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  1. I bought a tv tuner card that came with a non-customizable infrared remote. But the remote timing controls are sluggish and I cannot remap channel numbers. The tv app is WinDvr.exe and the remote app is WinRemote.exe I have successfully create a Gui app that send key events to WinDvr to change channels. Now I want to the remote app with my own. Is there any way... - I can access the infrared remote? - Or find out how WinRemote connects to the device for remote data The remote's sensor connects to tv tuner card. Are there any debugging tools or anything that can help me ?
  2. I have created a python module using Boost::Python. My GUI app is created using wxPython. I want to redirect the c++ std::couts from python module... to the python gui text area. Redirect should not affect the default std::cout behaviour of outputing to console window.
  3. Oh man that ugly formatting issues. So to sum it up. In first post its about religions taking advantage of Invasions & Colonizations which can be seen in history of both big religions. Some people may took this as an offence to the religion, it should be not, its not an offence to the religion. It didnt meant that some X religion was completely expanded by only voilence or invasion, surely peacfully too but to understand things I posted that ugly looking post above. So if we look at history religion should not only be blamed for the main/only reason for voilence there are many factors that we mostly ignore and blame all on religions. However conversely speaking religions took advantage of conditions say invasions/colonization etc etc.
  4. Sorry to disturb the god/programmer discussion. Please do not relate this post to the Main Post, it points to some other things. However it’s a lot more General Theory than presented in above. If anyone has played strategy games like Rise Of Nations, Civilization and even Chess, you can understand the value of strategic resources and elements, things like position, borders etc. All of these elements accumulate to define the final outcome. What is a religion? From a strategy game’s point of view its just another special element specific to a nation, just like technology, abilities, language, etc. You know that the state of all strategic elements can define the influences of that nation in region, influences of trade, influences of culture, influences of military, influences of language and also influences of religion on the adjacent nations/regions. Basically strategy games programmers like in Rise Of Nations, Civilization don’t hardcode things like War, Violence, Force. They just define some micro-elements and relationship between them, the specific combination of these mirco-elements can accumulate into commonly understandable things like Invasion, Violence, State of War, military influences and all other influences. The same micro-elements that define these Violence related things also define Stance like peace, diplomatic advantages. In RON: Thrones & Patriots, you can have Nuclear Missiles but at the same time, they can induce preferences to peace and diplomacy. Every good Strategy Gamer does not just win scenarios just by luck, of course he some manages to take advantages of the strategic elements better than his opponents. From computational point of view, there is Only One Best Way of doing something if conditions and goals are provided, so good players only try to follow this in any given state. So whats the point of this? Lets consider religion as another part of your nations quality, if a nation got influences in the region from different aspects by trade(Market beneficial/competition), defenses(ally/potential enemy) the adjacent Nations will evaluate your state in the best of their own economical/defense interests. And set their diplomacy, stances or other relations. Btw this is how democratic nations try to do things in real world. Now when Christianity was accepted by the Player(s) of the host Nation as an important part of their polices by which they will seek relations with others. It gave strategic advantage to early Christianity. Both Peace and Aggression are different sides of the same coin, Peace has no meaning without Aggression vice verse. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Christianity Christianity legalized> Lets decompose some info from the given reference into some logical elements and form relations between them. Similar to GoalOriented programming. S:State G:Goal P:Pre-Effects/Reqs E:Effects: A:Action I:Just Info/comment S:The Emperor Constantine(Highest Rank Player) I was, like emperors before him, high priest of the Mithraic religion G:(1)However, he was also interested in creating unity for the sake of ease of governance(A StrategicGoal) G:(2)Development of Christanity I:Popular legend holds that Constantine I was Christian.....which is impossible to verify ^ If legend is not true, Seems in favour of prioritizing Goal1 over Goal2, but other wise vice versa A:(Card Played by player Constantine)he involved himself in a dispute between Christian groups over Arianism, summoning the First Council of Nicaea; this Council produced the Nicene Creed A:(Card Played by Player)Constantine mitigated some differences between orthodox Christianity and its main competitor, the official religion of Sol Invictus ^ In attempts to satisfy goals E:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constantinian_shift (dispite critisim) E:Christianity and the will of God gradually came to be identified with the will of the ruling elite ^ partially-satisfies the both Goals above, but Goal2 "assisted" Goal1. Which gives Goal1 importance I:Note that all Players had their own interests, and they made strategic use of religion/faith-element. P:(1)However, it was not that unusual for people in the fourth century to avoid fully converting to Christianity... (Threats for specific people-resource) ^ Some Players can use this pre-effect for their advantages , others inducing this effect G:(3) Primary Goals of Julian the Apostate(Player) , His Interests A:(Card Played by