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    Sleep Paralysis Question

    I've only had two episodes of sleep paralysis, both separated by decent ammounts of time. First one happened when I was young and was pretty scary, couldn't sleep again that night. But it's really nothing to worry about, chances are it won't happen very often and when it does it won't do you any harm.
  2. RamboBones

    Robert Jordan dead

    Having been a big Whell of Time fan for a while now when I saw this whilst flicking through digg earlier today I was blown away. Especially considering that his progress with his illness had been going fairly well up till now. Fortunately as far as the story goes if you read his blog on DragonMount.com/RobertJordan you will find out that he spent a few hours one day telling the complete story and ending to his wife and Wilson Quote:MOL is going into the word processor and onto audio tapes almost daily. Not every day mind you, because the medical fight takes first priority. But, he told you he’d finish and he will. Fact is that it has been finished in his head for years. During a recent family sit around, he became the Gleeman and told the bones of it ALL to Harriet and me. You read that right, I did say ALL. Don’t ask, ain’t telling. Two and a half hours of story telling by the Creator himself went by in the twinkling of an eye. Truly magical. All I can say is WOW! Best stuff he’s ever done. MOL is going to knock your socks off! That’s a promise. So the ending is known and hopefully he left permission for someone to finish the story off, as I remember him saying a while ago that if he died before he finished the series he didn't want anybody else to attempt to complete it. Still it is nonetheless a sad day
  3. RamboBones

    World Building

    Quote:Original post by silverphyre673 Quote:Original post by EmptyVoid One city at a time there is a good reason to make a whole planet for my game it's going to be an MMO and I would like to hide ancient ruins and special items lost books etc. It's not just going to be one planet it's going to be a whole galaxy you'll understand when I'm done. Ummm... You're planning on making an entire galaxy mapped out so the player can walk around any given planet... Well how else would you get to all the hockey rinks?
  4. RamboBones

    Play My MMO

    When I looked at using PhysX I was really excited when I saw that it could run in software without requiring the PPU to be present. Then I saw that you needed to install drivers to use PhysX even to use it without a card and I immediately went to Newton. Simple as that in my opinion.
  5. RamboBones

    John Rambo

    Go Rambo
  6. RamboBones

    Is there a Laptop that uses destop parts???

    Making a laptop out of desktop parts is easy. Carry a generator and your case/monitor around with you. The reason you don't see high end desktop parts in laptops (and the reason that you can't just shove desktop parts into a laptop) is two fold. Firstly power consumption. Desktop cpu's typically require alot of power and they also produce alot of heat, which leads to the second problem. Laptops are just too compact to have extreme cooling with large heatsinks and fans, not to mention that the power to run the cooling would link back to the first problem of power consumption.
  7. I think you are forgetting that it being plastered on digg was a protest to the digg administrators and had very little to do with the actual key itself. Yes digg has problems with imature people posting alot of crap but flooding the front page with this was merely a form of protest (and a non-violent one at that) and shouldn't be taken too far out of context. Although digg does have an awful lot of wankers
  8. RamboBones

    A story about manliness

    Indeed I own a copy of that book
  9. RamboBones

    A story about manliness

    Quote:Original post by skittleo I like it. It's got a Starship Troopers ring to it. Now that you've set the premise and introduced the main concepts of manliness, where do you plan on going with the story? My only criticism (and a minor one at that) is the part where the seargent explains manliness regeneration, bonus manliness, etc. Perhaps I'm just tired, but it didn't seem clear what you meant at times. More importantly trhough, I'm not sure how relavent it was to the story. Your call. Indeed, I have always been a very poor dialogue writer and that section most definately needs some re-writing. That and I should crack out the thesaurus or otherwise try and avoid the repeated use of the word 'manliness'.
  10. RamboBones

