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  1. iamwithstupid

    teh PeReNnI4L nOOb

    Too long, didn't read.
  2. iamwithstupid

    Speaking of imaginations...

  3. iamwithstupid

    Spread IE

    Hi guys We have all heard of the cause to spread the communist piece of software Mozilla Firefox. Through skilled impartial reporting this site sets out to show us that we shouldn’t blindly spread around Firefox, but instead we should go back and check why the market leader is still maintaining such a high share. I think you will agree as developers we should support Microsoft, since all developers work for Microsoft and they pay us, we better be their friends.
  4. iamwithstupid


  5. iamwithstupid

    Upcoming GDNet London gathering

    DamnxXor, this is the first I heard about and it is too short notice for me to come :(
  6. iamwithstupid

    Happy Birthday Voice of Tango/Rejoice of Wango/Jimmy the Nose/poppet

    A few of these.
  7. http://www.purepwnage.com/ kthnx
  8. iamwithstupid

    Easter Egg

    I see your LOL! and raise you a ROFL! I wish everyone at Gdnet a happy easter and so does Mindwipe.
  9. iamwithstupid

    Good Rock music

    Quote:Original post by m4d3c1ips3 Yngwie Malmsteen (though he's more 80s, he had some early 90s work.) AC/DC (did they do 90's work? Oh well, they're still good.) Stevie Ray Vaughan (He's more blues, but he has some rock-ey sounds.) Also Jimi Hendrix (So what he's 60's? He still rocks harder than all the groups on this list combined.) Quote: Nobody mentioned AC DC??! FOR SHAME!
  10. iamwithstupid

    Whatever happened to CWizard?

  11. iamwithstupid

    Desktop thread!

    It has been a while since we last had one.....sort of, so I thought I would keep this fine tradition going:
  12. iamwithstupid

    Make Ravuya the next dictionary administrator

    jmc2 goes AFK, supplied message: f00d
  13. iamwithstupid

    any WoW players?

  14. iamwithstupid


    Happy Birthday CoW_In_ThE_WeLl ------------------------------ MindWipe Giant SanguineRaven Stonicus shmoove Emmanuel D. Sorcerer benryves desertcube sanguineraven Evil Steve DigitalChaos John B Xanin Jmc2
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