Player)Julian the Apostate(Player) attempted to restore the former status among religions by eliminating the privileges, from the heavy burden of taxation and tax collection duties for Christian clergy for example (and many other benefits) ^ He takes use of Chistanity which has a relation with people-resource, an attempt to take advantage of people-resource/element ^ (while later "the Apostate" hints he was just using G2 for his satisfaction of some other goals) A: (Card Played by Julian the Apostate)encouraging both Judaism and a sort of neo-paganism. ^ This both actions attempts to satisfy goal3 but also goal2. S: Julian's opposition was short lived, as emperors such as Constantine II repealed Julian's actions and encouraged the growth of Christianity ^ Constantine II failed to make better use of elements/resource in his favour ...Oh man i just had BOD(blueScreenofDeath) in my brain other... Chrisatnity(element): Since was a revolutionary element, promissing people(element/resource) their interests. ^ Satisfies interest of people Interests of People: Giving more importance & value to them, Laws & Rules which favour people, Govt. structure which favour people etc etc Conclusion: Players: Jesus(who made a relation b/w a new religion and people), Rulers, Politions, Commanders, Religious leaders or anyother person who was acting as a Player ^ Final outcome & sequence of events is "not" a work of single Player, Combination of All Players work decide the sequences of events. What on earth I was trying to prove? Is that its not only the religion aspect which makes it spread magically. Its a complex interaction of Players with elements that define the outcome. Followers of Islam & Christanity when say "My religion is the bigest religion because..." they mostly fail to recognize how stuff works. Same techniques can be used to translate historic events in some Formal Language (uml?) related to development & expansion of Islam. Whatever the final sequences of events it was the complex interaction of players to use strategic elements. Players were different, elements were differents but they were doing the samething. So statments like... Religion A was spread without voilence Religion B was spread with voilence Religion C was spread by with love, peace Religion D was spread by sword Often Blame & Reward Religions for all the Bad & Good stuff happened in history, and it misleads us from reality and we go into a strange state of mind about religion. And these are the statements we see or hear around us. Now do you may seem to realize how historic events distort our opinions on Religions. Even if you beleive that religions do affect other elements just think also that its not just the religion. So prefer dont look at history and just say "that religion was only spread by ...". I was not trying to prove that religions are not true, they are not from god; all religions claim they prefer Peace, but its the Combination of Players actions & interaction with elements which define the how a religion was spread. And almost all religions officially describe them as non-voilence, no force in religion and all love & peace stuff. Btw anyone seems interested in Rise Of Religions? I guess it would typically require more complex game design than typical RTS, something complex as Civ3. Please note that this is no way can be called accurate, I’m too over-occupied with the problem at hand that I may mistakes with representation. And there may be flaws in the anaology of StrategyGames but its not about analogy its about the point. Finally some people may be interested, others may thing WhatTheF??? But I guess efforts dont go into vein.
  5. This is not a relgious-oriented topic. I got in a discussion with a christan guy. And I made a point the "christanity also took advantage of interaction of Invasions/Conquests/Conflits/Colonizations with people to spread it self. He took this has an offence. Even though I'm a Muslim, from an unbiased view. I beleive that both Islam & Chritanity are the major religions of the world. Not just because of love & peace stuff. The theory I am trying to give is that Colonization & Invasions were both the basic reason for expansion of Islam & Chritanity. I took example of Americas. Almost all the colonizing & competing nations were the carrier of Christanity. Since the colonized people were dominant in the region, the dominant cilization shows the direction of diffusion of religion. The major reason for conversions were influence of the new civilization in the reigion. If the colonizing nations were Muslims, currently Islam would be the major religion in America. Christanity also made it through colonization of people to Australia. In both Americas & Australia christanity relatively found no big competetion. The same holds true for Islam's influence of middle east & asia. So in summary, Colonization & Invasions are the catalyst for accelerationg the process of expansion of religion. So cannot we say that both Christanity & Islam rellied on expansion by Colonization & Invasions in old times. But the guy still think its just the peace&love that makes Christanity dominant and he also beleive Christanity took no advantage of conflicts and conditions from start of conflicts with Romans and spread to europe. I guess Budduism is the best candidate for domninant religion if the thing is just about love & peace. I also believe it should not be taken by any Christan & Muslim as an offence. This is how this works, specially in old times. We dont recall people like Alexander The Great and many conquerors as just voilence spreader. This events may resulted in voilence but also a way of communication of cultures & civilizations. So I dont think its even a theory, it may not even need precise historical facts, a history analyst is likely to agree with it. The discussion is on orkut.com and not accessible anonymously. I was trying to find some notepad like site which does not require my email for registration :). So i'm just going to redirect him to this, lets see what you people have to say. I hope to get some positive response.
  6. DirectXXX