    A story about manliness

    My friend and I have a running joke about manliness and being manly which started back when we use to play halo 2 "manly style" which meant you could only brute enemies, no using grenades and no using the guns on vehicles (running over was accepted if accidental but not encouraged) and all had to be done on heroic. Following on from this I've started writing what I'm only calling "The manly story" for the moment. It's just the very beginning and lacks formatting and a whole host of other details but might be an interesting read. I'm pretty much looking for feedback on how you think the story is at the moment, people I've showed it to so far (only a bare handful) have enjoyed it, but tend to doubt such humor etc could be continued throughout (why they doubt my writing ability is beyond me though). Anyway, story follows Karl placed the weights back on the ground with a gentle clink of metal. Yeh that’s right! Nothing like putting two hundred kilo’s over your head to finish off a cool down after a hard workout session. It’d been a long time since he’d permitted himself to end with any less than a three hundred but after a long stressful day listening to the latest reports of the alien invasion it just wasn’t in him. Almost two weeks had passed now since the alien invaders had been spotted flying through space on a bulls-eye course for this planet. The reports he’d been dealing with today had been related to communications received from the city of Northarbor where the new comers had first landed. Word was that they didn’t use their own muscles to fight but rather relied on incredibly wimpy guns and lasers which had long since been outlawed by men after ugly incidents where tester’s manliness had fallen so low from use that they had actually died. Karl let out a long sigh; it was going to take the best men on this rock to stand up to the intruders and he was definitely one of them. After a week of prepping, he and many others were to be shipped out to reinforce the men of Northarbor tomorrow morning. A glance at his manly meter showed he was only at seventy percent so he decided to forsake putting his shirt back on before the walk home, despite the sub zero temperatures outside the gym. Taking the chilly onslaught in stoic silence Karl was pleased to see his manliness jump a few percent, and his action of treading on a broken glass bottle boosted it up to eighty percent. Karl starting whistling as he walked, this may not end too badly, if he slept outside tonight in his boxers he should be back to one hundred percent come morning and ready to kick some alien ass. Morning dawned with the first rays of light finding Karl covered in a thin layer of frost. While his sudden acrobatic leap to his feet could be contributed to his pale blue skin and near hypothermic state Karl new the instant he had woken up what the real problem was, prolonged direct exposure to ice had caused his testicles to completely shrink. It didn’t take a genius to realize his manliness had suffered horribly by this so Karl didn’t even bother to look at the meter; instead his mind shifted straight to overdrive developing strategies on how to make the problem more erect before the troop transport came to take him to the combat zone. This was a matter of life and death after all. If his soon to be combat buddies saw his manliness at its current state Karl knew he’d die straight away from the shame. He wasn’t some pampered gay boy who had to spend the majority of life in hospital on life support, no he was, as far as he was concerned, the most fighting fit and manly person this planet could cough up and he’d be damned if his meter didn’t read one hundred when he met his new buddies. Breakfast was a slightly rushed affair for Karl, out of necessity, just a simple matter of grabbing a beer out of the fridge and after ripping off the top with his teeth quickly sculling its bitter amber contents, along with copious amounts of glass from his overzealous opening. That task done Karl threw on a singlet to go with his shorts, grabbed his kit and was out the door without a backward glance. His old life had ended. He enjoyed this one last chance to absorb suburban surrounds of his old home, the run down houses, the overgrown lawns and hanging above it all the faint smell of blood from last nights brawls. The peace and quiet was shattered perfectly on queue, at least by Karl’s judge of the time, as the troop transport roared into the street. Karl remembered the sergeant who had given him his orders saying that the troop carrier was just going around street by street collecting any new recruits and that he, along with the other recruits, would have to make themselves known if they expected to be picked up. Simple enough, Karl thought. Totally unfazed by the armor plated vehicle roaring towards him Karl dropped his kit bag and calmly stepped out onto the road to flag down the approaching transport. Time appeared to compress in Karl’s mind. The SUV troop transport closed the gap bare centimeters at a time, but on it came completely inexorably. With the time granted him Karl was able to make out all the small details from the slight chip on the wing of the otherwise gleaming angel stuck to the grill, to the look of total boredom on the face of the driver as he surreptitiously planted his foot on the accelerator. The minute it seemed to take the couple of tons of steel to cross the remaining meters to reach Karl at 60kmh was probably under a second but it was time enough for him to stick out his chest and give the driver his best stop-the-fucking-car-or-I’ll-tear-your-throat-out look. A single thought permeated Karl’s mind as two ton’s of steel smashed into him, is that what watching a car crash in slow motion is like? Time, along with the SUV, crashed into Karl all at once sending him flying at a speed which he could only call ‘a blur’ and dishing out completely catastrophic damage to his torso via the bulbar. Bare moments after beginning his first attempt at un-powered flight Karl was reunited with the ground in completely spectacular fashion, assuming massive gravel rash was fashionable but it probably wasn’t. Head still ringing from being slammed into the asphalt Karl was unaware of the perfumes the SUV was adding to the already stunning bouquet of the suburb, perfumes that under ordinary circumstances the sergeant in charge would want to bottle such as ‘rubber sliding on tar’ and ‘burnt brake pads’ but which the health of his latest recruit forced him to reprioritize. Minutes later after most of the lovely odors produced by the SUV’s skillful stop had dissipated the sergeant placed the capturing device back into his utility belt, popped a fresh cigar into his mouth and went about seeing his new idiotic recruit. Half a dozen carefully measured steps brought him to Karl’s new resting place. “This Karl I take it,” the sergeant said to the air around him. “Yes sir.” One of the braver recruits piped up. “Did someone ask you for your opinion,” the sergeant all but shouted at the young recruit and continued on without waiting for an answer, “If I wanted someone to state the obvious I’d get my wife out here! And at least she would have the decency to bend over after showing what a women she is. Your not gender confused are you?” he concluded in a quiet voice “No sir,” the recruit, named Mossman, replied in a steady bored voice, refusing to be intimidated by mere shouting. “Ahh good to see you got balls after all,” said the sergeant clapping Mossman on the shoulder, “now be a good man and throw Karl here in the back, seems that he only had fifty percent manliness when we hit him, fortunately the sheer audacity of his move saved his life, but it’ll take a couple of hours for his manliness to rise back up. He’ll regain consciousness at around thirty percent but I fully expect him to keep on rising up to the high nineties.” The sergeant then turned slightly in order to properly address all the assembled recruits, “Let this be your first, if completely unplanned lesson. Now whilst you will go through advanced manliness aid courses one thing you should always remember is that a soldier who attempts a ball busting move on low manliness will sustain damage, but although his health will take a severe beating even if his rating should fall to zero as long as the move is manly enough his manliness will slowly recover and even after regaining consciousness will continue to rise, assuming you don’t do something really pussy of course. Now I want to make something absolutely clear.” He paused to make sure all attention was securely focused on him, “If such an event should occur once mobile again that man will gain his normal manliness from actions but will also gain his bonus manliness over time. Whilst this can be an incredible way to regain manliness quickly, it is always better to never have lost it in the first place. I only tell you this so you are not surprised if you find yourself in a similar situation as it will be very disorientating at first. Now clean this shit up and get back in the transport, we got a lot to do today.” Looking down Mossman acted to quickly comply with the order and grabbed the shoulders of Karl whilst another recruit grabbed his legs. Mossman gave a murmured thanks to the recruit who had just gotten on a few minutes ago, but the gesture wasn’t returned. Giving a mental shrug Mossman supported the weight of Karl’s top section with ease as he carried him the few meters to the transport and tossed him in unceremoniously before climbing aboard himself. Once everyone had climbed back in, the last recruit in slammed the door behind him and the SUV roared off down the road to the new life awaiting Mossman and every other recruit in the SUV. Bright lights swam in front of Karl. He almost let out a groan before catching himself and changing it to muttered obscenity, Jesus but he hurt all over. Somewhere in the distance he heard the roaring of an engine and wished he could shake the feeling that he was being, well, shaken. Suddenly Karl felt the floor disappear from beneath him and when it came back and smacked him in the head he was jerked back to reality and able to comprehend his surroundings once more. The distant roar was replaced by a much closer one, and the confused feelings of movement replaced by the lousy suspension in the troop pickup causing Karl and all the other prospective soldiers to be shaken like a bottle of cheap champagne about to be sprayed onto a best mate.
  11. RamboBones

