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  1. do you have the WinMain function in your source code ?? I use the VC++ 6 ( yes i know its old...) & OpenGL and it works ! I only had to take care of some redefinitions ( i had to had some /nodefaultlib:"libc" or /nodefaultlib:"libcmt", i dont remember..)
  2. I've never done something like that; but i think you should find some informations about the VFW (Video For Windows); there is an include VFW.h somewhere :)
  3. Scripting for Console Games

    Hmmm... it is hard to find some informations about consoles... isn't it ? :) LUA is quite famous, i use it on PC and it is very good thing. This one is probably used on some consoles ( i know PSP can handle this one for sure ) because it is all written in "pure" C; which means that it is portable.
  4. 2d level files in xml

    XML is a good format for data exchange / easy access. Stocking data with XML is not always the best solution. If you use XML, you'll have to use an XML parser to read/write data from the file. On the other side during developement time, it can be good to be able to edit your level easily. XMLs are texts files, so anyone can edit it, to avoid cheating you'll have to zip them and/or crypt them. Another solution can be stocking your data in raw binary files. a way i use in C/C++ is making a file structure like that: struct level_file { int Ennemies; int Friends; int startPositionX; int startPositionY; ... int LevelData[255][255]; etc... }; then you can put the whole thing in a file by using fwrite / fread. so make your choice, if you need further infos for implementation tell us.
  5. game engines - please help

    thanks for replies. but does anyone succeeded in working with openscenegraph and ms visual c++ 6 ? i would have been happy working with the visual c++ express edition but it doesnt work, everytime i create a new project it says "project creation failed", with no more explanations... i think i should get into some compilers like GCC... :) thats a pity the ms visual c++ IDE is quite good. thats all for now. thanks
  6. game engines - please help

    hm...what the !%^¨¨$$!! it seems like god hates me... i installed successfully visual studio c++ express but everytime i try to create a new project or opening an existing one it says somthing like "an unknown error occured, the application shall quit".... i also tried "Q"("Qube") engine, all sample projects given can compile with visual c++ 6 whitout any errors or warnings !!! great !, the only problem is there are only old 3dsmax exporters and the only supported mesh format is .q; so thats not cool. my last chance is crystal space, i'm gonna try this last one :)
  7. game engines - please help

    thanks for replies. I used directx9 with vc++6 and it works fine. good point; i'm gonna try the visual studio express; wishing this version is as functionnal than my beloved vc++6 ;) I hope this will make OpenSG work, as it looks very good. i'm gonna have a check to "crystal space" and "Q" too. I'll let you know about all of this.
  8. Hi all. i worked for a long time on DirectX and Opengl and i decided using game engines to focus on gameplay and game logic ( instead of working with bsp, octrees....etc) I went on 3 "engines": ogre, open scene graph & opensg. i found ogre quite hard to use & i was quite more interested by these scene graph manager. the first one open scene graph looks fine but there was no documentation and the glut/windows managing isn't what i like; So I finally went on OpenSG that looked "easy", functionnal, documented. but the problem is that i even cannot compile tutorials. it seems like we need an intel compiler to run it, but my visual c++ 6 doesn't work ! (not supported dont ask me why...); i'm getting too much errors... so now i'm fed up with these ! :) do you know any good engine ( based on opengl ) that works fine with visual c++ 6 ?! i only want to have to take the .lib and the include .h; linking it with my project and make it run !!! i dont think it is too much wanted ?! no thx for help [Edited by - Mescalito on November 22, 2006 3:56:18 AM]
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