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  1. andy-pandy

    Laptop screen replacement

    sorry no, i've got no experience in this
  2. andy-pandy

    almost fell for a phishing email

    this forum has historically attracted quite smart people from the game/tech industry, so i am highly surprised to hear that the OP almost fell for phishing scammer. I personally avoid such situations by a custom google script i wrote that send all of my emails straight into the goddamn trash
  3. andy-pandy

    Hey there! Are You Having A Great Day?

    Sorry about the profanity in the previous post!! Jsut a harmless joke
  4. andy-pandy

    Hey there! Are You Having A Great Day?

    Hey what's up WhiteSponge, nice to meet you!!! One question where did you get your username "White Sponge"??? is it because you are always dropping cauliflower on the floor?
  5. andy-pandy

    Mars 1 Year Isolation Experiment Has Begun

    It's a shame that you dropped out of the mars mission L Spiro, but in many ways i feel that perhaps your new job at square enix, is a "fantastic voyage" itself, and perhaps what you were looking for in space... has been here on earth all along.   Would be interested to hear your thoughts on this sentiment
  6. andy-pandy

    One week in the shoes of an engineer

    Today at work i wept pathetically in a toilet cubicle for about 25 minutes and considered hurling myself from the roof of the building. This is the third time this month I have done this.                              
  7. andy-pandy

    On Friendship In the Crowd

    So Hypnotron are you gonna quit this thread forever and start a new thread about leaving this thread forever because it is full of petty morons
  8. andy-pandy

    On Friendship In the Crowd

    So you asked to be banned forever then came in here to complain about being banned forever? That was a painful read. I know we're friends now and stuff, but good lord what a load of posturing rubbish. Good riddance I say. Be the better man Hypnotron, join a #rainbow channel or something, go for a walk. Paint a picture. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, and life is short my friend.
  9. andy-pandy

    On Friendship In the Crowd

    Hypnotron I am genuinely sorry. I really am. I was unduly harsh and I didn't consider your feelings No offense, but you seem a bit highly strung. Maybe if you tell us all what sparked this mess we can give you some objective advice?
  10. andy-pandy

    On Friendship In the Crowd

    We don't know what we're talking about mainly because you've not told anyone. What do you want from this thread? 10 replies from hot gamer girls telling you that you're too good for #gamedev and your ultra-rad hockey MMO will show them all?
  11. andy-pandy

    On Friendship In the Crowd

    No Hypnotron, you are the one rejecting my advances Thank you Hodgman I'd like that a lot
  12. andy-pandy

    On Friendship In the Crowd

    I used no foul words and I drew about 16 unsubstantiated conclusions all of which involved you being a crybaby. I'm only joking man just post your logs, then maybe I can give you a useful reply and we could be friends
  13. andy-pandy

    On Friendship In the Crowd

    What are you talking about? Did somebody call you a douchebag or ban you from IRC or something? Did someone tell you that Babylon 5 was rubbish? Did you have an argument about the inclusion of thrown weapons in the next Elder Scrolls game? Did you finally show someone your my little pony fanfic? Just post the logs of your meaningless internet fight so I can tell you to grow up or something. EDIT: I see you've edited your post to "clarify" but I still have no idea
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