    One Million Posts

    Fongerchat, and everything that went with it
  12. RamboBones

    name AT domain DOT com

    I've put up my e-mail a few times completely unencrypted and my spam level is maybe at one or two a day on a hotmail account with all spam filtering disabled.
  13. RamboBones

    Steam problems

    Even ignoring the copy protection steam is still such an annoying piece of crap that it's games are only playable if you get a pirated copy.
  14. RamboBones

    Steam problems

    I simply have to jump in and give my $.02 on steam. Let me cut to the chase and say how much I fucking hate steam. I pre-ordered the collectors edition of half-life 2 and let me tell you what a god damned nightmare it was getting it to work. Apparently due to valves incessant love of copy protection the collectors edition dvd could not be read by dual layer burner dvd drives (sucks that I'd just done a system upgrade in preparation for getting half-life 2). So here I am with a brand new game that I can't play due to copy protection. Now eventually valve released a patch to correct this problem but I didn't pay any attention to it. Why? Because I was enjoying a cracked version of the game that was so easy to install it was laughable. So in the end valve is retarded because it makes playing a game that you have payed for so much more inconvenient than just pirating the damn thing when if you ask me it should be the other way around. Let's weight up the pro's and cons of steam and game copy protection Bought: *Copy protection prevents you from playing the game for the first few days after release *Have to always put the CD/DVD in to play *Can only play single player if your internet is up and steam isn't down Pirated: *Play just hours after the game is released *No hunting for the CD *Can play single player anytime, as well as multiplayer lan games without an internet connection So basically steam totally screws over the legitimate paying user and makes using a pirated copy so much more attracted. In fact I find steam such a damned inconvenient nuiessance (especially since I don't want to have to borrow my brothers dvd drive everytime I want to re-install and play half-life 2, and then waste all my d/l limit repatching steam) that I just keep I pirated copy on a burnt dvd ready so that when the need overcomes me I can install and play in a matter of minutes with absolutely no fuss. Fuck steam and god bless the pirates
  15. RamboBones

    What if: Alexander's Infantry vs. Modern Infantry

    Quote:Original post by LessBread Quote:Original post by Dmytry Quote:Original post by capn_midnight So, how many men do you need to stop Alexander? One good sniper, or maybe two just to have a spare. Just give me John Rambo!!! [grin] I'm here
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