    Are islamic countries/cultures more violent?

    I havent read most of the previous discussions, but I just want to make a point here. Just as Clinon said in an interview you can control much what other people can say or do t you but you have the control on how you can react to it. From my personal perspective, just look what happend with Pope remarks. Pope's cartoons and sarcastic insults could be seen in arabian media, but there is no voilent reaction to it in west. I can see the western people are better at deciding how to react. So Im just stressing the point some people made in this thread; cultural(pre-islamic mix), finiancial and litteracy conditions really affect the behaviour of "mulsim mega-mob". And For sake of knowledge of any one trying to stress that "Muhammad spread Islam by Sword/Force", Where do you guys get your information? From Internet? From some western Author? Or just a bunch of conclusions of some people? Unfortunately its the voilence part of islamic history that is quickly noticed and overshadows the underlying important details. If you really care, buy some certifed history book on islam of a muslim author. Try to read it event by event, I hope most of the people will be able to understand many factors besides sword that made islam spread quickly.
  7. I'm afraid that http://home.planet.nl/~monstrous seems to be down. I saved the tutorial in my hd last year. But don't have the demo & source. Anyone has it please?
  8. DirectXXX

    Decent Windows Calculator?

    After using dozens of free calculators I ended up using Microsoft free Powertoys Calculator. MS has finally made something usefull. Some MS Powertoys Calculator featuare are: - In line expression solver - Variable assignment - function graphing - Lots of Units conversion function - Its simple interface and lightweight.
  9. DirectXXX

    Earthquake kills 1337 people

    I experienced an earth quake first time in my life. I was sitting in my class room and it shaked like a very turbulent airplane. Surprisingly we didnt paniced but our teacher just flee to the open ground like a kid :) In most of towns we dont have machinery at all to lift up waste and rescue people. There are still many people alive but cant do anything for them. And the Govt. has only manage to take proper measures in major cities. And they cant reach many remote locations. It was easy for me to hear stats of how many people died in Katrina. But now seeing how disasters affect human lives, individuals & families is just heartbreaking.
  10. DirectXXX

    Logic errors in CPUs...

    I think most sattelites are protected by earth's magnetic feild also. However an attack from strong solar wind can do a lot of damage.
  11. Follow this link to Ogre3d's forum for more information Lashkar demo
  12. I dont listen music while programming, because it is distracting. But I take several brakes of about 5 minuntes and watch music videos and plan about the project i am working.
  13. DirectXXX

    Will technology ever be advanced enough...

    The force air/drag by winds/storm/huricane will be too much for the elevator's cable. I think our major enemy is gravity. An anti-gravity device will be the best solution, even if it require nuclear power. I watched a program on Discovery and they were mentioning that, in the past decade, few scientists have found a way to energize objects in way that they defy gravity. I even saw a video showing some objects on a table falling upward on DiscoveryCh. But they said that these projects are now highly classified.
  14. I have no prev experience with this website related stuff.... I copied mambo in my projects's htdocs folder on sourceforge.net. I unziped it, and browsed the website. I installed mambo successfully. But there is a problem. On my administrator login page(index.php). When I login, The page goes to index2.php but return again to administrator login page. How ever after several attemps to login i rendomly get to control panel. But again, if i got to some other section in control panel, Im mostly thown back to login page. Also control panel shows admin to be loggined several times. It seems that it cant remember that I am logined.
  15. There are several related problems actually I was reading mdk10.0 manual to how to connect with net. It said to goto mdkControlCenter"ConfigureYourComputer"->Network&settings->Draknet but there is icon for it. Just for adding, modifing, and removing connection icons. Also manual shows icons side panel of control centre tools. But my control center has no sidepanel. I checked all menus of control centre but found no option to enable it. Im just new to linux. And recently installed linuxent HSF modem driver. Because my modem was identified and supported. The modem from rpm installed successfully. I can see the modules running and alias /dev/modem. But also no autodetect. Control center is not saving settings for connections which i make. In last whats to procedure for connecting a network connection.
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