and you have ample clothing and can nourish yourself, the only bad thing that can happen to you is mostly yourself. Identify threats and then eat them if possible, nothing clears up your day like eating the snake that could have killed you - now it saved you ^^ Gather some heavy stones, sharp sticks, sharp stones etc. Beyond that, people can live without food for many days.
  7. Nerusai

    okay so i was stranded

    Thinking you can't get out is fatalism, but taking into account you'd indeed be stuck for an extended period of time, the best course of action would be to find a source of fresh water, a shelter(Preferably on higher ground) and food. If you're new to the place you'd have to start experimenting with food, see if berry x makes you sick etc. etc. Dig a few holes in hopes of trapping small game/bugs/reptiles in order to eat them. Getting a fire going. Nearly everything is edible if cooked properly.
  8. Nerusai

    The death of a great product

    Can't find it anywhere on the site that you own the song once it's saved, are you sure?
  9. Nerusai

    arrays in classes

    You can also template it.
  10. Quote:Original post by Nemesis2k2 Wait.... this is an Athlon 64, not an Athlon XP, isn't it? That's very important. For an AthlonXP you're looking at a critical temperature of around 85C-90C. For an Athlon 64, you're looking at around 65C-70C. If you're hitting 64C, that's very close to the red line. I'd be concerned about that. It's very possible that a temperature threshold in your bios is being exceeded, and the machine is being locked to save the processor. You need to do something about the cooling for this machine. The core temperature is for the graphics card, sorry - not the processor.
  11. Quote:Original post by CosmoKramer It sounds like your video card is overheating. I dont know if an overheated video card can reboot your computer, but it can increase the overall temperature of your computer and cause your processor to overheat, which would explain the rebooting. Quote:Original post by Nerusai ... System specs: - AMD 3500+ Processor... In fact, Im sure it has to do with your processor. Try getting some of that processor putty (i forget what its called) that you put between the processor and heatsink to make the heat dissipate faster. Then let us know what the cpu temp is while playing. That stuff works wonders, but, unfortunately, I think you might have to re-apply it every few (6) months or so because it wears off. It did in my friends computer anyway. The PC isnt rebooting, I have to do that manually. It completely locks up, but the screen simply dies. Anyway, I've installed the unreleased drivers from and so far the problem didn't recur...
  12. No, I checked my drawer, all forks were accounted for >.<
  13. Now they've finally replaced my video card I now have a new problem >.< PC freezes after a while, while playing (3D) games. And with freeze I mean that Windows will not show any blue screens, the pc will not reboot and Windows will not give any signs that any kind of problem occurred after I've manually rebooted. The monitor will go back to the state it was in when the PC was off(Orange LED instead of green), all sound stops and nothing happens in the background. System specs: - AMD 3500+ Processor on an Asus A8N SLI motherboard - 1024 MB of Memory, over 2 banks, it's completely free of errors - checked with Windows' memory test and memtest86. - The PC runs fine in Windows alone and seems to have no problems with 2D games. - The temperature of the core goes up to 64 degrees while playing(47 normal) but not above that. - Windows has been reinstalled - Using latest release version of nvidias drivers, am now going to attemp their beta. - CoolerMaster 450W powersupply and it's voltages are well within the norm. Does anyone have a clue what's wrong here/somewhere? (It's a new PC that I just put together myself)
  14. Nerusai

    Help! Pc reboots when game exits!

    Have done so already, the hard drive is fine(All partitions(there's 3))
  15. Nerusai

    Help! Pc reboots when game exits!

    With what excactly? I really doubt that, right now there's only the geforce installed and I pretty much disabled all other onboard items. Can always try disabling more, I've also nearly completed a linux download so I can see if it exhibits the same behavior in linux.
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