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  1. simon10k

    File input and output, help plz

    You can also write the size of the vector to the file so you know how many elements to read.
  2. simon10k

    A C++ Timer?

    I think this will help you. timer.h #ifndef _TIMER_ #define _TIMER_ #include <ctime> class Timer { clock_t counter; public: Timer(): counter(0) {}; bool elasped(clock_t ms) { clock_t tick = std::clock(); if(tick - counter >= ms) { counter = tick; return true; } return false; } }; #endif main.cpp #include <iostream> #include "timer.h" int main() { Timer timer; while(true) { if(timer.elasped(1000)) std::cout << "ding!\n"; } }
  3. simon10k

    visual C 8 game loop

    My game loop looks like this MSG msg = {}; while(msg.message != WM_QUIT) { if(PeekMessage(&msg, 0, 0, 0, PM_REMOVE)) DispatchMessage(&msg); else RunFrame(); }
  4. simon10k

    Computing PI

    I know PI is approx 3.142... but how did "they" work that out? I don't think it was with a string and a ruler, unless it was a very big circle. I heard somewhere that there was a computer program working out the defininate value of PI, that it is a very long number and doesn't seem to have an end. How could I conjure up something in C++ to compute the value of PI without a constant, or just typing it -for learning purposes.
  5. simon10k

    Looking for a Good Win32 compiler

    I think you can only run VC++ Express on the computer you installed it on, I'm not sure though, I'm going by the fact that my VC++ Express programs don't run at college. And when I uninstalled VC++ Express the programs stop running too.
  6. Could someone show me an example of how to resize the client area of the window to a certain width and height? Using the WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW flag.
  7. Quote:Original post by pulpfist Suddenly you go quiet :D I guess we finally nailed it... I think that was his suicide note [grin]
  8. How do I find the frequency of the cpu so I can convert the rdtsc into milliseconds.
  9. simon10k

    Frames Per Second question

    We get an approximation, but then again, your probably right about the GPU.
  10. simon10k

    rdtsc help

    Another thing, can I convert the rdtsc into ms?
  11. simon10k

    Frames Per Second question

    I think vsync is good, but I like to be able to use the frame_rate as a benchmark, so I don't include the flip/present() in my time tests so my code might look like int start = clock(); RunFrame(); int frame_rate = clock() - start; Text("frame rate: ", frame_rate); Flip();
  12. simon10k

    rdtsc help

    I was just wondering if this is the correct way to use the rdtsc unsigned __int64 get_cpu_tick() { DWORD dwLow, dwHigh; __asm { rdtsc mov dwLow, eax mov dwHigh, edx } return ((unsigned __int64) dwHigh << 32 | dwLow); } or am I missing something? Thanks. ~edit~ I found another function, unsigned __int64 __rdtsc(void); Which does what I need, another question, does QueryPerformanceFrequency() return the frequency of the processsor?
  13. You can make a call to timeBeginPeriod at the start of your application, and a call, with the same parameter to timeEndPeriod at the end of your application. int main() { timeBeginPeriod(1); //use timers timeEndPeriod(1); } As I understand it.
  14. The timeBeginPeriod function sets the minimum timer resolution for an application or device driver. timePeriodBegin(1); Sleep(1); timeEndPeriod(1);
  15. simon10k

    win32 app

    You can put #undef UNICODE at the top of your source files -i.e. before <windows.h>, which is good for converting an old project to work on the new compiler.
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