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  1. wendigo23

    Fantastic contraption, anyone?

    around the bend with one stick. edit: mission to mars with 6 sticks.
  2. wendigo23

    OpenGL & Multithreading

    Assuming windows: //create a second context hglrc = wglCreateContext(mainWindowDC); //share lists. this makes any gl objects created in the new context also available in the old one wglShareLists(mainWindowContext, hglrc); //from inside your second thread, activate the new context wglMakeCurrent(mainWindowDC, hglrc);
  3. wendigo23

    my approach for kd tree.

    I just want to point out that median is a terrible choice for a splitting heuristic (presuming useage for collision detection, anyway). That's what I used at first and it just makes a mess of a tree. I did a bit of googling and found an article that presents a score formula for a proposed split as: (surface area of left * count in left) + (surface area of right * count in right) you evualuate that score for every feasible split plane and choose the one with the lowest score. It creates really nice trees that isolate large empty areas very fast instead of trying to make the tree balanced. It puts the best case scenario as 'no leaf tests' instead of 'probably a bunch of leaf tests'. The list of feasible split planes would be the planes passing through every vertex of every triangle, for each axis.
  4. Quote:Original post by sipickles Choose Python PDF I find it ironic that the second sentence of that pdf is 'Choose readability.'
  5. wendigo23

    Hard drives, bad clusters

    Yeah it's an EIDE. I was thinking about replacement and since you agree I guess I'll just do it. Thanks for listening.
  6. wendigo23

    Hard drives, bad clusters

    I've already run memtest fairly recently with no problems. The drive is about 5 years old (most likely out of warranty) in a newly built system. Curiously there was no suspicious behavior in the old system. In the new one I get ocassional 'delayed write failed' and 'error detected during paging operation' notifications which until now I had assumed was some kind of conflict with my DVD drive because when I disconnected the DVD they stopped. Now I think that must have been coincidence. In any case, the files which those notifications would indicate were tagged by chkdsk yesterday.
  7. wendigo23

    Hard drives, bad clusters

    Does anybody here know much in the ways of hard drives? I'm confused... I've got a Western Digital drive on which chkdsk reports over a hundred MB of bad clusters, but when I run WD's drive scanner it reports no errors. Which one do I believe?
  8. That game cheats so blatantly on hard. Picking 4 mines from the open field in a row? But I finally managed to beat it.
  9. wendigo23

    Python: Extending/Embedding, libs in C/C++?

    In all my messing around I have turned to favor extending. It makes things so much more flexible. For example, I have a module coded in C(++) on windows that handles all the graphics and sound. A friend of mine wanted to play my game on his mac, so what did I do? I reimplemented the same module API in pure python using pygame. Instant mac port without needing a mac. Imagine doing that if you embedded. On C vs C++: all my extensions are C++ classes, and I use plain functions to wrap them into python, it's pretty easy once you do it once and then you can just cut and paste. Or you can use boost which has a pretty crazy set of python things.
  10. wendigo23

    Python exe?

    You want py2exe. py2app if you're on mac.
  11. Quote:Original post by BPD float3 normal = normalize((2.0f * BumpmapTexture.Sample(samLinear, psBump.Tex).rgb - 0.5f)); Thanks for your reply. I think he means like this: float3 normal = normalize(2.0f * (BumpmapTexture.Sample(samLinear, psBump.Tex).rgb - 0.5f)); That'll give you a range of -1 to 1 instead of -0.5 to 1.5.
  12. wendigo23

    Hidden segfaults

    It's impossible to tell without seeing the data files that are being read. Even then, it may be impossible to tell without see the rest of the game's source code. How are you sure it's in this code? There are other problems lurking in this code. You're loading the tile's every time they're drawn, for example. You should load them once somewhere besides the drawing function.
  13. wendigo23

    Finished Ovid the Owl Act I

    Your website says you're 17, is that true or just not kept up to date? You sound older than that. I still can't get over that Frankie song, it made me download the vorbis codec for wmp.
  14. wendigo23

    Finished Ovid the Owl Act I

    Best part: Frankie's Submarine music. Is that you singing? Worst part: flying through the Rocher. I just quit at the submarine for now, I'll continue later now that I've seen your spoiler. Good job!
  15. You can't set uniform parameters within glBegin/glEnd. Either move the setting of those before the glBegin or make them varying.
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