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  1. snisarenko

    Using UTF-8 in Games

    Never mind, I re-read the edit portion of the article
  2. snisarenko

    Changing employer

    Unless you are in California, where non-compete clauses don't mean anything, because they are not legally binding.
  3. snisarenko

    Creating a Web Language

    I don't know, since I've never written a browser plugin. This is why I pointed you to tutorials that can help you figure that out. My best guess is that the browser provides you some sort of rendering context into which you can render.
  4. snisarenko

    Creating a Web Language

    Just going to point out that what you are trying to do has nothing to do with Network Programming. And everything to do with languages and interpreters. HTML is just a markup language that allows you to configure how you display data. Its no different than having a doc file or pdf file (except for the javascript part). You may be asking for help in the wrong forum. If you want to build an actual Firefox plugin Google can help you with that. Here is a tutorial i found via simple google search. http://colonelpanic....lugin-part-one/ http://colonelpanic....lugin-part-two/ http://colonelpanic....gin-part-three/ (a firefox extension might be easier, instead of converting your language to pixels you'll be converting it to HTML) I hope you realize that building the plugin (or extension) is the trivial part. The hard part is actually building the interpreter (depending on which libraries you use). Overall this exercise will not make you a better network programmer. All you are going to learn is how to create a language and interpret it. If that is what you want to learn, then thats fine.
  5. snisarenko


    One good way to prevent vote cheating, is to have users post the votes, and only count the votes of the users who have been members for more than 6 months and have a certain amount of posts. Or something along those lines. Just a suggestion.
  6. snisarenko

    Office communication tool?

    You might want to try Chatter. I haven't tried it, but it looks interesting.
  7. snisarenko

    Looking for a music player liek WinAMP used to be

    Wow this looks pretty good. I can't believe I haven't heard of it. Going to try it out.
  8. snisarenko

    What Does Everyone Think About The New Site Layout?

    I see "View Latest Content" link is working now. So now I am happy.
  9. snisarenko

    What Does Everyone Think About The New Site Layout?

    Overall, I would like to say that the change is very positive. I like that you can rate individual posts, and that the profiles are more social now. But I would like to note two issues about the new site.. First, I was not able to login with my old password, and had to reset it. Second, the "Recent Forum Posts" feature in the old site was great, and pretty much essential. It allowed to browse very far into the recent post history. Currently the site shows only the last 5 recent posts, and it doesn't even show in which forum they were posted. It would be great if you could browse further into recent post history.
  10. snisarenko

    I love browser bars!!!!!1111111

    Quote:Original post by radioteeth But as for the GDnet folk, I lub u guys :) I don't think we want to be lubed. [headshake]
  11. The movie was awful. The action during the movie was boring and pointless and I was holding out for a good ending. Nope. The ending was a disappointing and awful setup for the sequel.
  12. snisarenko

    Shameless Plug

    Quote:Original post by ChurchSkiz Quote:Original post by Khanstruct Yeah, what it asks for is standard for all Facebook games. Which is why I almost never play games on Facebook... I am gonna have to agree with ChurchSkiz. As far as privacy and security, the Facebook Platform is a FAIL OF EPIC PROPORTIONS. Their security model can pretty much be summarized as this "We will allow app developers to access and store your information. But we ask them really nicely not to look at it, or to sell it." Just to be clear, your information is copied and stored in thousands of different databases operated by thousands of different compaines/developers who have different competence levels in security, privacy, and ethics. Besides, most apps don't even need the information that facebook provides them with. And even if they do, to implement "social" features, that information can easily be hidden behind the facebook API, while still allowing for such features to be implemented. I.E. You don't need access to a users friend list, to allow the user to invite friends.
  13. snisarenko

    How screwed am I?

    Quote:Original post by Talroth (The 'interesting' issue with my last employer is that the 'official line' is that I can neither confirm nor deny their existence. The movies gloss over the amount of paperwork that comes with that kind of employment. And also really overstates the hot women and fast cars involved. But at times I do wonder how it would go over in a job interview. "So, you can't tell us who you worked for, where you worked with them, or even for how long, and you can only state that you did 'assorted analysts, creative writing, and office work'?") So you were a CIA intelligence analyst?
  14. snisarenko

    [Surgery over] Need movies for entertain afterwards...

    Quote:Original post by Oberon_Command City of God +1 for City of God
  15. snisarenko

    Objects creating other objects

    Quote:Original post by Ravyne That's retarded. I think you misunderstood my solution. Quote: To the extent possible, a bullet is in control of its own behavior, once given an initial state. Its behavior is influenced by certain externalities perhaps, such as wind or structures, which are owned/controlled by the game world, not the player. The game world would most likely be represented by the enclosing state, or its owner. There is no question that the the bullet should be its own class and update its own physical state. Thats a given. The question is about who should keep a reference to the bullet and call its update function. As far as physical effects like collision and wind, the player can pass each bullet to a collision system (which yes was passed as some sort of context to the player) as a physical object and notify the bullet of any collisions when the system updates, so that the bullet can process them on next update. Now that I think about it, it is probably appropriate to pass your bullets to your global entity manager to update the bullets (so that if the player dies they can be updated.) However, I still think the player should keep a reference to all the bullets it creates so that it can manage the maximum amount of bullets used, and reuse bullets that are dead. Quote: beyond their creation the player has no influence over the bullet, just as in real life. That's true for a simple weapon. But what about a weapon that can only have a certain amount of bullets active at a time. Or a weapon where a player can cancel all of his current shots with a right click. Or mines that can be thrown and then detonated remotely. In all of these cases the player needs to keep a reference to the "bullets". What should happen to long living "bullets" (like mines) after a player dies? Should he be able to place an infinite amount of mines in the world, as he keeps spawning? What I am saying is that each specific player (or a weapon) class should be making these decisions, independently of the entity manager. Your entity manager shouldn't know the specific kind of bullets being used. If your entity manager is responsible for updating the bullets, it should see them as nothing but entities, not specific bullets from specific weapons.
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