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  1. One way to do this is to de-tessellate (is that a word?) the navigation mesh into largers areas that are navigateable by the character that is moving through the world (i.e. throw away all the little tiny triangles and quads that the character couldn't fit within and join them up to neighboring triangles or quads). By "throwing out" all the tiny areas and joining them with larger areas, you wind up with fews surfaces that you have to deal with. Then create a method of connecting these navmesh surfaces together (usually using the common edge between surfaces). Don't forget that you can toss out any triangle or quad that isn't going to walkable. No need to include walls and ceiling polygons if your character can't walk on these surfaces. Look at the Game Programming Gems books or the AI Game Programming Wisdom books for some tips on creating navigation meshes for you path finding. botman
  2. Xbox, mod chip, and OpenXDK botman
  3. botman


    Actually, it is VERY different, however, you might want to check out OpenXDK botman
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